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  • SU]IWAYFeb. 08,, 2013


    Anton GillichLecturer

    Sunway University CollegeCanadian International Matriculation ProgramKuala LumpurMalaysia

    To Whom it May Concern:

    I, Anton Gillich, strongly recommend that Yeoh Keat Ian be accepted as a student atyour institution.

    Though I have only known him for only half a year and have been his teacher in onlyone course, from what I have observed, I have found Yeoh to be an extremely hard-workinghighly motivated, inquisitive and talented student. I feel quite comfortable inrecommending him and have no doubts or reservations in his capabilities Furthermore, Iam confident that he will succeed anywhere he chooses to go. Yeoh is a delight to have inclass. His inquisitiveness and need for answers often spurs on lively debates in class and isan asset to other students. Yeoh has a methodical way of progressing through his studies.Though Yeoh is not the most gifted of student that I have come across, his dedication andeagerness certainly will drive him forward in his studies

    The Canadian International Matriculation Program here in Malaysia caters tostudents with weaker English skills and extremely diverse backgrounds. The more holisticapproach that stresses critical thinking skills with a heavy emphasis on application andcommunication often times are quite challenging for students more familar with a teachercentered, knowledge based approach. Despite that, Yeoh did fair relatively well and as aresult I believe that he will accomplish his goals, therefore I highly recommend him as apotential student in your institution.

    . I thank you for your attention.


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    nton Gillich

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