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Gifted Hands is a movie of neurosurgeon Ben Carson.


<ul><li> 1. How was Ben successful in his life?<br />By becoming a neurosurgeon<br />He learnt better (i.e. he began to wear glasses, he found an imagination, he studied). He also learnt to control his anger.<br />He achieved things at school<br />He set goals and reached them<br />By being able to do operations that others couldnt, or have never been done before.<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. What did he have to do to achieve this success?<br />Set some goals<br />Study and learn all the time<br />He had to believe in himself<br />He recognised his SMARTS how he learnt best and that was not by listening to lectures.<br />He had to attend university and pass his classes/tests.<br /> 3. In what ways was his mother successful?<br />By learning to read as an adult<br />By using what she was good at to earn money (cooking, cleaning, baby sitting)<br />By telling her sons they could do anything others could do but they could be even better.<br />By always encouraging her sons even when they were older and had their own families!<br /></p>


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