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  • 1. BRAND AWARENESS INTRODUCTION F or developing a new promotion strategy based on corporateobjectives which includes identifying the corporate growth role fornew products scanning the external environment, analyzing theindustry, assessing the firms new product experience, internalcapabilities and corporate culture the organization has to depend onmarket research. Thus, it becomes a necessity for a business to run.The outcome of which is a set of strategic roles that help identify themarkets for which new products will be developed . I present thereport, which will enable the organization to achieve the corporateobjectives i.e., primarily to establish the brand in the market and toplay a dominant role as a Market Leader. The research is conducted tostudy the present market situation and thus this study has gainedsignificance. I carried out this study in order to get an over all view ofthe market, different branches and scope of Dukes products. I believethat this study will give great deal of information to the organization. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  • 2. BRAND AWARENESSI hope that the objectives would be accomplished by the detailedsurvey taken up in different segments of Hyderabad with the schoolstudents. I put my best efforts to make this objective successful.I am very pleased to hear a good word of mouth from the industry about thesuccessful brands of Dukes. It has a very good brand image and had built a goodreputation in the market. I strongly believe that with the help of the most modern andwell-equipped R&D lab, manufacturing facilities with internationalstandards, vision of the top management about the future, sincere, hardworking and skilled manpower make this organization best in theindustry. Today there are over 3000 employees, various C&F agencieswith the main Head office is Hyderabad. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  • 3. BRAND AWARENESSNEED FOR THE STUDY: Brand image is an era and reputation that the product gains through its brandname. Building brand image helps the organization in achieving targeted sales and tosustain in the market for a long time. It helps the organization in increasing theawareness level of consumers and also makes the product competitive in the market. Every organization needs to improve level of brand awareness and identifycustomer preferences for various products so that they can implement measures forenhancing brand awareness and for attracting prospects. Hence, a study has beenundertaken on brand awareness. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  • 4. BRAND AWARENESSSCOPE OF THE STUDY The study contains important data about brand awareness and the performance of DUKES brand. It will be useful to the company. This study will help further advance study on RAVI FOODS Pvt. Ltd. The Study is focused on twin cities Hyderabad and Secunderabad. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  • 5. BRAND AWARENESSOBJECTIVES To study and analyze the customers awareness level of DUKES. To identify and analyze factors that influences the customer preference. To measure the impact of promotional tools on Brand awareness. To find the attitude of the children towards the DUKES. To identify the various sources through which brand awareness can be created. To find the preferences of school children. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  • 6. BRAND AWARENESSMETHODOLOGY OF THE STUDYRESEARCH DESIGN: Research design is the plan, structure and strategy of investigationconceived so as to obtain answers to research questions. Descriptive research design was chosen for the present study.Data sources: The study is mainly based on the data collection from primary as wellas secondary sources.Primary data: 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  • 7. BRAND AWARENESS Primary data are data collected for specific purpose. Primarydata is collected directly from the students through administeringquestionnaire.Secondary data: Secondary data are data that were collected for another purpose andalready exist some where. Secondary data was collected from company records and catalogs.Research approach: Survey method is adopted to collect the needed information from therespondents.Research instrument: Here for this study the researcher used well designed and structuredquestionnaire as a research instrument it include both open & closed ended questions.The questionnaire is personally administered to the respondents.SAMPLING DESIGN:Definition of population: The population for the study includes students who prefer Dukes brands.Sampling procedure: 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  • 8. BRAND AWARENESS For selecting the defined size of sample from the target populationconvenience, a non probability sampling technique is adopted.Sample size: A sample of 250 students was selected from the targeted populationfor the present study.STATISTICAL TOOLS USED: For the purpose of analysis, weighted average method and percentage methodare used for calculations and the result was interpreted. This test was used tominimize the error of the data collected. Graphs were used to represent the data forthe better and accurate interpretation of the results.Statistical tools used:Simple tools are used for analysis purpose. They are as follows: 1. Percentage analysis 2. Weighted Average methodPERCENTAGE ANALYSIS Percentage refers to a special kind of ratio in making comparisonbetween two or more data and to describe relationships between the datas. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  • 9. BRAND AWARENESSPercentage can also be used to compare the relative terms, the distribution oftwo or more series of data.WEIGHTED AVERAGE ANALYSIS There are cases where the relative importance of the different items is not thesame. When, this so, the researcher can use the weighted arithmetic mean. TheWeight stands for the relative importance of the different items. The formula forcomputing weighted arithmetic mean is: Xw = WX / WWhere -- Xw represents the weighted arithmetic mean -- X represents the variable values, i.e., X1, X2, ..Xn.-- W represents the weights attached to variable values, i.e.,W1, W2 Wn, respectively. An important problem that arises while using weighted mean is regardingselection of weights. Weights may be either actual or arbitrary. i.e., estimated. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  • 10. BRAND AWARENESSNeedless to say, if actual weights are available, nothing like this. However, in theabsence of weights, arbitrary or imaginary weights may be used. The use of arbitrary weights may lead to some error, but it is better that noweights at all. In practice, it is found that if weights are logically assigned keepingthe phenomena in view, the error involved will be so small that it can be easily overlooked.METHODOLOGYPrimary and secondary data were collected with the help ofquestionnaire and report of the company respectively. Primary data was collected by Questionnaire method. Secondary data was collected from the Manuals, Brochures and website of the company. 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  • 11. BRAND AWARENESSLIMITATIONS:1. This study was based on Hyderabad and Secunderabad Twin Cities only.2. Some of respondents did not completely answered to thequestions as they were busy with their work.3. The Respondents are selected on simple random samplingmethod.4. Time is also one of the constraints . 48 Department of MBA,BITS ,KMM
  • 12. BRAND AWARENESS INDUSTRY PROFILE Biscuits are categorized as impulse buying product in the market. Biscuits arebeing consumed by all sectors of the society across the urban and rural markets inalmost all parts of the country. In India, biscuits are being manufactured both in organized and unorganizedsectors. India is the worlds second largest biscuit manufacturing country more thanRs.3000 crore biscuit industries. China is the global market leader in biscuit industryand makes 1.2 million tonnes of biscuits per annum. But what makes India adelicious proposition is that, despite these huge volumes, the percapita consumptionof biscuits in India is about 1.2 kg, compared to more than 12 kg in developedcountries. In ju