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Prehistoric Medieval Art. Roots of painting, sculpture, architecture established. Prehistoric Art: The Beginning. Horse , Cave Painting at Lascaux, France 14,000 BC. Stonehenge, c. 2000 BC Wiltshire, England. Mesopotamia: The Architects. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<p>Slide 1</p> <p>Roots of painting, sculpture, architecture establishedPrehistoric MedievalArtHorse, Cave Painting at Lascaux, France 14,000 BC</p> <p>Prehistoric Art: The BeginningStonehenge, c. 2000 BC Wiltshire, EnglandHorse, Cave Painting at Lascaux, France 14,000 BCMesopotamia: The Architects</p> <p>Fowling Scene 1450 BC, British Museum, LondonEgypt: The Art of ImmortalityPrince Rahotep and Wife Nofret, 2610 BC</p> <p>Mask of King Tut, 1352 BCEgypt: The Art of Immortality</p> <p>Exekias, Dionysus in a Sailboat 550-521 BCGreece: They invented a lot more than the OlympicsYouth Singing and Playing the Kithara</p> <p>Nike of Samothrace, 190 BC, Louvre, ParisGreece: They invented a lot more than the OlympicsIktinos and Kallikrates, the Parthenon, 448-432 </p> <p>Marcus Aurelius, AD 165 Capitoline Hill, RomeRome: The OrganizersColosseum, AD 70-82, Rome </p> <p>Frieze, Villa of the Mysteries, 50 BC, PompeiiRome: The Organizers</p> <p>Rivera The Liberation of the Peon, 1931Pre-Columbian Art of the AmericasKagle (mask), 1775-1825 </p> <p>Berlinghiero, Madonna and Child, early 12th cent.The Middle Ages: The Reign of ReligionBook of Kells, Illumintation, 760-820 </p> <p>Rose Window, Chartres Cathedral, 13th CenturyThe Middle Ages: The Reign of Religion</p>