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The Princess Party

Republicans The Princess Party

Lauren Tidwell President Amy Bailey Vice President Sara Robertson Secretary Kasyn Ryan Campaign Manager GROUP MEMBERS Keep social security

We fill if we pay for it, we should receive it.

If both parents die, it should be passed down to their children. Instead of letting government keep it.

Social security Medicare We feel Medicare is benefitting the nationMake it were it covers more for the elderly, they have worked hard for their money and should be benefitted well for their hard work. MedicaidMonitor to make sure the people on it are attempting to provide for themselves.If the person is using all government funding, do not allow them to be on medicaid, because they are receiving funding. Medicare & Medicaid Do not allow gay marriage to become legalGod created every man and woman to many someone of the opposite sexWe will not judge that is a persons decision, but we do not support the cause.

Gay MArriageInsurance should cover more of doctors visits, medicines, etc.Feel if citizens pay for it, it should cover more expenses.

Health care Increase background/ mental health checksLimit number of bullets sold in a case Limit guns that should only be used for military purposes to just the military.

Gun control Children should not be punished for the parents decisions, when the parents are just wanting to give them a better life and opportunities.Make it easier to become a U.S. citizen If they are living in the U.S. and providing to economy they need to have the opportunity to become a citizen and pay taxes. If they do not do so they will be deported back to original country.

Immigration A life is a life, there is no need to kill an innocent child That is one of Gods children and no matter what stage of pregnancy that child should not be killed.There is adoption if parent or parents cannot provide for child.It is murdering a childIf you make the choice to take part in actions that cause pregnancy, should take responsibility for actions.

Abortion More financial support, make it a priority Raise salarys for teachers Encourage more citizens to go to college to get higher paying jobs.Do not allow drop outs EducationMore strict littering importancePreserving habitats for animalsPlace filters on cars/trucks to prevent carbon emissions

EnvironmentFocus on problems in U.S.Limit the money U.S. borrows from other countries, to decrease debt.If another country needs U.S.s help, do what we can but not get too involved.

Foreign affairsEveryone should have the same tax percentageWrite a bill to get it approved by congressLower taxes on groceries Tax more on the following alcohol, cigarettes, tobacco, etc. TaxesLower prices of gas and goodsIf you can change these taxes more people will buy it and it will help our economy raise money.Lower tuition and place more importance on education.The economy


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