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Alternative student presentation methods.


<ul><li> 1. POWERPOINT IS JUST THE START SCOTT TURNER DIVISION OF COMPUTING, UNIVERSITY OF NORTHAMPTON, NORTHAMPTON NN2 6JD <ul><li>The start of this mini-project came from two directions. The first watching student presentations, finding what was being presented was very similar, and PowerPoint is a useful tool but what else could students use? </li></ul></li></ul> <ul><li>The second influence was the developing ideas from Digital Storytelling (for example University of Gloucestershire, 2009) and Machinima. </li></ul> <ul><li>In two assessment in first-year modules the students were allowed to use PowerPoint and many did, but they were also made aware of other tools they could use such asMicrosofts PhotoStory3 and MovieMaker and several adopted those. Students were not penalised for using PowerPoint. </li></ul> <ul><li>Assessment 1: Describing number representation to a 15-year. Several of the students decided to present this in a movie form.</li></ul> <p>4 Initial Reflection From a tutor point of view it was much more interesting to watch the presentation, but the variety makes it slightly more challenging to mark., but you can still mark it based on the content presented and how effective the content was communicated.Based on the amount of work produced, the students seemed to engagewith the task. Those that did use PowerPoint also seemed to included more video within their presentations. For the students it allowed some individuality in how they presented their work. It was also interesting that though voice-over was available in all the methods used, very few groups actually used it. Some of the students have posted theirwork on YouTube. Reference University of Gloucestershire (2009)Pathfinder [online] Assessment 2: In a module concerned with problem-solving and they had to discuss how they solved the problem of controlling a robot for a set task. The dynamic and visual nature meant that many include video of the robot moving, but others took it further and the whole presentation as a movie.Please watch the video accompanying the presentation to see examples of these and other students work. Figure 2: Alternative Animation Figure 1:Machinima Examples Figure 3:Problem Solving Example </p>