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Project for web based GameI am my own competitor. Everyday I make all-out effort to surpass myself.

Name: Fatima Jahan Sharmin. CSE, Varendra UniversityName: Istiaque Ahmed ShuvoId: 1413110575th batch, 6th SemesterSec-B (Group: c)Dept. Of CseVarendra University, Rajshahi

Submitted By:Submitted To

1. Game (web based) Snake Balloons 2. Screen lock/pattern Lock (web based)( Not android) (coming soon)

3. E-Commerce Site (Group work) (coming soon)

My three Projects proposal are:

Accurate Using SoftwareNotepad++Adobe Dreamweaver.Adobe Photoshop.Firefox and Google chrome.Using web languages areHTML-5.(main body)CSS.(design)BOOTSTRAP (Css mixed with html)JAVASCRIPT.(logic and game control)J-Query. And web based plugins.(download source file)

Promoting the VarendraUniversity's brand, values, capabilities, expertise and activitiesAttracting and recruiting people to study hereProviding information and services that are responsive to our internal user and business needsFacilitating relationships with business, industry and the community.Aims of the project:

Game name: snake


CSS and bootstrapJava script

Java script( Algorithm, and loop)

How to created this off line web based game

benefit of this gamesMeaningful situationsMotivationPositive attitudeIncreased learningAssessmentHome and school Independence And entertainmentBoring time pass

Main point this gameUsing algorithm when eat foodFood color :green (up and down)Snake size big so easily moved left ,right, up and forward .Sweat able background color .snake speed fast when it more and more eat food.Using bootstrap so playing android ,tab etc.

Android version-display 6``

Problem this gameNo levelNo push buttonNo time limitInfinitive life

Balloons shooting game


CSSJava script

Java script( Algorithm, and loop)

How to created this off line web based game

Points for balloons

Coming soon next projects

And e -commerce

Not ready

Every extraordinary feat began in ordinary circumstances. I will start my journey of success from where I am now.Thanks to all


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