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  • Samer Essam El-Din Mohamed Communication and electronics engineer

    52 Iskandar Ibrahim st. Miami - Alexandria, Egypt +2 01223345093


    Date of birth: 11th

    of November 1988.

    Military status: final exemption.


    Bachelor in Communication and electronics from faculty of engineering, Communication and

    electronics branch, Electrical department, Alexandria University June 2011.

    Grade: Good.

    Graduation project: Advanced Techniques for 4G Wireless Communication System supervised

    by (Prof. Dr. Said El-Khamy).

    Grade of graduation project: Excellent.

    Summary of graduation project:

    Studied the development of the communication system, the generations of mobile and the

    development of it (from 0G to 4G), and the new advanced techniques and coding which used in

    mobile network developments.


    Electrical and Control Engineer in Alexandria Electricity Distribution Company

    From June 2012 to present

    Control Engineer and UNIX admin:

    Using Unix/Linux operating system. High experience in shell scripts. Using Vmware machine

    and Solaris system. Solving problems and develop the system. Fixing errors and bugs in the

    system. Troubleshooting the system. Creating, Adding and modifying on SQL database.

    Using SCADA system to draw GUI for the electricity network of Alexandria and operate on it.

    Connect between PCs (work stations) using LAN network (router and switch) and set routers

    configuration and set configuration on each one with different IP.

    Send and receive data and orders using RTU and antenna.

    Electrical Engineer:

    Select cable types and sizes (220v and 11 kv) to suit the loads and how to choose a suitable cable

    trays and finding faults in cables.

    Select a suitable transformers and circuit breakers for the electricity rooms and network.

    Design the electricity network with suitable feeding cables according to loads.

    Web designer and developer

    Work using HTML, CSS, PHP, JAVASCRIPT and frameworks (Bootstraps for web design and

    Codeigniter for web development and database).


    Arabic language: Mother tongue.

    English language: Perfect.


    Control Engineer

    Alexandria Mineral Oils Co. (AMOC) in 2008 and 2009.

    Site Communication Engineer

    Orascom Trading Co. in 2011.


    1- Electrical design.

    2- New Engineers from Alexandria Electricity Distribution Company.

    Studied cable types, testing cables, finding faults in cable, electricity rooms and transformers.

    3- PLC from Petroleum Complex.

    4- PLC and WINCC from professional training institute.

    5- SCADA and Unix.

    6- Web development

    Studied HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, Bootstraps and Codeigniter.

    7- Mobile Packet

    Studied generation of mobile network from 0G to 4G

    8- Basics electronics and embedded systems

    Studied C language, C++ language and the basics of electronics.

    9- ICDL.


    1- AutoCad (for designing electrical networks).

    2- VMWARE (for operating on solaris machine).

    3- National instruments Multisim (electronics design).

    4- HTML, CSS and Javascript using Bootstraps and Codeigniter (web design and develop).

    5- Logixpro (for PLC).


    7- SIMATIC WIN CC (for WIN CC).

    8- Microsoft office.

    9- Proteus (ISIS and ARES) (electronics layout boards).

    10- Internet research skills.

    11- Matlab.