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    Prof.Dr. Essam E. Khalil 1. PERSONAL DATA

    NAME: Essam Eldin Khalil Hassan Khalil BIRTH: 12th July 1948, Scotland, United Kingdom

    LANGUAGES: English and Arabic Fluently


    Ph.D. In Mechanical Engineering. London University, Imperial College of Science and Technology, UK. FEB., 1977.

    DIC, Diploma of Imperial College, London University, March 1977.

    Postdoctoral Fellowship at Imperial College, London with United Kingdom Atomic Energy Research Establishment ,Harwell, 1977.

    MSc. Mech. Engineering from Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering December 1973.

    B.Sc. Mech. Engineering from Cairo University, Faculty of Engineering- July 1971, Distinction ,1st Class Honors,1st Position.


    Professor of Mechanical Engineering in June-1988, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.

    Associate Professor of Mech. Engineering in (1982), Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University.

    Lecturer in Mech. Engineering, Faculty of Engineering. Cairo University in Autumn-1977.

    Consultant Editor of the Arabic Program of McGraw Hill Book Company (1983 1988).

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    Chairman of National HVAC Code Committee , Ministry Of Housing & Development, 1999 -

    Coordinator For The National Energy Efficiency Code Committee For HVAC, 2000 -

    Member Of Commission E2 ,International Institute Of Refrigeration, Paris, 2004-

    Group Leader, National Energy Code Committee,2000-

    Chairman, National Ventilation Code Committee, 2005-

    Chairman Arab HVAC Code Committee.2005-

    Member ,National Hospitals Code Committee,2009-

    Member, National Desalination Code Committee,2011-

    Member, National Green Building Code Committee, 2011-

    Consultant, ASHRAE Members Council,2015-2016

    President Consulting Engineering Bureau CEB, 3 Rashdan Street, Suite 18, Dokki ,Cairo ,Registration Number 433 , TEL 002-02-33356080 , FAX 002-02-33362433


    Syndicate of Egyptian engineers Award of Excellence,January 2016 Cairo University Award of Excellence, May 2015

    Cairo University Award of Excellence, April 2014

    ASME Egypt Achievement Award , April 2013

    University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee Distinguished Lecture Award, January 2013

    Cairo University Award of Excellence, January 2013

    ASME 2012 James Harry Potter Gold Medal,2012

    Cairo University Award of Excellence, July 2012

    ASHRAE 2011 Distinguished Services Award,2011

    AIAA 2011 Sustained Service Award,2011

    ASHRAE 2010 Regional Award of Merit,2010

    AIAA Energy Systems Award ,2010

    Cairo University Award of Excellence, July 2010

    ASME/George Westinghouse Gold Medal, 2009

    ASHRAE Fellow , 2009

    ASHRAE Chapter Service Award, October 2009

    ASHRAE Presidential Award of Excellence ,Sustainability Activities, October 2009

    Cairo University Award of Excellence, April 2009

    AIAA Fellow ,2008

    Best Paper Award ,AIAA, IECEC, July 2008

    Cairo University Award of Excellence, June 2007

    Member of LInstitut DEgypte, April 2007

    Cairo University Award of Excellence, April 2006

    Best Paper Award, AIAA, IECEC, August 2005

    ASME Fellow ,2003

    AWARD ' MAN of 1995' From American Biographical Institute, USA, 1995.

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    Twentieth Century Award for Achievement, IBC, Cambridge, U.K., 1995.

    ESME Fellow ,1990

    National Award for Scientific Achievement in Engineering Sciences in (1981).

    Decor Of Science And Arts From Egyptian President Sadat, 1st Order ,October 1981

    2.TEACHING AND RESEARCH COMMITMENTS DELIVERED CURICULA COURSES: Undergraduate Power Plant technology, Undergraduate Course, Cairo University 1990-2016

    Steam Engineering, Undergraduate Course, Cairo University,1980-1990

    Heat Exchanging Equipment, Undergraduate Course, Cairo University,1990-2005

    Thermodynamics Basics for non-mechanical, Undergraduate Course, Cairo University, 2006

    Postgraduate Thermal Convection, Graduate Course for MSc, Cairo University,1990-2016

    Advanced Heat Transfer, Graduate Course for MSc, Cairo University,1990-2000


    PhD Degrees awarded under his Supervision (2006-2016)

    1. Variable Load Control in Air Conditioning Equipment ,Mohamed Fawzy Shalaby, PhD, 2007

    2. Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Flow and Heat Transfer inside Greenhouses, Mohamed Aly Ibrahim, PhD, 2008

    3. CFD Investigation Of Indoor Environmental Quality In A Subway Commuter Train, Esmail M.ElBialy, PhD ,2010

    4. Air Flow And Heat Transfer Patterns In Surgical Operating Theatre, Waleed Abdulhadi Ethbayah,PhD,2011

    5. Experimental And Numerical Investigations of aerodynamics characteristics around trucks and buses. Sherif M.ElDemerdash,PhD,2011

    6. Behaviour of Smoke in Subway, Mohamed Akef, PhD, 2013. 7. Solar Energy Applications In Saudi Arabia And Egypt: Thermoelectric

    Approach, Jarman Trad Jarman,PhD,2013 8. Heat Transfer and Friction Characteristics of Heat Exchangers, Mahmoud

    Galal, PhD 2014. 9. Energy Performance Analysis for Case Study District Cooling Plant and Lake

    heat sink proposal. Hesham S. Othman ,PhD,2014 10. Effect of the shape of air supply outlets on the human comfort inside living

    room, Taher M. Abou Deif, PhD 2014

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    11. Numerical Investigation For Air Flow And Thermal Comfort In An Air-Conditioned Open Football (Soccer) Stadium, Mohamed Sobhi Attia Shaikhoun,PhD,2014

    12. CFD Investigations Of Indoor Air Quality In Healthcare Facilities, Ahmed El-Degwy Ahmed El-Degwy, PhD, January 2015

    13. Numerical Analysis And Thermal Comfort Optimization Of Different Ventilation Systems For Commercial Aircraft Cabins, Ahmed Mohamed Farag AbdelBary,PhD,2015

    14. Effect Of Winglet Shape On Wing Aircraft Aerodynamic Performance, Eslam Said AbdelGany,PhD, July 2015

    15. Numerical Investigations of Gas Turbine Stage Design Configurations and Tip Leakage, Mohamed Morsy Abou Rawash, PhD, July 2015

    16. Numerical Analysis of an External Store Separation from a Fighter Aircraft, Eng. Alaa A.M. Othman, PhD, September 2015

    17. Assessment Of Air Distribution Systems For Improving Indoor Thermal Comfort In Office Spaces. Eng.Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Abou Zied,PhD,September 2015

    18. Performance Analysis of a Novel Solar Tracking Mechanism for Solar Parabolic Trough Collector Using Wind Energy,Eng.AbdelRahman Ahmed AbdelWahed ElSayed,PhD,February 2016.

    MSc Degrees awarded under his Supervision (2005-2016) 1. Flow Regimes, Thermal And Humidity Patterns In Ventilated

    Archaeological Tombs, Valley Of The Kings, Luxor , Omar Abdel-Aziz Ahmed Abdel-Aziz,2005.

    2. Flow Regimes And Heat Transfer Patterns In A Room With Large Heat Source, Asser Amin, 2005

    3. Flow Regimes and Thermal Patterns in Air Conditioned Operating Theatres ,Omar Ahmed Huzzain , 2005

    4. Thermal Comfort Prediction And Assessment In Ventilated Archaeological Tombs, Kings Valley, Luxor, Hussein Magdy Mahmoud Ezz-Eldin,2006

    5. Thermal Flow Regimes In Air-Conditioned Measuring Equipment Laboratory, Ahmed Mohamed Farag,2007

    6. Numerical And Experimental Investigation Of The Air Flow And Temperature Distribution In An Industrial Room With A Large Heat Source, Esmail Mohamed Ali El-Bialy,2007

    7. Experimental Investigation Of Thermal Patterns In Air Conditioned Transformers Room, Mostafa Ramadan Mohamed Badawy, 2007.

    8. Numerical Investigations Of Flow Regimes In Different Rectangular Enclosures , Ms.Asmaa Atef AbdelWahab, 2007

    9. Improvement of velocity and temperature fields in Air Conditioned Room Using CFD Modelling, Nidal Aly Aly, 2007.

    10. Computations Of Air Flow Patterns Inside Large Room Using Large Eddy Simulation Turbulence Model ,Nermeen Ramzy Tiab Abood, 2008

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    11. Numerical Investigations Of Flow Patterns And Thermal Comfort In Air-Conditioned Cinema Theatres ,Walid AbdelSamea Maksoud, 2008

    12. Numerical Investigations Of Mixing Process Of A Primary And Secondary Swirling Air Streams In Furnaces Under Non--Reacting Conditions ,Mohamed Farouk Mohamed Ibrahim, 2008

    13. Flow, Thermal Patterns and Moisture Distributions in Ventilated Archaeological Tombs, Valley Of Kings, Luxor ,Osama Abdel Aziz Salama, 2008

    14. Flow and Combustion in Cylindrical Furnaces at Different Operating Conditions, Ms. Omaima AbdelAziz Eisa, 2008.

    15. Numerical Investigation of Flow and Combustion Characteristics of Methane-Air Turbulent Jet Unconfined Diffusion Flames with Initial Heat Source, Ms. Manar Fadel Mohamed, 2009.

    16. Numerical Investigations on Flow Characteristics and Heat transfer of Cross-Flow of Air in Single Tube and In-line and Staggered Tube Arrays Mahmoud Galal Yahia Kamel, November 2009.

    17. Numerical Investigations of Flow Regimes and Turbulent Mixing in Turbulent Non-Reacting Swirling 3-D Furnace Flow, Shenouda Barsoum Tewfik, January 2010.

    18. Thermal Performance Improvement of the MGC-20 Cyclotron Accelerator Ion Source, Amr Mohamed Naguib Azab, April 2010.

    19. Effect Of Lateral And Forward Diffusion Angles On Film Cooling Effectiveness Of Simple-Angle Laidback Fan-Shaped Holes, Ahmed Saad Ahmed Al-Adawy, July 2010.

    20. Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop of Subcooled Flow Boiling in Vertical Tubes with Internal Surface Coatings, Ahmed Yahia Yousef Abdel Azim, July 2010.

    21. Efficiency Optimization of a Standing-Wave Thermoacoustic H


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