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PROJECT CITIZENCIVIC EDUCATIONInternational ProgramGovernment B RequirementGraduation Requirement State Senior Culminating Project

The BeginningsPay It Forward (Watch clip)Civic EducationMiddle school to High SchoolInternational

WHY PROJECT CITIZEN?Civic ParticipationMeet State requirementCan make a difference!Civic Knowledge

Grades 9-12Project Citizen students Public Policy Knowledge.

4Creative writing and public policy

PC students improved significantly more in persuasive writing ability. PC students had more knowledge of how to get a public policy adopted.

5GROUP WORK4-5 students in a groupTeam LeaderTEAM WORK?Problems/SolutionsGROUP MATERIALS BINDER and FOUR TABSHOW TO DO PROJECT CITIZENSection 1FIND A PROBLEM Community Map Brain Storm Investigate Narrow it down to your top 5 Investigate Select ONE COOL TITLEFACE BOOK

9What Criteria is Used to Select a Problem?Is the problem you selected important to you and other people in your community?Does government have some responsibility to deal with this problem?Will there be sufficient information about the problem to develop a good project?Is there a realistic possibility of solving the problem selected? Project topics used A LOTSchool parking lotSchool roads to exit school buildingPot holes/ road conditionsRecreation centersSnow covered roads/ plowingSchool lunchesCommon Core and Testing

Some topic ideas for Project CitizenRexburg Lake (like Rigby lake)Underage drugs and alcohol useEnergy drinksE CigarettesEducationHunting/FishingElk farmsFood labels/ regulationFootball/Sport ConcussionsSchool zonesConservationEnvironmental issuesBan plastic bags TAXAlternative EnergySchool $ (Bus advertising could be one of the solutions)

All day dates for dances ($, danger, etc.)Need meeting area for students (no real commons) at MHS hall crowding and lack of socializingSeveral City of Rexburg ordinances are not enforcedLittering on county lands (disposing of dead animal etc.)School hours (too early for adolescence).Human traffickingALL students are not motivated to graduate (Technology diploma, area of study guidelines, etc.)Water storage for Eastern Idaho irrigationSuicide (Idaho)HOW TO DO PROJECT CITIZEN Section 2Decide on 3-4 Alternative SOLUTIONS Research solutions = public policy. Select 3-4 solutions to the problem Research the 3-4 Advantages and Disadvantages of each solution.

HOW TO DO PROJECT CITIZENSection 3Select ONE PUBLIC POLICY to SOLVE PROMBLEMWhat is your solution to the problem?Select ONE of your alternatives or combinationMust be a Public Policy SolutionAction by those who hold or affect government positions of authority.Government = city, county, State, National, School Board etc.Why that ONE over the othersStatistics, Articles, Pictures, Graphs, Polls etc.

Definition and ActivityPublic policy is a concept or set of ideas that guides a course of action or a procedure used in dealing with public issues and problems.Laws, rules, regulations, by-laws, school rules, codes, ordinance, policy, etc.Use NEWSPAPERS to find 20 public policies.

HOW TO DO PROJECT CITIZENSection 44. Developing an ACTION PLANBring to attention of GovernmentFormulation of plan and those that will support itAdoption When and who must adoptImplementation (Cost and benefits)Evaluation Who will oversee it and evaluate that it is effective.

REQUIREMENTSPORTFOLIO = BINDER and Slide Show as a visual aidPRESENTATION = Panel and teacher (20-25 minutes)RESEARCH! (CITED APA)DRESS UP Professional dressFollow up answering questions (5 minutes)Credit for Sources ( IN binder and ON slide show) (CITED APA)


APABINDER: (RESEARCH) Title Page (1 for binder for group)Abstract (1 for binder for group)Introduction (1 for binder for group)Each Paper/Essay: Heading Title (All same)Work CitedSEE Tutorial (link on website): AND HOW IS IT DONE (Video overview)Work in groups600 points possible = 200 individual points (group work and effort) + 400 points group score (Presentation and Portfolio)Nursery Rhyme (PRACTICE)HUMPTY DUMPTYHumpty Dumpty sat on the wall,Humpty Dumpty had a great fall,All the Kings horses, And all the Kings menCouldnt put Humpty together again!Chart256.2744.9970.0549.94

Project CitizenComparison

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Project CitizenComparison