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1. EXPERIENCES ARE THE NEW ECONOMY Everything we do is to improve experiences and increase value 2. #1 REASON FOR FAILURE? #1 reason for failed projects - investments typically stop at launch 3. ITERATE TO REAP MORE REWARDS No one intends to build ugly portals. Involve users but iterate after launch 4. FINDING A BALANCE WITH GOVERNANCE IS HARD Change Management is hard but so critical. #StartEarly 5. TRADITIONAL INTRANETS ARE DEAD What worked before might not work now. Be open to change. 6. RESULTS ARE DRIVEN BY STRATEGIES Proven strategies to help you design beautiful portals 7. KANWAL KHIPPLE My twitter handle is @kkhipple, and I work at . SPEAKER | AUTHOR | OFFICE 365 MVP 8. Get Executives Engaged Effectively Capture Requirements 9. 80% Internal ESNs wont achieve intended benefits due to lack of leadership 650m Lost productivity due to in- effective IT projects 10. Are they needed? How do you lead other leaders. EXECUTIVE BUY-IN 11. Give executives an opportunity align their vision to specific goals LEADERS DEFINE A VISION 12. Stakeholder Workshops 2 day workshop 5-12 Stakeholders Discuss their biggest pain points Alignment of their Strategic Goals How to drive ROI Commitment and scheduled follow ups 13. Ask. Listen. Respond. 14. Effective Requirement Gathering UX Strategies EFFECTIVE REQUIREMENT GATHERING How to effectively run requirement gathering workshops 15. Biggest Factors in Low Adoption? Not letting your employees be a part of the journey Asking for feedback too early Executives are not part of the conversation 16. Diffusion of Innovation 17. Innovators Early Adopters Early Majority Late Majority Laggards Show off late Exclusive Preview Widespread communication generate buzz Make it easier(reduce features) Refine based on earlier adoption lessons Pilot Access Showcase employees Executives Communication Low-risk Give control over how & when Let them experiment Recruit Champions Help & Support Talk to current adopters No commitment trial 18. REAL WORLD ADOPTION ACTIVITIES & MORE Find great ideas for driving adoption in our latest book 19. THE PLAYBOOK Make your workshops engaging, exciting and non-traditional. 20. Personae USER CENTERED DESIGN Start any project with getting a better understanding of the target audience 21. UNDERSTAND THE AUDIENCE What does your target audience think and feel, see, hear, say and do? 22. Reading and answering emails 28% Searching and gathering information 19% Communicating and collaborativey internally 14% Role-specific tasks 39% FOCUS DRIVEN PORTALS Does your portal need to be able to meet all requirements? 23. Risks?PRIORITIZE REQUIREMENTS Make your workshops engaging, exciting and non-traditional. 24. ALIGN REQUIREMENTS TO BUDGETS Capture, prioritize and categorize your requirements 25. CREATIVE WORKSHOPS Allow your stakeholders to visualize what they think is the end result 26. Build experiences that delight EFFECTIVE UX STRATEGIES 27. Why Invest? Deliver a user-centered design Empower employees Increases adoption Improves team collaboration / productivity 28. Real reason to be social #spsboston 29. Attention 30. Content is like Water 31. PERSONALIZE USING THE OFFICE GRAPH Search based or machine learning based portals are the future 32. Results as you type ability to get results immediately without going to the search results page Images to classify type of result. People, documents, FAQs, etc. 33. Surface targeted content via #hashtag Dynamically surface user generated content How to start? 34. Look to the Offic365 NextGen portals for inspiration LEVERAGE NEXTGEN PORTALS 35. Get Executives Engaged Effectively Capture Requirements 36. SIMPLIFY CONTENT AUTHORING Deliver solutions that enable others to submit content easily 37. PROVIDEUSERSA DEFAULTCONTEXT- AWAREEXPERIENCE Give users the control on what they want to see. 38. Get Executives Engaged Effectively Capture Requirements 39. @RHARBRIDGE DOWNLOAD THE WHEN TO USE WHAT IN OFFICE 365 ENTERPRISE USER GUIDANCE WHITEPAPER! It goes into much greater depth and can be found at 40. @RHARBRIDGE My twitter handle is @kkhipple, and I work at . SPEAKER | AUTHOR | OFFICE 365 MVP Thank You! Organizers, SponsorsandYouformakingthispossible. 25+SharePointPresentationsAt Slideshare.Net/kkhipple WhenToUseWhatWhitepaper ImproveItBook.. ImproveIT.How/Book Office365SuccessCenter.. Success.Office.Com Message Me On LinkedIn or Email