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  • Automotive Interior Restoration

    By: Ashley Mathis

  • PreviewJunior Research PaperCulminating ProjectPicturesSelf-ReflectionFuture PlansAdditional Pictures

  • Junior Research PaperThesis- This narrative will explain why I chose this career, reveal information from interviews and secondary research, and conclude with a record of trials and tribulations of this project.How find evidence? Why?Support? Reliability of sources.Change of topic forms.

  • Culminating ProjectMy project was to restore the interior of a 1972 Chevelle Malibu.Why?Significance to self and others wasLearning GoalsGuiding Questions- What part should I start working on first? How should I manage my time? How will I fix problems that will occur?Mentor and Project Proposal signed.

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  • Self-ReflectionDecisionsChoosing projectLearning GoalsModificationsOrdering parts for interior= expensive

    Time ManagementAfter school and weekendsPatienceCalendar of dates to finish certain parts

  • Self-Reflection Continued

    SolutionsBent flat head screwdriverPutty knife and timeWore goggles, mask, and gloves to protectUsed JB weldUsed clothes hanger and testing wiresUsed weather adhesive and putty knife

    ProblemsWindow crank handlesScrape off old underlayGrinding rust awayFound small holes in floor panConnecting wiresWeather stripping

  • Future PlansSummaryJunior Research PaperProject=HobbySelf-Reflection

    College/CareerCurrently applyingDifficulty of whereNot sure of career

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