prize medals of the royal geographical society. report for 1876, and programme for 1877

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  • Prize Medals of the Royal Geographical Society. Report for 1876, and Programme for 1877Source: Proceedings of the Royal Geographical Society of London, Vol. 20, No. 6 (1875 - 1876),pp. 513-531Published by: Wiley on behalf of The Royal Geographical Society (with the Institute of BritishGeographers)Stable URL: .Accessed: 19/06/2014 03:06

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    OF TBE


    REPORT FOR 1876,



    VOL. XX. 2 R

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    fljpkal tognrpljg.

    1869.?Emminer, A. E, Wallacb. (Special Subject: Palestine.)

    Gold Medal .. .. .. W. Grtjndy. (Rossatt.)

    Bronze Medal

    HonouraUy Mentioned

    G. W. Gent. (EossaU.)

    G. G. Butler, M. Stewart, A. Wilson, G. B. Brown, E. Thomas.

    1870.?Examiner, A. E. Wallaoe. (Special Subject: India.)

    Gold Medal .. .. .. G. G. Btjtleb. (Liverpool College.')

    Bronze Medal

    HonouraUy Mentioned

    M. Stewart. (Eossaik)

    W. Hind, G. Hughes, F. J. Beckly, F. W. Hunt, R. F. "W. Shaw, E. C. Thomas.

    1871.?Examiner, Dr. W. B. Carpenter, F.E.S. (Special Subject; British North America.)

    Gold Medal.D. McAlister. (Liverpool Institute.')

    Bronze Medal .. .. W. G. Collingwood. (Liverpool College.)

    Ilmourably Mentioned R. A. Lundie, W, N, Shaw, W. C. Hudson, F. J. Reekley, T. Disney, W. E. Evffl, H. R, F, Brown, W. B. Ffooks.

    1872.?Examiner, H. W. Bates, F.L.R (Special Subject: South America.)

    Gold Medal .. .. .

    Bronze Medal .. .,

    HonouraUy Mentioned

    S. E. Speing-Rice. (Eton College.)

    A. S. Butler. (Liverpool College.)

    0. Penrose, E. Dickson, J. R, White, H. de V. Vane.

    Examiner, Bev. W. G. Clark.

    H. C. Kichmond. {Liverpool College,*)

    J. D. WlLDE. {Manchester Grammar Scliool.)

    E. Crabb, J. H. Collins, M. h. Lewis, H. B. Dixon, D? S. Bontflower.

    Examiner, Yery Bev. Dean Howson, D.D.

    G. W. Gent. (Mossall.)

    J. H. Collins. {Liverpool College.')

    E. Crabb, William Grundy, George Hogben, J. D. Murray, H. B. Dixon.

    Examiner, C. H. Piarson, - M.A. Gr. Hogben.

    (University Schoo!, NoUinglmm.) E. N. Abkle.

    {Liverpool College,) F. M. Sparks, J. B. Heath, D. S. Bontflower, A. HassalL

    Examiner, T. W. HINCH? LIFF,, M.A.

    W. G, Collingwood. {Liverpool College.)

    W. 0. Gbaham. {Mon College.)

    K. H. Sayle, W. L. Kingsford. H. E. Dixon.

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    fljpral fejraplg.

    1873.?Examiner, Dr. J. D. Hooker, F.E.S. (Special Subject: Eastern and Western Turkestan.) Gold Medal.W. 0. Hudson.

    (Liverpool College.) Bronze Medal

    HonouraUy Mentioned

    W. A. Forbes. (Wtnchester College.)

    A. C. Cole, R. 0. Reade, H. j H. Hancock, H. Louis, N. M. Richardson, G. S. Pawle, G. R. Townsend, W. S. Widdicombe.

    1874.?Examine}^ Prof. A. C. Eamsay, LL.D. (Special Siibject: The British Isles.)

    Gold Medal.L. Weston. (City of London School.)

    Bronze Medal

    HonouraUy Mentioned

    F. C. Montague. (University College School.)

    H. M. Platnauer, W. S. Wid? dicombe, C. A. Spring-Riee, H. A. Miers, C. Healev, W. F. Wilson, A. R. Forsyth.

    1875.?Examiner, General E. Strachey, E.E. (Special Subject: China.)

    Gold Medal.

    Bronze Medal

    HonouraUy Mentioned

    H. A. Miers. (Eton College.)

    A. E. Garrod. (Marlborough College.)

    0. A. Spring-Rice, H. Perrin, H. H. Hancock, W. D. Thomson, H. M. Plat? nauer.

    1876.?Examiner, Prof. T. Etjpert Jones, F.E.S. (Special Subject: The Arctic Megions.)

    Gold Medal.Jno. Wilkie. (Liverpool College.)

    Eronzs Medal .. .. Walter New. (Dulwich College.)

    Jlonourably Mentioned J. A. Robinson, L. P. Jacks, E. von Lengerke, Sir M. Crofton, F. S. Carey.

    Examiner, Maj.-Gen. Sir H. C. Bawlinson, k.c.b.

    S. E. Spring-Rice. {Eton College.)

    A. T. JSTutt. ( University College School.)

    A. Williams, W. L. Kings? ford, G. H. Sing, S. II. B. Saunders, A. Hassall.

    Examiner, Bev. Canon Bawlinson, M.A.

    W. H. Turton. {Clifton College.)

    L. Jacob. {City of London School.)

    J. F. Heyes, S. H. B. Saunders, R. W. Whiston W. B. Styer.

    Examiner, Sir Buther- fobd Alcock, K.C.B.

    S. H. B. Saunders. {Dulwich College.)

    W. C. Graham. {Eton College.)

    J. Vans Agnew, W. M. H. Mimer, J. F. Heyes, D. G. Crawford, T. Knox, A. S. Moriarty.

    Examiner, Sir F. Leopold McClintock, F.B.S.

    Thomas Knox. {Haileybury College.)

    W. M. H. MlLNER. {Marlborough College.)

    J. B. Johnston, H. W. Pigeon, J. F. Heyes, W. J. Newton, A. R. Ropes, C. W. Mac- 3Iaster.

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    OF THE


    INSTITTTTED, 1869.


    List of Schools who were invited to compete in 1876.

    English Schools.?St. Peter's College, Badley, Abingdon; King Edward's School, Birmingham; Brighton College; Bristol Grammar School; Cathedrai Grammar School, Chester; Cheltenham College ; Clifton College; Dulwich College; Eton College; Haileybury College; Harrow; Hurstpierpoint; Liverpool College; Liverpool Institute; London,?Charter House; Christ's Hospital; City of London School; King's College School; St. Paul's; University College School; Westminster School; Boyal Naval School, New Cross;?The College, Malvern ; Manchester School; Marlborough College; University School,Nottingham; Bepton; Bossall; Bugby; King's School, Sherborne; Shoreham; Shrewsbury; Stonyhurst College, Blackburn; The School, Tonbridge; Uppingham School; Wellington College; Winchester College.

    Channel Islands School.?Yictoria College, Jersey.

    Scotch Schools.?Aberdeen Grammar School; Edinburgh Academy; Edinburgh High School; Glasgow High School; Glasgow Academy.

    Irish Schools.?Boyal Academical Institute, Belfast; Dungannon Boyal School; Ennis College ; Portora Boyal School, Enniskillen ; Foyle College, Londonderry; Bathfarnham, St. Columba's College; Bathmines School, Dublin.

    Twenty of the above Schools furnished competitors, according to the following list, in which is entered the number of candidates in Political and Physical Geography from each school:?

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    Pby&cal. Political. Marlborough College. 3 .... 1 Rathmines School, Dublin. 1 .... 1 Victoria College, Jersey. 2 .... 0 Brighton College . 1 .... 2 University College School . 2 .... 0 Ennis College. 1 .... 0 University School, Nottingham .; 1 .... 0 Charterhouse School .'. 1 .... 1 Eton College . 4 .... 2 City of London School . 2 .... 1 Clifton College. .. .. 0 .... 3 Haileybury College. 1 .... 1 Liverpool College . 3 .... 2 Dulwich College . 4 .... 0 Manchester Grammar School. 2 .... 1 Edinburgh High School. 0 .... 1 Bristol Grammar School. 1 .... 0 Oheltenham College. 3 .... 2 Rossall School. 2 .... 1 Repton School. . 1 .... 1*

    Total .. 35 .. .. 20

    The Examiners appointed by the Council for 1876 were Professor T. Bupert Jones, f.r.s., for Physical, and Admiral Sir P. Leopold McClintock, f.r.s., for Political Geography. The examinations were held at the various schools, on the 20th of March, and the Prizes were presented at the Anniversary Meeting of the Society.

    The special subject for the year 1876 was?

    The Arctic Eegions (including Iceland and the whole of



    No. 1 Exa


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