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Download Printer Management Tools - Zebra Technologies |   Management Tools Manage with ZebraLink™ Integrating and maintaining remote Zebra printers in a distributed environment is easy with Zebra’s advanced

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  • Printer Management Tools

    Manage with ZebraLink

    Integrating and maintaining remote Zebra printers in a distributed environment is easy with Zebras advanced centralized printer management toolsa range of networking solutions to meet the growing needs of evolving network environments. Leverage the power of ZebraLink Solutions.



  • ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise

    Leveraging the power of ZebraLink, ZebraNet Bridge Enterprise allows your IT staff to centrally configure and deploy, manage, and monitor your Zebra printers from a single PC screen anywhere on your global network. It includes the following tools to deploy, manage and monitor your Zebra printers:


    Automatic discoveryFind printers on a network.

    Create printer profilesCreate and save the Golden Printer for later use.

    Download printer profilesCopy printer profiles one to one, or one to many or to a group.

    Create printer configurationsQuickly create a configuration file that can be copied to one or many printersor quickly compressed into a single file that can be easily emailed.

    Font conversion wizardEasily convert and download fonts.

    Wireless setup wizardSet up wireless printers.

    Parallel/serial/USB support

    Copy printersCopy alerts, settings and files from one printer to another.


    Group managementManage printers in logical groups.

    Change settingsChange settings from a remote PC.

    Firmware and file downloadDownload firmware and files to a single Zebra printer.

    Resource managementCentrally manage printer files, firmware, fonts and graphics.

    File downloadDownload formats, fonts and graphics to a single Zebra printer or a group.

    Multiple user configurationsManage multiple locations with different application settings.


    Application heartbeat and status iconsColor-coded icons provide visual notification of issues.

    Quick status and network port statusGet a detailed view of print server and network port status.

    Detailed statusView detailed printer status for quick troubleshooting.

    Configure printer and print server alertsConfigure alerts on the printer and print server.

    Alert logging via SNMP and TCP/IPCapture printer alerts over SNMP and TCP/IP.

    Alert filteringdevice/group/severityView events by printer, group or multiple groups.

    Visual alertsSee your entire printer enterprise at a glance.

    Printer Management Tools

    Zebra offers three easy-to-use printer management tools for your Zebra printers:

  • Zebra Setup Utilities

    Quickly and easily configure select Zebra high-performance, midrange and desktop printers with this free tool that includes:

    Printer settings wizardSteps you through the printer setting configuration process.

    Print quality wizardHelps you set the best speed and darkness combination for your media.

    Connectivity wizardGuides you through configuring Ethernet, wireless or Bluetooth settings.

    Preloaded Microsoft-certified Windows driverAutomatically installs the printer driver when using USB plug-and-play.

    Quick toolsProvides printer diagnostic tools to test/confirm printer configurations and control printer functions.

    Font and graphics downloaderSaves font and graphic details for reuse or editing.

    File editor and terminal windowEnables you to create, edit and print commands from a single window.

    Automatically reconfigures your ZebraDesigner printer driver.


    Mirror is a free firmware feature that gives you the ability to centrally manage multiple Zebra printers settings and files, and monitor printing status using FTP communication. Important information (firmware, fonts, images, formats and printer settings) can be loaded once on a networked server and sent to printers on a network. The printers can be synchronized with the files maintained on a server:

    Automatically when printer is powered up

    At specified time intervals

    On command

  • GSA#: GS-35F-0268N

    P1043844 (8/11)

    Features at a Glance*

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    Setup Utilities Mirror ZebraNet Bridge EnterpriseZebraNet Bridge

    Enterprise Premium

    Printer setup

    Printer management Single printer

    Single or multiple


    Single or multiple


    Single or multiple


    File editor Via file associations Via file associationsFirmware and file downloading Font and graphics converter Change settings Update configurations Printer group management Print server and port status views Font linking wizard Alert filtering Click and drag files to printers/groups Network printer searching Visual alerts and status icons Printer profile management Odometer view Copy printers Manage multiple user configurations Visual alert


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