beautiful reports: the non-designer's guide to designing business documents

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As any chef will tell you, it’s all about presentation. When creating a “composition,” whether it be a gourmet meal or a business document, providing the basics isn’t enough. The output must look appetizing as well, or your customers are likely to pass on what you’re trying to serve them. Here are seven ideas to help improve your documents.


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2. Why Beautiful Reports?As any chef will tell you, its all aboutpresentation.When creating a composition, whetherit be a gourmet meal or a businessdocument, providing the basics isntenough.The output must look appetizing as well,or your customers are likely to pass onwhat youre trying to serve them.Here are seven ideas to help improveyour documents. 3. Idea #1: TextConsider these options toimprove the text in yourreports: Use both Serif andSans Serif fonts Vary spacing betweenwords and lines Try visual cues likecolored text andweights (e.g., bold) 4. Idea #2: TablesThink about adding thesetable options to polishyour reports: Vary cell, row, andcolumn dimensions Justify your data foreasier reading Add color, borders anda title for visual interest Order your data forrelevance 5. Idea #3: ChartsInclude charts whenyoure describing trends: Choose the correctchart type for your data Use effects sparingly Keep charts small andreadable Apply colors thatemphasize the data 6. Idea #4: LayoutThe right layout makes yourdocument beautiful: Trust in the standardmargin defaults Use white space toemphasize elements Make the report skim-able Create and apply a mastertemplate 7. Idea #5: ImagesImages are a popular wayto beautify your reports: Enhance with small,simple images (like thetruck to the left) Keep images real andrelevant Carefully choose whereto store images Size and position imagesusing relative positioning 8. Idea #6: ColorsUse colors wisely to makeyour reports shine: Dont overwhelm withtoo many colors Try to consider themeanings associatedwith colors Make sure combinationsof colors are readable Use color with text andlayout for context 9. Idea #7: NavigationNavigation is the final,critical touch: Use sub-heads andsection titles for easyscanning Add a Table of Contents Consider adding pagenumbers Put supporting datainto appendices 10. Looking for real examples?Want the details?Beautiful reports arewithin your grasp.Download the freeEbook Today! 2014 Windward Studios