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Persona ProfileBy Marcelle Dabbah

Wanda the WorkerBackgroundPR Director of large corporationHas worked her way up in this company sinceshe graduated from grad school at Vanderbilt UniversityHappily married with two childrenDemographicsFemale42 years oldBeautiful house in the suburbsDual HH Income: $150,000IdentifiersHas a very hectic schedule (50 hour work weeks)Pete, her assistant, works tirelessly to keep her schedule in checkUses her bluetooth headset every day

Wanda the workerHobbiesYogaWorking with nonprofit organizationsGoalsKeeps her company working wellMaintains communication with all employeesChallengesWith a large company comes many different aspects that can go wrongLong work weeks are exhausting; very little time to eatNot a lot of time for herselfHow We HelpCaffeine to help people get through long daysFood and drink options to change up meals every day

Wanda the WorkerReal QuotesI will go the whole day and realize I have not eaten.I feel myself crashing around 2pm every day.Common ObjectivesI never have time to eat something healthy during the day.I cannot afford to waste time waiting in line for coffee and a meal.

Wanda the worker

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