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  • PureFlow CrossFlow chosen by Heineken

    Heineken choose The Pureflow Microfiltration system from Puresep, part of the Envirogen Group for cider filtration at their Hereford Plant

    The PureFlow System is based on the well established cross flow filtration principles. Used for the filtration of beers, wine, cider and water. The Pureflow system provides significant advantages when used in industrial-scale applications where reliability, consistency and operating costs are crucial considerations. The Problem. The Solution In 2011, Heineken needed to replace a section of the existing cider filtration block. The current plant consisted of outside to in filtration technology with air scouring back pulses. Heineken recognised there were more efficient technologies available, CrossFlow Filtration plant being one that could maximise the limited footprint whilst producing the greatest output. Heineken undertook a number of onsite trials from various crossflow membrane technology providers. With the results from the PureFlow plant designed by Puresep exceeding its rivals. Following the successful trials, Puresep installed a PureFlow crossflow plant built on

    Case Study

    two skids, with two banks of 16 membrane modules, operating as a single filter with a combined output of 180hl per hour. The Pureflow systems are designed on a modular skid mounted concept and constructed in stainless steel. Each membrane contactor contains hundreds of asymmetrical capil lary membranes composed of a blend of polyvinylprolidone and polyethersulfone with a pore size of 0.2mm and an internal diameter of 1.5mm. Fibres are potted uniformly within a stainless steel support sleeve. Process control systems are designed to marshal individual block sequences and provide a bank of modules with either feed for filtration, water for flush cycles or chemicals for CIP routines. In addition the control systems monitor feed and filtrate pumps under pressure control, adjust tank levels, monitor and record system data.

  • The PureFlow MicroFiltration System offers process flexibility and is both efficient and economical in a number of key areas: Small footprint Excellent clarity 0.2 micron filtration Selective and consistent separation Increased product yield Low energy consumption Established technology No additives, flocculating agents or pre-coat chemicals

    required Large variations in feed quality have little influence on

    permeate quality Easy retrofitting Low maintenance

    UK Office:

    Envirogen Water Technologies Charwell House Cheddar Business park Wedmore Road Somerset, BS27 3Eb Tel: +44 (0) 1934 741782 E: info@envirogengroup.com www.envirogenwater.com

    Italian Office:

    Fluxa Filtri S.p.A Viale De GASPERI,88/B 20017 Mazzo di Rho Milano Tel: +39 (0)2 93959.1 E: info@fluxafiltri.com www.fluxafiltri.com

    USA Office:

    Envirogen Technologies Two Kingwood Place 700 Rockmead Dr. Suite 105 Kingwood, TX 77339 Tel: +1 877.312.8950 E: info@envirogen.com www.envirogen.com

    John Williams says: "The process control software created by Puresep has proved to be excellent at protecting the membranes from damage through control of filtrate flow in a clean membrane followed by TMP control as the membranes get fouled and the viscosity of the retentate increases. Ramping of temperature in the CIP cycles has further extended membrane life".



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