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Dream Vacation Project. Budget. As winners of a special contest, you will receive $10,000 for your group to go on the vacation of a lifetime! There are just a few things to keep in mind…. What To Do. You must go somewhere outside of the United States - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Dream Vacation Project

Dream Vacation ProjectBudgetAs winners of a special contest, you will receive $10,000 for your group to go on the vacation of a lifetime!There are just a few things to keep in mindWhat To DoYou must go somewhere outside of the United StatesYou must keep track of EVERY expense for the trip (i.e. airfare, transportation, living, food, souvenirs, activities, etc.)You can go as long as youd like, but each day of your trip must be outlinedYou need to site the websites you use to gain your informationAll information needs to be current and for the date(s) you plan to purchase it (hotel rates need to be for the days you plan to go, tours or sights must be operating during the time you plan to go, etc.)What To DoYou need to include meals every day and the place where you will eat themThink about how you will get from place to placeYou may visit more than one location, but make sure you keep track of your money!If things are in the countrys currency, please convert it to US dollars using the Google currency converterAt the end of your project, include a page with all of your expenses added upPresentationTo present your information, you will need to create a Mooklet!Download the app Mooklet on your iPhone or iPad, or one checked out from the media centerYou can use the Bump app and the website bu.mp to transfer pictures from your computer to your phoneHere is a quick video about how to use Mooklet!http://mooklet.in/Questions?ExampleHere is an example of a project we madeOur Trip to Rome, ItalyBy: Ms. Savannah, Ms. Courtney, and Ms. KatherineAirfareRoundtrip from Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport in Atlanta, GA to Rome, Italy$1,115.40 per personDeparting December 6, 2013 and returning December 13, 2013Car Rental$30 USD per day7 days$210 totalHotel Barcelo Aran Mantegna$125 a night7 nights$875 totalActivitiesDecember 6th: check into hotel, go to dinner at Pinsere Roma in Rome, average $10 USD per entreDecember 7th: Breakfast at Osteria del Cavaliere, average $20 per entreVisit the Piazza Navona for the Christmas festival with booths of homemade goods and craftsLunch at Caff della Pace, just off the square, average $15 per entreeSpend remainder of the day at festival and touring the Piazza NavonaDinner at Osteria Barberini, average $25 per entre

ActivitiesDecember 8th:Brunch at Baguetteria del Fico, average $15 per entreAncient Rome and Coliseum Walking Tour, $57 USD per personDinner at El Duende, dinner for 2 coupon $68.81 USDActivities December 9th:Brunch: I Panizzeri, average $10 per entreVisit Castel Sant Angelo, admission $11 USD Dinner: Ad Hoc, average $68 USD per entre

ActivitiesDecember 10th:Breakfast: Bakery House, average $11 per entreWalking Tour of Rome and Cooking Class, $93 USD per personDinner: Opulentia, average $8 per entreActivitiesDecember 11th:Brunch at Rec23, $20 USD per personGelato: LArena del Gelato, average $5 USD per personDinner: Imperial Rome Gladiator Show and Dinner, $67 USD per person

ActivitiesDecember 12th:Breakfast: 'Gusto Caff, $20 USD per personRome Shopping Tour, $19 USD per personLunch: Ai Tre Scalini - Bottiglieria dal 1895, $18 USD per entreeDinner: La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali, average $20 USD per entreeActivitiesDecember 13th:Breakfast: Zoc, $40 USD per personFlight back homeAmount SpentFlight: $1,115.40 per person, x3=$3,346.20Car: $210Hotel: $875Meals: $407 per person, x3=$1,221Activities: $108+$100 spending money per person, x3=$624Total: $6,276.20Referenceshttp://www.expedia.com/Flight-Search-All?action=FlightSearchAll%40searchFlights&origref=www.expedia.com%2FFlight-Search-All&inpFlightRouteType=2&inpDepartureLocations=Atlanta%2C+GA+%28ATL-All+Airports%29&inpArrivalLocations=Rome%2C+Italy+%28ROM-All+Airports%29&inpDepartureDates=12%2F06%2F2013&inpArrivalDates=12%2F20%2F2013&inpAdultCounts=3&inpChildCounts=0&inpChildAges=-1&inpChildAges=-1&inpChildAges=-1&inpChildAges=-1&inpChildAges=-1&inpInfants=2&inpFlightAirlinePreference=&inpFlightClass=3http://www.expedia.com/carsearch?dagv=1&subm=1&fdrp=0&styp=1&locn=FCO&date1=12/06/2013&date2=12/20/2013&vend=&kind=1&time1=1030AM&time2=1030AM&ttyp=2&acop=2&rdct=1http://www.expedia.com/Rome-Hotels-Barcelo-Aran-Mantegna.h1680767.Hotel-Information?chkin=12%2F06%2F2013&chkout=12%2F20%2F2013&rm1=a3&hwrqCacheKey=41cd5b7a-212a-4a8d-a923-6a0c62a8abfaHWRQ1382542453615&c=e3fdf00d-d796-4965-b0e3-cb2001f1660d&

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