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    1. Short title.

    2. Interpretation.

    3. Establishment of Quarantine Authority and appointment of members.

    4. Incorporation of Quarantine Authority.

    5. Procedure and meetings of the Quarantine Authority.

    6. Appointment of Officers, servants and agents, etc.

    7. Power to make regulations.

    8. Power to make rules.

    9. Power to make orders in emergency.

    10. Offences and penalties.

    10A. Minister may amend monetary penalties.

    I 1. Expenses and charges payable to Quarantine Authority.

    12. Duty and power of the Police.


    [ n e inclusion of this page is authorized by L.N. 92c12012]



    [ I 5th December, 1951.1 , :;;ii

    2.+ 1 ) In this Act-

    ,> *

    1. This Act may be cited as the Quarantine Act. Sch.

    Shon title.

    Interpreta- tion.

    "aerodrome" includes both land and water aerodromes;

    , "aircraft" includes any machine which can derive support in the atmosphere from the reactions of the air and is intended for aerial navigation;

    "commander" includes any person for the time- being in charge or command of an aircraft;

    . . ' . "master" includes any person for the time being in charge or command of a ship;

    "port" includes any place at which ships amve and depart; , .

    . . "ship". includes a vessel or boat. (2) deferences hereinafter made to "this Act" shall be

    deemed to include a reference to any regulations, rules or orders in force by virtue thereof.

    , 3.+ 1 ) There is hereby established a '~uarantine Authority which shall consist of a Chairman and four other members to be appointed in accordance with the provisions of this section.

    (2) The Minister shall appoint-

    -. - (a) >the Chief Medical Officer or a Principal Medical Offi- cer to be the Chairman; and

    (b) four other members, one of whom shall be represent- ative of the interests of shipping and another of whom shall be representative of the interests of airways.

    Establish- ment of Quarantine Authority and appoint- ment of members. 511956 S. 2.

    , . - . [The inclusion of this page is authorized by L.N. 92c/2012]


    (3) The members of the Quarantine Authority, {other than the Chairman, shall hold office for such period not 'exceeding three years as the Minister may determine, but shall be eligible for reappointment. ,


    (4) The Minister may appoint any person to k t in the place of the Chairman or any other member of the Quarantine Authority in case of the absence or inability to act of the Chair- man or such member.

    (5) Any member of the Quarantine Authori~y other than the Chairman may at any time resign his office by:instru- ment in writing addressed to the Chairman thereof, who shall forthwith cause it to be forwarded to the Minister, and fiom the date of the receipt by the Chairman of such instnunent such member shall cease to be a member of the Quarantine ~ u t h o r i t ~ .

    (6) The appointment of, removal, death, departuie from the Island or resignation of any member of the a an tine

    - - Authority shall be notified in the Gazette. I , 1 I

    Incorporat~on 4 . 4 1 ) The Quarantine Authority shall be a body codporate of Quarantine Authority. having perpetual succession and a common seal and the 'power

    to purchase, hold, and dispose of land or other property oflwhat- 'ever'kindfor the purposes of this Act. I



    (2) The seal of the Quarantine Authority shall be a4then- ticated by ,the signatures of the Chairman, or one other member of the Quarantine Authority authorized to act in that behalf, and the Secretary of the Quarantine Authority, and such seal shall be

    I officially and judicially noticed. I

    (3) )All documents, other than those required by law 0

    to be under seal, made by, and all decisions of, the Quarantine Authority may be signified under the hand of the Chairman,\any member of ,the Quarantine Authority authorized in that behalf, or the Secretary of the Quarantine Authority.

    I I I . I I

    [The inclusion of this page is authorized ' b y N . 92~120121 1 I



    (4) The Quarantine Authority may sue and be sued in its corporate name and may for all purposes be described by such name.

    5.-(1) The Quarantine Authority shall meet at such Procedure times as may be necessary or expedient for the transaction of the of business, and such meetings shall be held at such place ~ $ ~ ~ ~ ~ t $ . e and time and on such days as the Quarantine Authority may determine.

    (2) The Chairman may at any time call a special meeting of the Quarantine Authority and shall call a special meeting within seven days of a requisition for that purpose addressed to him by any three members of the Quarantine Authority.

    (3) The Chairman shall preside at all meetings of the Quarantine Authority at which he is present, and in case of his temporary absence the members present and constituting a quorum shall elect a Chairman from among their number.

    (4) A quorum of the Quarantine Authority shall be three.

    (5) The decisions of the Quarantine Authority shall be by the majority of votes and in addition to an original vote in any case in which the voting is equal the Chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote.

    (6) Minutes in proper form of each meeting shall be kept by the Secretary and shall be confirmed by the Chair- man as soon as practicable thereafter at a subsequent meeting .

    (7) The Quarantine Authority may co-opt any one or more persons to attend any particular meeting of the Quarantine Authority for the purpose of assisting or advising the Quarantine Authority, but no such co-opted person shall have any right to vote.

    and meetings

    [The inclusion of this page is authorized by L.N. 480/1973]


    (8) The powers of the Quarantine Authority shall not be affected by any vacancy in the membership thereof, nor by the fact that it is afterwards discovered that there was some defect in the appointment or qualifications of a person purporting to be a member of the Quarantine Authority.

    (9) Subject to the provisions of this section the Quarantine Authority shall have power to regulate its own proceedings, and may, subject to the approval of the Minister, delegate to any member or committee the power and authority to carry out on behalf of the Quarantine Authority such duties as may be determined.

    Appoint- 6.-( 1) The Governor-General may appoint Health =$;! Officers, Visiting Officers, Quarantine Guards and such ~;':~;:d other employees as may be deemed necessary for the proper

    carrying out of the provisions of this Act. (2) In the exercise of their powers and the perform-

    ance of their duties under this Act, Health Officers and Visiting Officers shall act under the general or special direction and control of the Quarantine Authority.

    power to 7.-(1) The Minister may make regulations, as respects make regulations. the whole or any part of the Island, including the ports

    (a) danger to public health from ships or aircraft or persons or things therein, arriving at any place; and

    (b) the spread of infection by means of any ship or aircraft about to leave any place, or by means of any person or thing about to leave any place in any ship or aircraft.

    and coastal waters thereof, for preventing-

    (2) Without prejudice to the generality of the powers conferred by subsection ( I ) , regulations under that subsection may, for the purposes therein set forth, make

    me inclusion of this page is authorized by L.N. 480/1973]


    provision for all or any of the following matters. that is to say-

    (a) the collection and transmission of epidemiological and sanitary information;

    (b) the signals to be displayed by ships or aircraft; (c) the questions to be answered and information (whether

    oral or documentary) to be supplied by masters, com- manders and other persons who are or have been on board any ship or aircraft or are desirous of boarding any ship or aircraft;

    (4 the detention of ships or aircraft and of persons and things that are or have been on board them;

    (e) the destruction of things which are or have been on board ships or aircraft;

    V) the duties to be performed by masters, commanders and other persons who are or have been on board ships or aircraft or who are desirous of boarding any ship

    I .. or aircraft; (g) authorizing the making of charges and providing for

    the recovery of expenses; (h) the enforcement of the regulations; (i) the conferring on appropriate officers of powers to

    board ships and aircraft and to enter premises. + . (3) Regulations made under subsection (1) shall be sub-

    ject to affirmative resolution. In confirming any regulations, the House of Representatives and the Senate may make any amend- ments thereto.

    (4) The regulations contained in the First and Second Firstand Schedules shall be deemed to have been made and confirmed under the provisions of this section.

    (5) Notwithstanding section 29(b) of the Interpretation 7 ~ 0 1 1 Act, regulations made under this section may provide in respect SCh.

    '\ of a breach of any of the


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