renewables energies solar energy renewable energy obtain by the use of the electromagnetic radiation

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  • Renewables Energies

  • Index

    ➔ ¿What are the renewables energies?

    ➔ Solar energy

    ➔ Wind energy

    ➔ Seawater energy

    ➔ Wave energy

    ➔ Geothermal energy

    ➔ Bioenergy

    ➔ Fuel energy

    ➔ ¿What is Aerothermy?

    ➔ ¿How it works?

    ➔ ¿how it is possible to extract 77% of

    the air?

    ➔ ¿What is the saving?

    ➔ Disadvantages

    ➔ ¿Why do not we use them at any time? ◆ Practical access to renewable

    energies. ◆ Price. ◆ Technology.

  • Introduction

    Energy is a key factor in the development of companies.

    I want to look for different reasons of the delay in the development of non-polluting energies.

    We are going to see somes news tecnologies to get better those energies too.

  • What are the renewable energies ?

    ➔ They are renewed. ➔ They are environmentally sustainable. ➔ 7 % of the energy consumed in Spain is renewable. ➔ Spain is the tenth world producer. ➔ Kinds of energies:

    ◆ Solar. ◆ Wind power. ◆ Seewater energy. ◆ Wave energy. ◆ Geothermal energy. ◆ Bioenergy. ◆ Fuel energy.

  • Solar Energy

    ➔ Renewable energy ➔ Obtain by the use of the electromagnetic radiation from sun. ➔ Many collectors:

    ◆ Photoelectric cells ◆ Heliostats ◆ Solar colectors

    ➔ Only 3% of the electricity production in Spain in 2016 is solar.

  • Wind Energy

    ➔ Renewable energy. ➔ Obtained from the wind kinetic energy. ➔ Generated by the effect of air currents. ➔ At the end of 2016; 21.9 % capacity of the national electric system.

  • Seawater energy

    ➔ Renewable energy. ➔ It is obtained with the tide. ➔ Use of an alternator. ➔ They want to create an i+d+i center on the coast of Santoña. ➔ It could attend to the consumption of 2500 homes.

  • Wave Energy

    ➔ It obtain the electricity from the movement of waves.

    ➔ Maximum energy volume of 1.2 million MW per year.

  • Geothermal energy

    ➔ Renewable energy. ➔ It is obtained from the natural heat

    of the interior of the earth.

  • Bioenergy

    ➔ Renewable energy. ➔ Take advantage of organic and industrial matter. ➔ Is taken from the waste of living things. ➔ Respects the environment.

  • Biofuel Energy

    ➔ It is not a green energy.

    ➔ Mixture of organic substances

    ➔ It has negative and positive environmental impacts

    ➔ Many underdeveloped countries destroy their natural spaces to create biofuel plantations.

  • ¿Why don't we use these energies always?

    ➔ Practical access to renewable energies ➔ Price ➔ Technology ➔ The potential of this ecological energy is huge ➔ They could cover half of the world's energy needs in 2050.

  • Practical access to renewable energies

    ➔ We can not save renewable energy sources

    ➔ If the wind does not blow or we are before a cloudy day the capacity to produce energy decreases.

    ➔ It represents a problem when taking advantage of renewable energies.

  • Prizes

    ➔ Fossil fuels are still cheaper sources of energy.

  • Technology

    ➔ A lot of energy is wasted

    ➔ The first step would be to make them cheaper

  • Conclusion

    ➔ Renewable sources produce clean and inexhaustible energy

    ➔ Could cover half of the world's energy needs by 2050

    ➔ They create jobs.

    ➔ Development and enactment are necessary.

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