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<ul><li><p>7/25/2019 Popular Woodworking - 001 -1981</p><p> 1/16</p><p>f f iMBER</p><p>MAY</p><p>9</p><p>Third Annual UC BerkeleyWood Conference</p><p>IR UTOM TED ORER P CES</p><p>PRODUCTIONLOADING</p><p>Art Ca rpenter was the third</p><p>speaker on</p><p>Sa</p><p>tu rday. He freely</p><p>used his wit, and many slides of</p><p>his work to give the audience an</p><p>insight into himself</p><p>and</p><p>his craft.</p><p>The</p><p>many</p><p>avenues that Art has</p><p>gon e down were presented with</p><p>fanciful prose and he proved to</p><p>be qu ite enjoyable. I felt that it</p><p>was interesting to see how</p><p>the weekend .</p><p>erkeley , California . A host of</p><p>speakers on both days. together</p><p>with a mini-trade show an d</p><p>demonstrations on Sunday</p><p>afternoon was the basic format of</p><p>By t ph</p><p>Aquilina</p><p>On the weekend of March 7-8 ,</p><p>the third annual conference on</p><p> Wood: A</p><p>contempora</p><p>ry view of</p><p>a traditional material was he ld in</p></li><li><p>7/25/2019 Popular Woodworking - 001 -1981</p><p> 2/16</p><p>Page</p><p>2</p><p>Pacific</p><p>Woodworker</p><p>Padfi c Woodworker Is publi shed eight</p><p>times a nnually -by Stephen Aquil ina, 7904</p><p>Washington . Se</p><p>bas</p><p>topol. CA 95472.</p><p>Copyright 1981 by Stephen Aquilina. All</p><p>ri jjlts</p><p>rese</p><p>rved. Rep r</p><p>odu</p><p>d lon without prior</p><p>written permission Is exp ressly p r</p><p>oh</p><p>ibited .</p><p>Subscription</p><p>ra</p><p>tes</p><p>:</p><p>8.00</p><p>or</p><p>o</p><p>ne year,</p><p>514.00 for two yea rs. Single copy:</p><p>51.00</p><p>.</p><p>Please</p><p>dir</p><p>ect subscripti</p><p>on inq uiries to</p><p>Subscripti on Dep artment. Pad f ie</p><p>Woodworker. P.O. Box 29. Sebastopol, CA</p><p>95472. Unless a da im is mad e f</p><p>or</p><p>nonreceipt</p><p>of an issue within six months a ft er mailing</p><p>da te , t ha t is sue will</p><p>not</p><p>be supplied f ree of</p><p>charge. Direct el l add</p><p>ress</p><p>c</p><p>hanges</p><p>to</p><p>sub scription</p><p>departmen</p><p>t.</p><p>Unsolld te:1 man uscripts. photographs . a rt</p><p>Work a nd other ma terials</p><p>sho</p><p>uld include a</p><p>postage pre-paid. self-add</p><p>ressed enve</p><p>lope or</p><p>they will not be returned . Editorial</p><p>co rrespondence Is enco u</p><p>raged</p><p>a nd will</p><p>be</p><p>co ns ide red for publication and may be</p><p>condensed</p><p>beca</p><p>use of space lim</p><p>itatio</p><p>ns .</p><p>Advertising inquiries sho uld be di rected to</p><p>Adventslng</p><p>Dep</p><p>artment, Pa</p><p>ic</p><p>Woodworker. P.O. Box 29 . Se</p><p>ba s</p><p>topol. CA.</p><p>95472 . Pacific</p><p>Woodworker accept</p><p>s no</p><p>responsibility for t he a</p><p>ccuracy</p><p>o f any</p><p>advertisement.</p><p>no r</p><p>as sumes any liability for</p><p>the good s or services</p><p>advertised</p><p>.</p><p>Next Issue</p><p>Jun e 15; all advertising. classified</p><p>or displaymust</p><p>be</p><p>received by June 1.</p><p>Bulkmali postage paid at Sebastopol. CA</p><p>PACIFIC</p><p>WOO WORK</p><p>ER S</p><p>ST TEMENT</p><p>OF</p><p>PURPOSE</p><p>The las t decade has seen</p><p>a</p><p>major resurgence</p><p>of</p><p>wood and</p><p>wood related items. All</p><p>arou</p><p>us are examples of consumers renewing their love of wood. Gone are the kitchen tables</p><p>the</p><p>50's, with</p><p>the</p><p>ir</p><p>chrome tubular</p><p>legs and formica tops. In their place,</p><p>butcher</p><p>block a</p><p>antique reproduction</p><p>tables are</p><p>but two</p><p>examples of</p><p>peoples'</p><p>favorites. Now we a</p><p>deluged</p><p>with literally thousands of</p><p>wood ideas</p><p>and</p><p>products</p><p>in the</p><p>marketplace.</p><p>With t</p><p>onset of the</p><p>energy</p><p>crisis , the future of home</p><p>improvement</p><p>is solidified and more peo</p><p>will be buying products</p><p>and</p><p>accessories for their home. From hardwood floors to ced</p><p>roofs. we will be placing more wood products in our houses.</p><p>In</p><p>past</p><p>years</p><p>throughout the</p><p>country</p><p>, small</p><p>cabinet</p><p>and</p><p>general woodworking</p><p>shops ha</p><p>been</p><p>established to fullfill these needs. In all areas, people are driven from many walks</p><p>life</p><p>to work</p><p>with wood;</p><p>creating objects to satisfy others.</p><p>Along with</p><p>this</p><p>fulfillment</p><p>the</p><p>are numerous problems that crop up in this livelihood. The lack of knowledge ignoranc</p><p>has lost more money and created more setbacks than can ever be imagined. A multitude</p><p>suppliers all offering something slightly different or</p><p>th</p><p>e maze of government regulatio</p><p>that</p><p>fight</p><p>common</p><p>sense are</p><p>but two examples</p><p>ofthe</p><p>problems</p><p>that face all of us.</p><p>The</p><p>fact that there are many</p><p>woode</p><p>n entrepreneurs creates the</p><p>need</p><p>for an open foru</p><p>for the exchange of thoughts and</p><p>ideas</p><p>.</p><p>When</p><p>we find ou t</p><p>how</p><p>other people solve th</p><p>problems</p><p>we are helped in solving our</p><p>own.</p><p>In</p><p>this</p><p>process of thinking and</p><p>interpreting</p><p>,</p><p>lay the</p><p>groundwork</p><p>to a more efficient</p><p>use</p><p>of ou r</p><p>resources.</p><p>PACIFIC</p><p>WOODWORKER is a new publica tion that will cater to the</p><p>small woods</p><p>ho</p><p>that will supply</p><p>this</p><p>new demand . There won't be many articles directed towards</p><p>t</p><p>hobbiest</p><p>or the super</p><p>production</p><p>facilities; ppcific Woodworker will hone in on the nee</p><p>and demands of the modest production woodshop.</p><p>Pacific Woodworker's statement of purpose boiled down is a co</p><p>-operation between</p><p>ma</p><p>facets of our t rade . It is the desimenation of knowledge information) between people. W</p><p>the group consisting of manufacturers, suppliers, and most importantly you, we can bo</p><p>together to the benefit</p><p>of</p><p>all. I hope you enjoy thi s i ssue</p><p>and</p><p>I look forward</p><p>to</p><p>yo</p></li><li><p>7/25/2019 Popular Woodworking - 001 -1981</p><p> 3/16</p><p>~ ~ ~ ;</p><p>; ; ;</p><p> ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ; ;</p><p>Noise</p><p>Sound</p><p>How it affects you, your out- put and general well being</p><p>muscle reaction</p><p>constriction of the</p><p>blood</p><p>vessels</p><p>movement s of the</p><p>sto</p><p>mach</p><p>and</p><p>intestines</p><p>sec</p><p>retion of adrenalin</p><p>cort ex hormone</p><p>J</p><p>_ - - - - - - dilation of</p><p>the pupil</p><p> &lt; : : ; : ~ _ s e c r e t i o n of thyroid</p><p>hormone</p><p>Concent</p><p>ra t</p><p>ion: can it be</p><p>achieved with a</p><p> __secretion of</p><p>adrenalln</p><p>Figure No. 1 Excessive noise ca n put stress on other</p><p>parts of the body such as those above .</p><p>heart palpitations</p><p>nervousness, sleeplessness</p><p>and</p><p>fatique. These conditions can cause</p><p>so many problems besides a</p><p>reduction inoutput. When you work</p><p>with machinery you have to be</p><p>aware of everything around you, and</p><p>fatique caused</p><p>by</p><p>noise exposure can</p><p>increase y</p><p>our</p><p>chances of eccidents.</p><p>At first , workplace noise usually</p><p>affects the ability to hear high</p><p>frequency sounds. This means that</p><p>even though a person can sti ll hear</p><p>some noise, speech or other sounds</p><p>may be unclear or distorted . The</p><p>distortion is increased when ther e is</p><p>background noises or many</p><p>peo</p><p>ple</p><p>talking. Hearing loss creates isolation</p><p>because of the inabilityto take part in</p><p>so many normal activities.</p><p>A hearing aid can help in some</p><p>cases when there is damage , but</p><p>prevention is a more logical</p><p>approach to the problem of noise.</p><p>Noise</p><p>and its effect</p><p>upon</p><p>hearing</p><p>We all value our ability to hear.</p><p>Sometimes shortcuts are made that</p><p>endanger this innate quality. I think</p><p>that we have all had exper iences</p><p>where we had a very small amo unt</p><p>of wood to cut with a saw or a short</p><p>length of wood to rout and it wasnt</p><p>felt that hearing protectors were</p><p>necessary. Somet imes the result</p><p>from short exposures like this could</p><p>be a temporary hearing loss caused</p><p>by a tiring of the inner ear . After a</p><p>rest period the hearing loss</p><p>disappears and normal hea ring is</p><p>restored. The problem results from</p><p>continued expo sure s over a long</p><p>period of time, which produces</p><p>permanent damage to the workings</p><p>of the ear. Permanent hearing loss is</p><p>a result of destruction of cells in the</p><p>inner ear</p><p>which</p><p>can never be</p><p>replaced or repaired. In add ition to</p><p>short exposures over a long period of</p></li><li><p>7/25/2019 Popular Woodworking - 001 -1981</p><p> 4/16</p><p>Pag</p><p>e 4</p><p> on t</p><p>let your machinery just sit</p><p>sit</p><p>there</p><p>vi r ting</p><p>Reducing vibration in your</p><p>tools will make for a quieter work</p><p>environment. Besides reducing</p><p>noise and vibration that affects</p><p>the people around the tool,</p><p>correct dampening improves the</p><p>efficiencyof your equipment and</p><p>reduces the damage that can be</p><p>done to tools by excessive</p><p>vibration.</p><p>Following are some methods</p><p>of mounting tools in order to</p><p>minimize vibration:</p><p>The simplest way to mount a</p><p>tool to the oor is by the use</p><p>of screws . You would use</p><p>lag screws going into a</p><p>wooden floor and expansion</p><p>anchors in concrete . This</p><p>type of mounting transfers</p><p>vibration throughout a large</p><p>area which Itself is used as</p><p>the absorbtion medium. This</p><p>money over a large pad .</p><p>Using an absorbtion pad will</p><p>reduce the tendency of a</p><p>machine to creep or walk.</p><p>Absorbtion pads can also be</p><p>used if you screw your tool</p><p>to the floor. They would</p><p>be</p><p>used between the tool and</p><p>the floor and the screw or</p><p>anchor would be mounted</p><p>through the pad . The pad</p><p>would increase the</p><p>absorbtion over mounting</p><p>directly to the oor. Cost of</p><p>pads ranges from 10.00 to</p><p> 75 .00 per squre foot.</p><p>If</p><p>pos itioning o your tool in</p><p>one place can t be done ,</p><p>and you s</p><p>tili</p><p>desire stability,</p><p>machine mounts would</p><p>be</p><p>the answer . The scope of</p><p>Tools with machine mounts</p><p>can be placed on roll-about</p><p>casters and moved in the</p><p>workshop, while</p><p>still</p><p>retaining the vibration</p><p>absorbtion feature .</p><p>If</p><p>you have really heavy</p><p>machinery, like an old</p><p>planer that vibrates</p><p>everything around, there isa</p><p>solution that entails much</p><p>work. The first step would</p><p>be</p><p>to make a rectangular</p><p>excavation in the concrete</p><p>oor. The sides and bottom</p><p>of the excavation would be</p><p>lined with vibration</p><p>absorbtion material, and</p><p>then refilled with concrete.</p><p>An anchor can be placed in</p><p>The solution to no</p><p>can be maintenan</p><p>Perhaps the simplest and</p><p>way to prevent excessive</p><p>noise is to follow a mainten</p><p>program. Through the lac</p><p>maintenance, parts may bec</p><p>loose and create loud noise</p><p>improper operation or</p><p>scraping against other parts</p><p>going over each tool and ma</p><p>sure all nuts and screws are</p><p>you have the ability to s</p><p>potentially dangerous situ</p><p>before it happens . It is al</p><p>good idea , that with each</p><p>tool, to go over the parts lis</p><p>try to imagine which parts w</p><p>be most likely to wear out</p><p>Your local tool store or fa</p><p>service center can help you</p><p>this by telling you which par</p><p>the most often ordered. If</p><p>have the parts on hand, re</p><p>can be easily done and the</p><p>Con, 'd on</p><p>poge</p><p>5</p><p>Sourc</p><p>es</p><p>of in</p><p>form</p></li><li><p>7/25/2019 Popular Woodworking - 001 -1981</p><p> 5/16</p><p>Light double walls provide go</p><p>od</p><p>transmission loss</p><p>2</p><p>6</p><p>6</p><p>2 plasterboard</p><p>stud</p><p>average</p><p>TL 7dB</p><p> -</p><p>average</p><p>TL 47dB</p><p>1</p><p>sound-</p><p>absorbing</p><p>materia l</p><p>average</p><p>TL 55 dB</p><p>Two</p><p>ligh t wal ls separated by an ai r gap provide</p><p>good</p><p>transmission loss (TL). With t he ad</p><p>ditio</p><p>n of</p><p>mo re air space it is increased as with the addition of sound absor</p><p>btlon</p><p>ma terial .</p><p>Source: u.s.Departmentof Labor</p><p>Noise reduction</p><p>through</p><p>sound</p><p>absorbtion</p><p>has to be a combination of sh</p><p>sound insu la tion boa rd or</p><p>absorbing material and de</p><p>space ,</p><p>After you have found a hearing</p><p>protector that you feel comfortable</p><p>with, the next step in reducing the</p><p>problem of excessive sound would</p><p>be to look at the walls of your shop.</p></li><li><p>7/25/2019 Popular Woodworking - 001 -1981</p><p> 6/16</p><p>Page</p><p>6</p><p>Community Service :</p><p>Goodwill s Contract Shop Its Service to Woodworkers</p><p>above lef t to rir/lt Pete Qmdel la</p><p>shop</p><p>fo</p><p>reman Eugene Cos</p><p>by</p><p>ch</p><p>eck</p><p>the</p><p>finish ing</p><p>of</p><p>an oak table. elow ar e</p><p>--</p><p>the work . He supplied Goodwill with th e legs</p><p>shippe d from Los Angeles an d the tops fro m</p><p>North Carolina . Goodwill received th ese</p><p>Go odwi ll.. . images of big yellow. bo xes?</p><p>Thoughts of year e nd d ed uc ti ons? Probably</p><p>thes e two c</p><p>on c</p><p>eptions</p><p>ar e</p><p>most pro mi ne nt in</p><p>people s minds but there is a serv ice that t he</p><p>Santa Clara County</p><p>Goodwill</p><p>provides that can</p><p>be a bo on to the beleaguered woodworker.</p><p>I recently went on a tour of</p><p>Go</p><p>odwill s</p><p>140 000 sq . ft. facility with their wood contract</p><p>manager</p><p>John</p><p>Blair. Although the woodshop</p><p>section represents o nly a small portion of the</p><p>entire building they have</p><p>t a</p><p>co</p><p>mpletely</p><p>equip</p><p>pe d</p><p>sho p into a sec tion of it. Their wood</p><p>shop is put to good use by their work force</p><p>which is the only reason for the existence of</p><p>goodwill . Co ntained therein are peopl e that</p><p>either themselves. or others had given up on</p><p>and received the label of being socially</p><p>handicapped .</p><p>John</p><p>Blair explai ned that the</p><p>handicaps range from being a high school</p><p>dro pout to e motional pro blem s or a language</p><p>barrier. It wa s a surprise to me that no physically</p><p>handicappe d perso ns work in the co ntract</p><p>shop but this is ca used by pro blem s with</p><p>l</p><p>abi</p><p>l</p><p>ty insurance . O ne basic goal of the enti re</p><p>Goodwi</p><p>ll</p><p>program is to ins</p><p>till</p><p>the ability to better</p><p>onese lf. An example of this is a story of a ma n</p><p>who had ove r two ye ars of experience. but was</p><p>s</p><p>till</p><p>very fearful of interaction with o th er s.</p><p>Within six mo nth s of working in the con tract</p><p>shop he had overcome this fea r and had gon e</p></li><li><p>7/25/2019 Popular Woodworking - 001 -1981</p><p> 7/16</p><p>acific</p><p> o o w o r ~ r</p><p>pecial</p><p>Section:</p><p>Wood Parts</p><p>The general nature of wood parts</p><p>is</p><p>having someone else doing the</p><p>major production for you. therefore</p><p>freeing your time for a more</p><p>profitable business. One can</p><p>purchase anything from a handful of</p><p>screwhole plugs to completed chairs.</p><p>One major advantage of wood parts</p><p>is that they can open so many new</p><p>avenues of produ cts. that the</p><p>individual wood shop could never</p><p>hope to compete with. Shaker pegs.</p><p>wooden toy parts. or table legs are all</p><p>examples of products that if you</p><p>purchased the machinery to produce</p><p>these. would cost thou sands of</p><p>dollars. Of course . problems such as</p><p>quality control. lost time due to poo r</p><p>grade wood and opera tor mistakes</p><p>would still plague you . In the</p><p>purchase of wood parts you give</p><p>these problems back to the</p><p>manufacturer and he directly has to</p><p>deal withthem . Your ability to return</p><p>is sometimes misunderstood as to</p><p>their abilityto create satisfaction with</p><p>the consumer. The power to dress</p><p>up and cre ate a more saleable item is</p><p>one of the main reasons that all</p><p>woodworkers should look very hard</p><p>at wood parts.</p><p>s</p><p>an example of this.</p><p>I viewed a beautiful line of bathroom</p><p>accessories at a home show in Los</p><p>Angeles. A complete array of towel</p><p>bars. toilet paper holders and other</p><p>accessories all showed meticulous</p><p>preparation in the design and</p><p>manufacture . but one thing about the</p><p>line cried out to be solved. The</p><p>company that had produced this line</p><p>of bathroom products had simply</p><p>drilled the app ropriate holes in the</p><p>correct spots to hold the screw of the</p><p>purchasers choice . That choice was</p><p>left up to the consumer. which</p><p>interpreted means that a brass</p><p>screw would look nice but anything</p><p>around the house would have to do .</p><p>as the major selling force, many</p><p>oversights can besolved. Inthis case ,</p><p>wood plugs would have commanded</p><p>a higher price. or if t he price stayed</p><p>the same. they would have sold</p><p>much faster. I knowof no person who</p><p>in comparing two pieceswould have</p><p>picked the one without the screwhole</p><p>plugs. For a cost per piece of mere</p><p>penn ies, this manufacture r could</p><p>have increased his business</p><p>considerably. There is way too much</p><p>competition to blindly go along and</p><p>not look for improvements that can</p><p>easily be accomplished .</p><p>In another area wood parts</p><p>represent a different view as a</p><p>solution to problems. Since many</p><p>differe nt wood parts can be</p><p>purchased in small quantities. you</p><p>can try something out with a very</p><p>modest investment. Suppose you</p><p>have a line of wooden framed</p><p>mirrors. some plain and some with</p><p>The attaching of a porcelain</p><p>a short waste end of a dow</p><p>would lit into the hole drilled</p><p>shaker peg . cou ld expand yo</p><p>even more . In this area, c</p><p>can do wonders without inc</p><p>yourbasic production of mirro</p><p>This type of expansion of p</p><p>would be benelicial no matt</p><p>they are sold . f you h</p><p>showroom . the greater v</p><p>would please a larger percen</p><p>customers. If you have a</p><p>representative, he might be w</p><p>show your products to more</p><p>because of the greater poten</p><p>sales. Finally, if you do custom</p><p>you can broaden your app</p><p>different types of customers.</p><p>The important thing is to b</p><p>aware of the numerous items</p><p>manufactured . Write to</p><p>companies listed in this</p></li><li><p>7/25/2019 Popular Woodworking - 001 -1981</p><p> 8/16</p><p>existing surfaces. Other serv</p><p>offered are variations in the</p><p>the end of the dowel is finish</p><p>The illustration below shows</p><p>most</p><p>common</p><p>specialized do</p><p>treatments .</p><p>DOWELS</p><p>Perhaps the most</p><p>common</p><p>wo</p><p>od</p><p>part f</p><p>ound</p><p>in most wood</p><p>shops isthe dowel. They ranqe in</p><p>diameter from</p><p>1/S</p><p>to</p><p>1/2 </p><p>in</p><p>1/ 16 increments</p><p>and</p><p>from 1</p><p>/2</p><p>to 2 in l / S increments. The</p><p>most</p><p>common</p><p>lengths found in</p><p>stores</p><p>and</p><p>hardware supply</p><p>companies are 24 , 36 and 4S .</p><p>The use of</p><p>dowe</p><p>ls is quite</p><p>v