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1. Norr OpticalReceptionists Guide Repurposing Project Alexis Franciscotty20133412 W. Centre Ave. Portage, MI 49024 2. 1Overview Congratulations! If youre reading this youve accepted the position as receptionist for Norr Optical.Located in Portage Michigan, the office has been offering eyeglasses and sun wear to customers since 1966. The job of the opticians includes working with patients to find the appropriate frame and lens to fit their prescription, and personal needs. Opticians are responsible for working with the patient, interpreting prescriptions, and recommending the appropriate frame and lenses to the patient. So how can the receptionist help with all of this? By: Answering phones Keeping track of patients that walk in for assistance Placing, processing, and organizing shipping orders Balancing the day sheet, weekly, and monthly sheet Composing the bank deposit each morning Organizing the cash drawer and making sure there is correct change Organizing and keeping track of patient files Entering information and orders into the computer system (OD Link) Keeping eyeglass displays neat and stocked Whats the key to keeping track of so much information? Write it all down. It may seem like a lot of information to process at the moment, but you will start to get the hang of things, and eventually itll become second nature. Until then, this will be your go-to guide to learn every component of your job.Phone Procedures When answering the phone, answer with a smile and greet them with a friendly Good Morning (or Good Afternoon) Norr Optical, This is (your name here). After 10:00 am, call patients to notify when glasses or lenses are in. Files that are ready to be calledare located in the To Be Called plastic bin on the right side of the desk. When calling to notify patients, open with, Good morning/afternoon, this is (your name here) calling from Norr Optical. I was just calling to let your know your glasses/lenses are ready to be picked up. You can come in and pick them up anytime, Monday through Friday from 8-5. Thanks. After notifying patients, write down the date and whether they were actually notified (not.) or a message was left (lm) in the patients file. Once a month re-notify patients that have not yet picked up their orders. 3. 2General Information File patient histories when you have time, located in the To Be Filed plastic bin on the right side of the desk. Patients are always filed alphabetically by last name. Always answer the phone and greet patients when they walk in. Ask if there is anything you can help them with or pull their paper file if needed. Again, write down everything. Your job as receptionist is to know where every order is at all times, as well as help the office run more efficiently. Never be afraid to ask questions. Everyone in the office is friendly and more than willing to help.When first arriving in the morning: Turn on the desktop computer Clock in with individual time card Log in to OD Link Gather supplies to balance day sheet Supplies 1. Calculator 2. Bank deposit slip book 3. Bank deposit bag 4. Credit card machine closing print out from previous day 5. Cash and Checks according to payments print out 6. Monthly sheet Where to Find Supplies Items 1, 2, and 3 can all be found in the drawer to the right of the desk chair. The machines printout will still be attached to the credit card machine, to the left of the computer screen on the desk. Cash and checks, as well as stamps, can be found in the cash drawer to the left of the desk chair. The monthly sheet will be on the left side of the filing cabinet, in the black accounting sheet binder. Note: If the cash drawer is not already unlocked or any supplies are missing, simply ask a coworker for help. 4. 3To Login to OD Link: Ask supervisor for the username and password she would like you to use. Once logged in, the main screen will appear. Main ScreenTo print off the day sheet and payments for the previous day Click the transactions button on the main screen In the purple box on the left side, the first link is Day Sheet. Click. A new smaller box will pull up asking for the date range Type in the date of the last business day Click print in both windows that pop up Transactions Screen 5. 4Print ScreenExample of Day SheetNote: While the day sheet and payments sheet are printing, compose the receipts from the credit card machine from the previous day, located in the farthest left hand corner of the cash drawer. Staple the receipts together and write the previous days date on the top receipt, as well as the closing balance from the credit card machine printout. Place the stapled receipts with the others in the paper clip, back in the drawer. 6. 5Example of Payments SheetAfter these are both printed, you can now begin to fill out the monthly sheet, as well as compose the bank deposit.Sorting Payments: Cash Look at the day sheet to see the total amount of cash taken in. Remove that exact amount from the cash drawer, and write that on the bank deposit slip, as well as the monthly sheet. Note: If the correct change amount isnt in the drawer, simply wait until 9:00 am to walk across the office driveway to obtain change from Fifth Third Bank. Also to be done if there is not enough $1s, $5s, $10s or coins in the drawer. The drawer should have a minimum balance of $75 at all times. 7. 6Checks Obtain the checks from the left hand side of the cash drawer. Be sure to check that each check is in the computer for the correct amount. List each check individually, by last name, in the appropriate section on the deposit slip. Check to make sure that each is appropriately stamped on the back.Composing the Bank Deposit Put both cash and checks in the bank deposit bag. Add up all cash and checks and write the total on the deposit slip, making sure the total matches the amount on the printed day sheet. Also, write the total in the bank deposit column on the monthly sheet. The white top deposit slip is torn from the book and goes in the deposit bag. The yellow copy slip is also torn out, attached to the credit card settlement paged and taped to the desk overhang. The pink slip stays in the deposit book and is secured back with the others with a paper clip. Credit Cards Go through the printed day sheet and make sure the total matches the settlement report from the credit card machine. If everything matches, write the total in the MC Deposit column on the monthly sheet. Charges To find the total amount of charges, look at the printed day sheet. Subtract the third column (adjustments) from the first column (Total). Example: From the day sheet example we can calculate that the overall total is $575.00 and the adjustments column is $223.05. Meaning $575.00- $223.05= $351.95. In pencil, write the equation you used to find the charges total underneath the gray bar on the printed day sheet. Also, write this total under the charges column on the monthly sheet. Taxable To find the total tax for the day, look at the printed day sheet and circle any transactions that included tax. Calculate each amount to make sure that for every$1.00, we are taking out $.06. Write the total in the taxable column on the monthly sheet. In our example, there is no tax listed so the tax would be 0. 8. 7Monthly Sheet ExampleFilling out the Monthly Sheet If not already done, fill out each column with the appropriate information. Each number on the side of the monthly sheet corresponds with each day of the month. Highlighted dates are for nonbusiness days and totals for each week are written in them. Add the cash and checks; this total should equal the bank deposit. Add the bank deposit and the mc deposit and this will equal your total deposit. Fill Charges and Taxable amounts in the appropriate columns.Finding the Weekly and Monthly Totals on the Monthly Sheet Every Monday, add up the column totals from each business day of the previous week and fill in the weekly amount in the highlighted row underneath. Every first of the month add up the highlighted totals from each week. Remember to double and triple check calculations; Monthly Cash total + Monthly Checks total = Bank deposit for the month. Monthly Bank Deposit total+ MC Deposit total = Monthly Total Deposit. 9. 8Note: Ask a coworker for help if you have any questions or are having trouble with any calculations.Once the Monthly Sheet is filled out and Bank Deposit is composed Put all supplies back in their respective storage places. Count the cash drawer to validate that the balance is $75. Add or remove cash if necessary. Any amount $1.00 over or under $75 should be noted and verified with the day sheet to make sure that no transactions were missed. There should be 1 $20 bill, 2 $10 bills, at least 1 $5 bill, at least 10 $1 bills, and coins should be equally distributed. If not, walk over to Fifth Third and obtain change when the office is open. Change the payment stamp and the monthly stamp to reflect the current date. Jackie or Bob will drop off the deposit to the bank later in the day.Patient Files All patient files have two copies; a virtual file on OD Link, as well as a paper file. Paper files are typed up on patient file card using a typewriter, with a format similar to this:Name: Nettles, JenniferDOB: 01/01/2013Address: 1234 Put Address Here Kalamazoo 49009 Phone: 269-329-5875Ask supervisor for any help typing up patient files using the typewriter. Always verify that the phone number is current. Files are composed of the outside file card with the patients name, the inside order form, as well as an optical prescription from KOPC or another Optometrists office. 10. 9Processing Patient Orders Example of an Order SheetWhen a frame needs to be ordered 1. Write order in order book 2. Order frame 3. Write frame ordered and the date in the history When a frame is enclosed 1. Write frame sent in the history along with the date it will be sent 2. Make sure the frame has a blue tag on it 3. Put frame in


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