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  • 1. Portfolio Management Process & Customer Request Management January, 2006

2. Agenda

  • Portfolio management
  • Customer Requests 2 types
    • Enhancements/Micro projects
    • Projects
  • Project Prioritization Process
    • Annual prioritization timeline
    • Overall process
      • Out of cycle discussion
      • Update process

3. Portfolio Management

  • Portfolio Management is the process to
    • Manage overall visibility of the project demand
    • Establish a forum and process for prioritizing the demand on an Institute level
      • Annual planning cycle
    • Approve and allocate the project resources
    • Integrate with the overall budget process
    • Monitor the ongoing projects
    • Evaluate new requests and changes
    • Provide awareness of the entire project portfolio to a broad set of constituents

4. Customer Requests

  • Two main channels for managing requests
    • Customer forums
      • Manages and prioritizes enhancements/micro projects (less than 6 person months)
    • ASPCC Process
      • Annual project prioritization process
      • Out of cycle process

5. Customer Request Process 6. Communicate & Collect Project Requests Present completed forms at SAPBIZ Develop Business Cases Project Inventory to ASPCC Picks 10 ASPCCRanks 10 Picks 10 Approved Resources Schedule & Budget Annual Project Prioritization Timeline Dec Nov Oct Sept Aug July June May April Mar Feb Jan 7. Prioritization Process

  • January April
    • Communicate the overall process via
      • Customer forums
      • SAPBIZ communication and updates
      • Admin Comp Web-site
      • ASPCC Meetings
      • IS&T Managers Meeting
      • Others
    • Publish and Validate the prior years project inventory
      • Discuss requests not actioned the prior year
        • Re-submit requests update and or modify as needed

8. Prioritization Process

    • January April continued
      • Customers complete Request for Evaluationforms with assistance from Admin Comp
        • Customer initiates process by completing page one of the request for evaluation form
          • http://
          • Submit to Admin Comp via email to[email_address]
        • Admin Comp assigns requests and acknowledges receipt
        • Admin Comp completes remainder of the form and reviews/clarifies page one with the Customer
          • Conducts Kitimat analysis
      • Conduct reviews of completed forms at SAPBIZ

9. Prioritization Process

  • May
    • Provide the project inventory (listing of projects under consideration for that fiscal year) andRequest for Evaluationforms to ASPCC
      • Project inventory maybe a subset of requested projects
        • If the inventory exceeds a manageable amount (25-30)
  • June
    • ASPCC prioritizes the list picks 10

10. Prioritization Process

  • July September
    • Admin Comp and the Customers jointly develop the business cases
      • Confer across IS&T and with other partners
  • October
    • Present business cases and a summary document to ASPCC
      • ASPCC prioritizes the projects votes

11. Prioritization Process

  • November
    • Admin Comp and Customers conduct resource planning
      • Assess any required prerequisites
      • Develop a project delivery plan that considers general Institute scheduling constraints
      • Confer across IS&T and with other partners
    • Projects selected and a draft schedule are presented to ASPCC for approval
      • Approval or modification
    • Incorporated in the budget request

12. Out of Cycle Requests

  • Business Owner request that is
    • Unknown during the annual planning cycle
      • Significant business and or technical change
      • Urgent business need
      • New opportunity
    • A change in status or condition of the initial project
      • Potential need to re-prioritize approved projects
      • Serious support/maintenance issue develops or worsens
    • Compliance issue

13. Process for Out of Cycles

  • Use the standard project portfolio management process & additional criteria
    • Provides significant and direct advancement of the Institutes mission and goals
    • Opportunity to increase the benefit from a fast track
    • Funding availability
    • Resources generally available for the effort
      • Business and SAIS
    • Small to moderate sized
    • Retires a legacy system

14. On-Going Process

  • Priorities are reviewed quarterly by ASPCC for progress updates and adjustments
    • Changing business conditions
    • Compliance issues
    • Out of cycle requests
  • Quarterly Updates to SAPBIZ(recommendation)
    • Progress to schedule
    • Changes to prioritized projects from ASPCC
    • Out of Cycle requests
    • Process review

15. General Updates

  • Request for evaluation form used for both projects and enhancements
  • Why?
    • Track the work
    • Provide a better definition of the request up front