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Reading texts and exercise. Prepared by. Aseel Emad Mehjeze . 220092893 Ola Omar El-Othmani . 220091517 Roa’a Mahmoud Muhessn . 220094927 Section no :201. Aims. Understanding and analyzing reading skills and activities in English for Palestine (Grade5-grade7-grade11). - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Reading texts and exercise.

  • Prepared by Aseel Emad Mehjeze . 220092893 Ola Omar El-Othmani . 220091517Roaa Mahmoud Muhessn . 220094927Section no :201

  • AimsUnderstanding and analyzing reading skills and activities in English for Palestine (Grade5-grade7-grade11)

  • Describing reading texts for grade5,7, and11).Discussing teacher role in the process of teaching .Showing some strategies that teacher can follow to over come such problems.Shedding a light on some problematic areas related to reading skills on EFP clarified with some examples from the textbooks.

  • Why is reading important?Reading is something essential in the classroom environment because of many reasons such as:1.It help Ss train to get information rapidly &with full understanding2.It can reinforce the basic knowledge they have acquired.3.It improve Ss competences in English, as it provides real life situations.

  • What is reading??

    *It is the process of extracting meaning from printed or written material.*The ability to decode meaning from graphic symbols.*It is a silent &fast activity, Ss will read for full understanding or for key details.

  • Types of reading

  • What is extensive reading?

    *It means rapid reading of large quantities of material or longer readings(e.g. for general understanding, with the focus generally on the meaning of what you read than on the language).*In ER we are after quantity &building a lifelong reading habit.*ER is a supplementary class library scheme.*It is used to obtain a general understanding of subject&includes longer texts for pleasure.

  • What is intensive reading

    *The emphasis is on the details that support the main points picked out at the skimming level.*It is used on shorter texts in order to extract specific information

  • How to teach a reading text?

    There are 3 phases to approach a reading text inside the classroom which are:Phase(1):Pre-reading.Phase(2):While reading.Phase(3):Post reading.

  • *Pre-readingIt is a few minutes activity that aims at activating the learners knowledge of the word since understanding of any thing is the responsibility of the author &the reader.The following methods could be used to achieve this objective:.1.Brain-storming about the topic of the activity or a similar one.

  • Continue:2.Questioning about the topic of the activity or a similar one.3.Picture reading of the topic or a similar one.*While reading1-While books are closed ,instruct the learners that they are going to read a passage about a and so----the text topic.2.Get Ss to open their books at page---,make sure that they opened them at the required page.3.Read the unit title ,title of the activity &textbook instructions on how to deal with the activity. Make sure that they understand, you could ask them for its Arabic

  • Continue:Meaning if the instruction is new or you feel it is difficult or not clear to them.4.Picture reading: asks a few questions about the textbook activity pictures.5.Get Ss listen to the recorded text as whole once while they follow in their books. You could pause the recording to find if the Ss follow the recording properly.6.Get Ss read the text silently &quickly to find answers for the pre-text questions. If these are not existed, please develop very easy questions, put them on the board &instruct Ss to find the answers.7.When Ss finish the silent reading ,get them discuss their answers of the questions &then say them loudly.

  • Continue:8.Instruct Ss that they are going to listen again to answer detailed questions.9.Distributing the working sheet ,discuss questions about the first paragraph.10.Play the recording of the first paragraph, while Ss follow. Ss read silently the first paragraph then answer the questions in groups.11.Teacher goes round to help and check12.Checks answers orally, getting Ss to say where they got it from.13.Teacher can ask a student to summarize the paragraph, teacher chooses a good student.

  • Post readingIt means involving the learners to work on an activity that reinforces the learnt language, consolidates it with the learners reality and provides them with an opportunity to use the learnt language for personal purposes.

  • Reading strategiesReading process includes several strategies which are:1.Scanning2.Skimming3.Prediction4.Inference

  • Examples taken from grade 5

  • Examples taken from grade 7

  • Examples taken from grade 11

  • Problems in teaching reading:Teacher doesnt have enough time to let every student read.-The questions below the text are not varied.-Its usually wh-questions, yes or no questions there are no true or false questions, multiple choice questions and some students cant read and understand effectively, cant read with speed and cant understand the meaning of unknown words using different strategies.

  • Suggestions:

    Using Interactive approach.-Using communicative approach.-classroom procedures:- shifting from teacher centered to learner centered approach.-Task- oriented activities

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