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Presented By: Tyler Messenkopf Project 6: Planning Your Dream Vacation 5/9/11 Slide 2 Climate of Hawaii The average temperature of Hawaii in July is about 83 degrees F. It is usually sunny and hot great weather for the beach. The water is Always warm. Slide 3 How to get to Honolulu Hawaii The best way to get Hawaii from Ridgefield CT is to fly and Continental Airlines is the best way to take to get to Hawaii. Its about 4,985 miles from Ridgefield CT to Hawaii. You will leave at 1:00 pm on Saturday July 2 and you will arrive in Honolulu at 5:50 pm. The total of the flight will be $993 for one person flying coach non stop. Slide 4 Hotels in Honolulu Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort & Spa is one place to stay at in Honolulu on the Waikiki beach. It is a 4 star hotel in Honolulu. It is $195 a night and it has a great pool with a water fountain it has a spa and it is on the beach. The Kahala Hotel & Resort is another great place to spend your vacation its a five star hotel. It is $475 a night and its right on the beach, it has a gym to work out in, it has a spa, and a children's club. Slide 5 Manoa Falls Manoa Falls is a great thing to do in Honolulu it is about a hour hike up to a 100ft water fall. It is about 4 miles from city center. Slide 6 Food and Dining Restaurant nameAddressType of FoodPhoto Dukes Restaurant2335 Kalakaua AveSeafood/ Steak Leonard's Bakery933 Kapahulu AveBakery Alan Wong's Restaurant 1857 S King St.Hawaiian Slide 7 What to Pack For For starters back for the Beach Shorts Tee-shirts Sunglasses Hiking boots (for water fall hike) Sunscreen Sandals or flip flops Towels Beach umbrella Chair for the beach Surfboard or boogieboard for the ocean Slide 8 Photos from Hawaii This is Mano falls where you will be going for a day. This is Waikiki Beach where you could swim if you stay at the Hyatt Regency Waikiki Beach Resort & Spa This is another picture of Waikiki Beach This is a picture of the Kahala Hotel & Resort