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Its all about Global Warming/ Climate Change/ Green house effect.We have make it by the help of slide share sites and other reliable sources.Thanks


<ul><li> 1. Presentation</li></ul> <p> 2. Group Members1. Mir Atikur Rahman 091060632. Nur Islam 083060143. Faia Jahan101060624. Md Hachnayen Ahmed10106063 3. The terms Greenhouse Effect, Climate Change, andGlobal Warming are often used interchangeably, yetthey really refer to three separate and distinctprocesses. In this presentation we will show how theworld environment/ weather getting warmer. Gases responsible for green house effect. Its effect and possible remedy. 4. Firstly lets look at how the earth atmosphere is heated. The energy that heats the atmosphere comes from the Sun, which is the source of huge energy The sun sends its solar radiation out into space and theearth intercepts only a small portion of it, about one part intwo billion which is tremendous amount. of that energy that reaches the earths atmosphere isreflected back out into space and about reaches thesurface. Once the suns energy reaches the earths surface, it isabsorbed and the temperature of the earths surfaceincreases. 5. The ability of the earths atmosphere to allow thepassage of visible light, but absorb reradiated heatenergy emitted from the earths surface is known asthe greenhouse effect. Climate is the long-term average conditions ofweather. Global warming refers to a rise of a temperature of thesurface of the earth. Currently the total worlds population is approx.6,973,738,433 6. The earth was formed Earliest human was bornabout 4.5 billion years ago.about 4.1 million ago At that time the earth The population wascontained about 1% oxygen doubled from 3 billion to 6pressurebillion from the year of The Plants were developed 1959 to 1999first about 2.7 billion yearsago The first animal wasdevelop around 600millions year ago 7. Slowly, the ability of the earths atmosphere to absorbheat from the surface has increased and, with it, thetemperature of the atmosphere. This is known asglobal warming. 8. Increase in the amount of greenhouse gasses in theatmosphere attributed mainly to human activity. Which iscaused an unbalanced in the process called the green houseeffect. Burning fossil fuels Cutting down trees Burning forest Factories Pollulaion Coal Oil Natural Gases Rising Sea levels 9. Climate change refers to general shifts in climate,including temperature, precipitation, winds, and otherfactors. Factors are suns output, changes in the earths orbitand tilt, and volcanic activity etc. 10. Human Causes Increase green house gasses(emulsion from buningfossils fuels-oil, coal etc) Pollution, smog from factories. Deforestation Increasing Population (More people more CO2) 11. Natural Causes The arctic tundra and wetlands release methene, agreenhouse gas Earth naturally has a cycle of climate change thatoccurs every 40,000 years The suns solar energy output is changing andnaturally increases Earth average temperature byabout 1C every century Earths orbit and tilt alter in relation to the sun, whichchanges solar energy output. 12. An average increase in temperature and during the lastcentury Melting of polar ice-polar bears and others animals aredrowning Migrating birds are forced to change their time andplace of migration Melting of glaciers will lead to higher sea level, whichwill cause floods and put many low elevation reginonsat risk of disappearing under water Longer summers can disrupt animal habitaion 13. New and widespread diseases because of warm climate Damaged crops due to sudden climate change andfloods Average Precipitation increase around the world More wildfires Droughts, heat waves, extreme winter and stroms,hurricanes, typhoons 14. A glass building in which palnts are kept to protectthen from cold weather is known as green house. And the trapping of the suns warmth in the earthslowest atmosphere , because visible radiation from thesun passes through the atmosphere more radily 15. Carbon Dioxide from Fossil fuel Combustion: (82%)Carbon Dioxide emitted from Cars, Trains. Methane: (9%) methane, comes form landfills, coils,oil and gas operations and agriculture Nitrous Oxide: (5%) Emitted from burning fossils fuelsand through the use of certain fertilizers andindustrial processes Human Made gases: (2%) Released as byproducts ofindustrial processes and through leakage. 16. Rising concentration of greenhouse gases generallyproduce an increase in the average temperature of theEarth Rising temperature may , in turn , produce changes inweather, sea levels and land use patterns, commonlyreferred to as climate Change 17. Stop fossils fuels Use clean coal and oil Stop factories pollution Drive low emission and Which will cause lack of fuel efficiency vehicleoxygen Plant trees Reduce Waste Use solar power energy 18. Sijnce stopping the burning of fossil fuels would have tgreat of a negative effect on our economy We must investigate other forms dof energy thatwould be just as affordable as fossil fuels without thenegative effects or harmful gasses that contribut toglobal warming. (Solar , Wind) </p>