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oy Box ChairI) 7148601355 605US $3.95Canada $4.95 Fretwork Shelf With MirrorCALL TOLL FREE:1-800 523-4777 (East of the Miss.)1-800-541-5537(West of the Miss.)DUSTCOLLECTIONACCESSORIES'rOUGH48SUNIVERSAL & JOINTER P14s'r,cEXHAUST HOODS (4" OUTLET)MODEL Gl838 6'1; X 6'1; Hood $9.95MODEL Gl839 Fits over 8'1; X 6'1; Chute $9.95MODEL Gl841 Fits over 7" X 8'1," Chute $11.95TABLE SAW EXHAUST HOODThese 12" X 12" hoods fit on the inside of thetable saw with the 4" outlet facing down . Frtsalmost all 10" and 12" contra ctor-type sawswith open stands .MODEL G1837 ONLY $14.95BLAST GATESWe are the largest suppliers of Dust Collecto rBlast Gates in the U.S.A.!3" MODEL G1842 ONLY $6.954" MODEL G1843 ONLY $7.95FLOOR SWEEP SYSTEMInstall these sweeps at different locations inId""==fTOLE WORLDSubscribe today!Guarantee: If atanytime, forany reason, you'renotsatisfied,tellustocancel and we'll send animmediate, unquestionedrefund coveringthebalance of your subscription.Inspired finishes for yourwoodworking projects . . .Just a little paint can add the perfect finish tomany of your special woodworking projects!TOLE WORLD magazine is packed with ideasto brighten up your gifts, decorate handsomeaccents for your home, and even increase yourwood sales.In each issue you'll find 8 to 10 great paintingprojects that are sure to please your familyand friends. Colored photos, full-size patterns,and complete step-by-step instructions assuresuccessful results.With all the care you put into making beauti-ful wood projects, why not let TOLE WORLDhelp you give them that extra finishing touch?Paint a storage chest with a faux finish.A sled, a sconce,a bench, and achurn becomebeautiful accentsfor the home withthese decorativefinishes.1 - ------------------------------------1I ~YES , please enter my subscription for TOLE WORLD . II Io $15 for one year (s ix issu es) 0 $28 for two years (twelve issues)I Foreign subscriptions add $5 per year. Payment in U.S . funds only. II 0 Payment enclosed II Name Io I prefer to charge my order :I 0 MasterCard 0 VISA Exp. Date Street I: Card No. City/Town :I Signature State/Zip II Mail to: IL_Thle ~rl~.O. BOX 5986~~~~A 9452~ Phone (415)671.98~ ~Popular Woodworking ContentsEditorial StaffDavidM.Camp EditorWienChod Managing EditorPhil Fischer Associate EditorJ. A. Newell Editorial AssistantContributing EditorsWilliamH. McMasterAlanMarksHugh FosterJohnA. NelsonDonKinnamanPeter GoodArt DepartmentGinny PruittCirculationMary Goldthorpe, Suzanne EriksenCustomer ServiceMay Fayne, Susannah HarteAdvertisingDeborahNowakAdvertising Manager1320 Galaxy WayConcord. CA 94520Tel. (415) 671-9852554Popular Wo()dworkin~ ( ISSN 088 4-8823) is publishedbimon thly by EGW Publishing Co . 1320Galaxy Way. Co ncord.CA 94520. Second-class postage paid at Concord. Californiaand additional mailing offices . POSTM ASTER send addresschanges to Popular woodworking. P. O. Box 58279. Boulder.CO 80322.SUBSCRIPTIONS:A year's subscription (6 issues) is $25 .70; two years' wo rth (12issues) is $47 .40; outside of U.S.A. add $5.00/yea r. Send allsubscriptions 10 :Popular Woodworki" KP. o. Box 58279Boulder. CO 80322Please allow 6 to 8 wee ks for del ivery .All rights reserved. Reproduction without prior permiss ion isprohibited. Copyrig ht 1990 by EGW Publishing Co .Unsolici ted manuscripts. photographs. artwork and other mate-rials are accepted. but Popular w ood working cannot ass ume re-sponsibility for these materia ls. Writers who subm itarticles do sowith the understanding that the work. is original and done bythem. The author warrants that submissions and subsequen tprinting of any materials in Popular w ood working magazine donot infringe upon the rights of any third party and agrees to betotally liable for such claims. Submiss ions must be acco mpaniedby a self-addressed. stamped envelope for return. Address alleditorial correspondence to: Popular WoodK orkin g. 1320 Gal -axy Way Concord. CA 94520 .The opinions expre ssed by the authors do not necessarily reflectthe policy of Popular Woodworking . Editorial corre spondence isencouraged . and may be edited for publica tion.Advertisers and agencies assume com plete liabili ty for the copyin their advertise ments and warrant that it does not infringe on thecopy rights or trademarks of others . Advertisers and agenciesagree to hold publisher harm less from any liabilitie s arising outof such infringement and to reimburse publisher for any and allexpenses and costs incurred by publ isher by reason of suchinfringementProduced and printed in th e U.S.A.68J I ~tJO[j~ i1.....------1;~~'1/-69_On the CoverDan Evans of Benicia, California makes the centercuts in our "Fretwork Shelf and Mirror," a projectby Devore O. Burch. Instructions for making thisproject begin on page 36, and full-size patterns areincluded in the PuliOutTM Plans section in the centerof this issue. Hawk scroll saw courtesy ofRBI Industries, PO Box 369-PW, Harrisonville,MO 64701.Popular WoodworkingIssue #54, May 1990 Volume 9, Number 6Project for the ShopThree Centering Tools by Don Kinnaman 23A Popular Woodworking Project-PullOuFM PlansChild's Toy Box/Chair by Stan Fox 24Axel Lindgren Builds the Yurok Canoeby Deborah R. Upshaw 26The Indian Adze by Warren Asa 29 23A Popular Woodworking Project-PullOuFM Plans.x:Three-Dimensional Tic Tac Toe by Curtis Dillon 33 0:J""A Popular Woodworking Project-PulIOuFM Plans ~--iFretwork Shelf and Mirror by Devore O. Burch 36A Popular Woodworking Project-PullOuFM PlansCutlery Box by L. M. Kueck 38A Popular Woodworking ProjectA Handy Step Ladder by Richard R. Steussy 55 38A Popular Woodworking ProjectA Computer Security Cabinet by Evan Madsen 60Panel Layout Form by Don Kinnaman 63A Popular Woodworking Project-PullOuFM Plans 64Making Windsor Stools by Walt Panek 64The Turner's PageEarly American Candlestick by John A. Nelson 68A Popular Woodworking Project-PulIOuFM PlansCaptain's Bed by James H. Schroeter 69 ->6Clear CutsWhy can 't the world be open twenty four hours a day? I'm oftenworking round the clock ; I dream up projects or lay out articles in mysleep (somet imes they look it, I admit). But why can't everyone else bedoing their jobs when I need them? Why can't I get a few more 1-1/2"phillips flat head wood screws after six on a Sunday? That's alwayswhen I need them ...I have a running list of projects (mostly remode ling stuff , still), andwhen I cross off one item , even if it's three o'clock on a Sunday , I go tothe lumber rack and start figuring out what I need for the next project.By four twenty I've designed it, figured it out mathematically , andmade lists for the lumber yard and the hardware store. My Belovedalways tilts her eyes toward the ceiling when she sees me making thatmad dash through the house for my checkbook, wallet and keys at fourtwenty-seven. Seconds later, I'm on the road, pushing the speed limitmore than I usually do . I know that if I've got my materials , I can keepworking until nine o'clock.Ten to five at the lumber yard : "I thought you closed at five thirty .""Nope, five o'clock." "Okay, well, this won't take long," I lie. "I justneed..."I know that Hardware Emporium is open nearly all the time , and Iknow they 'll have everything on my other list. It won't be long till I'mcutting wood again, drowning out the neighbors' Sunday dinners. ThenIpull into the Hardware Emporium parking lot, just as their last employeeis pulling out. It seems they close "early" on Sundays because they stayopen so late the rest of the week. "Swell," I say. (You'd think I'dknow this by now. )That leaves the loca l supermarket/drugstore to meet my hardwareneeds. Cross off the router bit. Cross off the drywa ll screws . I supposethese hinges will work instead of the ones I wanted ... Cross off orsubstitute most of the other items on the hardware list. At leastI'll be able to get cold juice and a candy bar to make skipping dinnereasier.I glug them down in frustration as Ipull onto the freeway and discoverthat the truck has no problem going from zero to twelve in four point eightminutes . I join the herd of motor homes returning from the lake, manywith boats trailing behind them like calves. Many look familiar to me fromprevious Sunday-night supply runs.Do you suppose they laugh if they recognize the red T-shirt stapledto the ends of my ten-footers? It's the same flag I'm always flying, everySunday night.I pry away from the cattle at seven fifty-four; I get home ateight-o-seven. I begin to accept the fact that I probab ly shouldn 't turnon a machine-if not for the neighbors ' sake, at least so Iwon't be lockedin the garage for the night by my wife.At least I can unload the stuff neatly into my lumber rack; I'll be readyto go bright and early next Saturday; I'll have everyth ing right here.But it won 't matter. I can start cutt ing at eight AM Saturday (neighborsbe damned) . You can be sure that I'll finish that job at three o'clockSunday . Then I'll want to start in on the next one.LettersPopular Woodworking welcomes yourcomments, pro or con, about articles wepublish. Send your letters to:Editor.PopularWoodworking, 1320Galaxy Way, Concord.CA 94520 . Letters may be edited for publi-cation.Eight Well Furnished ParlorsAs the father of eight daughters, I maketheir Christmas presents every year. Thisyear , I made them each a parlor cabinetfrom the PuIlOut ' \1 Plans in your Novem-ber Issue (#51).I changed the length of the legs to 48"instead of 39". I built the first one accord-ing to plan, but the girls wanted to havethem higher. Made of oak at $5.49 a boardfoot, each one cost about seventy dollars.Ienjoy your magazine very much ;keepup the good work.Richard L. DibbleKenosha. WIChief Joseph by the NumbersI'm a novice woodworker after havingworked in steel as a die sinker for manyyears.In the November 1989 Issue (#51) yourFocus on Carv ing column ("Carving anIndian Portrait") caused a real problem forme, as the dimensions are given in milli-meters . I have a millimeter scale,and I laidout the top view and then looked at Figure2 and did some measuring prior to anycutting. I found that if I cut 24mm and28mm from the centerline of the head Iwould be cutting off part of the head (side)of the carving. Can you please help me(and perhaps others) by giving dimen-sions in good old American inches? Anyhelp in understanding this carv ing of theChief would be appreciated.Your inclusion of articles on carving ineach issue is a good selling point andwelcomed.Norman ChapinNewnan. GAThe author replies: thank you forpointing out my error. Figures 1, 2, and 3were prepared in half scale. When themeasurements were made, I forgot toscale them up for Figures 2 and 3. Figure1is OK. The measurement values in2 and3 should be twice those printed. I regretany incon venience this oversight hasPopular WoodworkingREOHILL CORP .. P.O. Bo x 4234 , Gett ysburg, PA 17325(800) 822-4003 FREE CAT AL OGUE~~';!.:.u:~=rlo$C~.It" or. lthout nollc. we honof IEAd he s inClo th Bac:k~dDiK S5" 80C6" 90e8 " 5 1.30s-' $ 1.6 510 " $1.8512 " 52 .25$8,50/50WholesalepncesGLUE GUNS5 ~MO~ELS 7'GLUE STICKS965 W. VEN ICE BLVD.LO S ANGELES. CA 900151213} 74964416" ABRASIVEI; SCUFF::::.= PADS goo I 6".... - 9"- . - - $10.00/20TACK CLOTHSIn Individual polybags t------''--'-'''----.--==---jse- $4.25/12PREMIUM SANDPAPERa'' J( 11"t .::.:. ;, ~ .''I .s~r2:~i~~~~~~wen- : .. ~~ 40G SOPK $16 ,00::' ~ ~ BOG SOPK 14 00- .. " .. , 80G SOPK 13.00l00.120 ,15OG l00PK 22.00 I"====-=-:=:= :=-=:-::-I180 . 2200 l00 PK 19 00WATERPROOF BLACK180 l 200G - l00 PK $23 00NO LOAD-WHITE180 4OOGl 00PK 520 00$~Refinishing ProductsALL-IN-ONE... Bar Clamp Straig h t Edg e Fence Powe r Tool GuideA, FENCE (X G UIDE, It artecnes len limes tasterfhan 'C' damping and won 't surface ma r wood . As aBAR CLA MP. l~e umq ue low prohle laws enab le yQU10 clamp burt.jo nted comers (down 10 Y2~ ma terial)and also allow edge clamping. These clamps alwayslay " al lor easy assembly set-ups. \'Vorld"sfastest.most versatile bar clamp'TWO SIZES AVAILABLE:24~ Grip $22.9550~ Grip (panel size) $32 .95ORDER TOLL-FREE!1 800 428-3809 (Inside Calnor"la)1 800 228-1806 (Outside Califomia)Maste, Card. VIsa,C~k Of Money Ot"d9l' If, CaMorn,a. add 6" sates la .WE PAY FREI GHT wrthln Contln4mtal U.S.A.~man,Q);ANI CQMPl\NY.~continued on page 8Harold JamesSomervi lle, New JerseyOil UpdateTo update my ar ticle "HouseholdCooking Oils as Wood Finishes" (#52),readers might like to know that Livos PlantChemistry has moved to a larger facility.Their new address is: 1365 Rufina Circle ,Santa Fe, NM 87501 .tion.When flying over the Cascades, I feelsick at all the clear cut areas. Seldom canI spot any new planned tree growth. Nowthe timber companies want to cut oldgrowth , as apparently they have run out oflogs to ship overseas to Japan. Korea.China. Taiwan. etc. with no regard for lifehere. From where I sit and write this, I seelog rafts being towed to the Port of Ta-coma for shipment daily.Last spring, the Weyerhaeuser Com-pany advertised over local radio that theyplanted over 400 ,000 thousand seedlingsdaily during planting season. When Istud-ied forestry in Finland, it took an averageof 30 minutes to properly plant a seedlingand hope it would grow into a tree. Calcu-lat ing 400 ,000 trees, that com es to200.000 man hours , or 25.000 men work-ing eight hours a day. In discuss ing thiswith friends, we concluded that the publicwas fed another snow job.Nils LucanderTacoma , WAOrganic Oil ObjectionThe article on applying cooking oils towooden bowls was very interesting to me.Even though the "experts" use them andclaim that others should , too, there is anobnox ious rancid odor that develops inwooden articles when salad oil is used.Since they are organic, they will not stayfresh for very long before becoming rancidand foul-smelling. Some will say that itcan be eliminated by rubbing in a little bitof garlic, but garlic is also organic, and intime , it will add to the odor .I prefer to rub in several coats ofwater-elear mineral oil from the localpharmacy. The oil is not organic, can betaken internally (in small amounts), as in abowl finish-very little of which comes offwhen in use.Popular ProjectThe butter fly figures from Issue #52(January 1990) were quite popular withmy family and friends. Ienjoy your projectsvery rnuch lSteve MoorePomona, CAcaused my fellow carvers.As far as measuring units go. inchesare not an American system but an Eng-lish system based on the length of a king.sarm ; its advantage is that it is easy todivide by half. This is all right for straightmeasurements ; but when you need toscale by multiplying anddividing.as Ioftendo in carving. then it becomes very cum-bersome and prone to error. It is so un-wieldy that even the English who inventedit have abandoned these units in favor ofthe metric system. which is built on a baseof ten. You already use this system torcounting. drink ing. and paying your bills,so it should not be that difficult to measurebased on a unit of ten.Foresters and ForestryI read with interest your editorial onwhat is happening to wood . our friendlyrenewable resource which is so beneficialto all of us ("Clear Cuts." Issue #52. Janu-ary 1990).I grew up in Finland , and studied com-mer cia l for estry after World War II.Though the program was directed towardthe commercial uses of forest products,the studies included all aspects, begin-ning with forest surveys, selective mark-ing and cutt ing, transport , saw mills pulpand pape r factories , pre-fab hous ingplants, and sales and exports . Thesestudies also included plant ing.Whenever we found a big birch, pine orspruce which was a "specimen leader ,"we would fence it in and collect its seedsfor planting , trying this way to improve theforests.I now live in the Northwest and amappalled at all the clear cutting with littleeffort at replan ting . Driving along theroads one is impressed by the abundanceof trees, but upon stopping and walk ing afew hundred feet into the forest , one oftencomes to clear cut clearings-some sev-eral years old-with no signs of reforesta -May 1990 7Don KinnamanPhoenix, AZCarnauba wax can also be used. Some people feel that its notsafe for bowls which will be used for eating , but check the labelson many chocolate candies ; you'll find that carnauba wax is usedquite extensive ly in chocolat e blendin g to keep it stiff in warmweather.continuedLettersCORNER ROUN DRABBETTINGDel Duncan, PresidentTruly Persnippity Paint Co.Oceanside, CAOrganic Oil EndorsementI enjoyed the article "Household Cooking Oils as WoodFinishes," in the March 1990 issue. Finally the world is getting themessage about the usefulness of cooking oils for wood . It isarticles like this that educate the woodworker and his familyabout the non-toxic propert ies of these oils.Being a paint contractor. and having experimented with alltypes of oils, I would like to expand on some of the other usesaround the house of plain old vegetable oil-right out of yourkitchen cabinet.1) It can be used to thin alkyd enamel (oil-based paint) insteadof paint thinn er. It makes the paint track off the brush much morecleanly, and it is not smelly like pain thinner,2) If you hav e low-luster enamel, you can make it glossier byadding a cup of soybean (or any other) oil to a gallon of paint.3) Old enamel that has thickened (not hardened) because ofvehicle evaporation can be rejuvenated by adding cooking oil.4) It can be used to remove paint drop s off you. your furnitureand appliances, without damage to either,5) And of course it makes a beautiful wood finish.Bear in mind that since cooking oil contains no driers. it willtake longer for the paint to set. but when it does dry , it will be justas hard .1/4" SHANKPART NO. A PRICEC1149 1/2 R $16C1151 3/4 R $281/4" SHANK1/4" SHAN KPART NO. A PRICEC1171 1/2 R $16C1172 3/4 R $20PART NO. A PRICEC1174 1/16 R $11C1175 1/8 R $11C1176 3/16 R $11C1177 1/4 R $12C1178 5/16 R $13C1179 3/8 R $15C1180 1/2 R $161/2" SHANKPART NO. A PRICEC1187 1/2 R $16C1188 5/8 R $20C1189 3/4 R $20C1190 7/8 R $34C1191 1 R $34C1192 11/4 R $40PART NO. A PRICEC1157 1/16 R $11C1158 1/8 R $11C1159 3/16 R $11C1160 1/4 R $12C1161 5/16 R $13C1162 3/8 R $15C1163 1/2 R $161/2" SHANKBEADINGROUNDOVERCOVE1/4" SHANK1/4" SHANKPART NO. 0 PRICEC1074 1/2 $7C1076 3/4 $9C1077 1 $12PART NO. 0 PRICEC1067 1/4 $7C1068 3/8 $7C1069 1/2 $7C1070 9/16 $8C1071 3/4 $91/2" SHANKPART NO. 0 PRICECl 008 1/4 $6C1009 5/16 $6C1010 3/8 $6Cl011 1/2 $8C1012 1/2 $15C1013 5/8 $10C1014 5/8 $15C1015 3/4 $10C1016 3/4 $15C1017 1 $12C1018 11/4 $12C1019 13/8 $15C1021 15/8 $18PART NO. 0 PRICEC1001 1/4 $6C1002 5/16 $6C1003 3/8 $6C1004 1/2 $8C1005 5/8 $10C1006 3/4 $10C1007 1 $121/2" SHANKSIZE PART NO. PRICE SIZE PART NO. PRICE1/4" Flute C2046 $24.95 1/4" Bead C2052 $24.953/8" Flu te C2047 $26.95 3/8" Bead C2053 $26.951/2" Flut e C2048 $28.95 1/2" Bead C2054 $28.953/4" Flu te C2049 $32.95 3/4" Bead C2055 $32.951" Flute C2050 $35.95 1" Bead C2056 $35.95~ 1/4" SHANKI PART NO. A PRICEJ C1153 5/32 R $16C1154 1/4 R $181/2" SHANKROMAN OGEEDOVETAILSIZE PART NO. PRICE1/4" Stra ight C2030 $24.95 SIZE PART NO. PRICE3/8" Straig ht C2031 $26.95 1/4" Radi us C2059 $24.951/2" Strai ght C2032 $28.95 3/8 " Rad ius C2060 $26.953/4" Straight C2033 $32.95 1/2" Radi us C2061 $28.951" Straight C2034 $35.95 3/4" Radius C2062 $35.9511/2" Str aight C2035 $36.95 1" Radi us C2063 $49.952" Straig ht C2036 $59.95 11/4" Radiu s C2064 $49.95FLUTE BEADDOUBLEFLUTEDStraightfii!IPil ORDER TOLL FREE [~]---1-800-235-0272 C3VI-------------f~l ' ~1rifo:~i~ Piir~ , C1141 1/4 R $13/ ' C1142 5/16 R $14A . C1143 3/8 R $15C1144 1/2 R $161/2" SHANK90( 103Popular Woodwo rkingApt. #YES! Please send me my copy ofThe Great All-American Vlbaden ToyBook-with 50 fully illustrated. step-by-step plans for trucks. airplanes.animals. ships and more!This book-a $10.95 paperbackvalue-is mine free with a l-year (6issues) trial subscription to AMERI-CAN WOODWORKER magazine atthe special introductory rate of only$21 per year. If I am dissatisfied withyour magazine in any way. I'll write"cancel" on the bill and send it back.The free book is mine to keep re-gardless.AddressState Zip\Clip and mail to: AMERICAN IWOODWORKER@) Emmaus. PA 18098....._--_ ...Made In U.S.A.J~'. - .EZE-ANGLEGUIDE SAWS 160ANGLES with no saw adjustment!8 template s, 160 angles from 1/2 0 to 80 0 $24.95Please add $2.40 for postage.SteussyCreations3)4 ATHERTON AVE. NOVATO, CA 9494S 4IS /897.1457FAST- No needto raise or lowersaw or sWIngarm.SIMPLE- Ternplates set theangle for you .AC CURATE-Make ex8ct'~........u..... angle cuts ore .vsoustv tmpos -1Il lIIlII slbfe wlthconventionaldlafseltlngClayton OscillatingSpindle Sanders.For large or smallshops. Ideal for con-tour sanding. Quickchange drums. 112 "to 4". Satisfactionguaranteed. Cover-ed by 1 yr. warrantee. 4 mode ls tochoose from. Formo re inf or mat ionwrite:Clayton Enterprises2505 W. Dewey Rd.Owosso, MI 4886750 fpk l00 fpk19fpk 116 fpk8fpk 14/pk50 fpk l00 fplolting, you'll ~have one bolt running through the mend- ~ojng plate, through the side stile, and into a ithreaded insert mounted in the head/foot- ~board frame (Figures 6 and 7). Use5/8"flat!!;;head wood screws in the other holes. A ~little trlal-ano-error fitting is necessaryhere, so assemble and clamp the sideframes, partitions and head and foot-boards together, and eyeball where thepartitions, stiles and head and footboardscome together .Removing the end partitions (O-b) mayhelp you figure out where to put the mend-ing plates and threaded inserts. Positionthem such that the threaded insertswill belocated in the 3/4" stock of the head andfootboards while also lining up with onehole in each plate. As shown in Figures 6and 7, use the outermost hole in the 5"plates in order to reach past the panels (L)to the head and footboard end stiles (F).The longer plates are especially neces-sary here, so that they will reach out farenough to permit mounting the threadedinserts into the head and footboardstiles-and not into their panels.With the entire bed assembly clampedin position, check for squareness, anddrillthe holes, being careful not to drill all theway through the head and footboardstock. Remove the clamps and enlargethe holes in the 3/4"stock to the propersize(3/8" or 5/16" depending on the particularinsert). It helps to lubricate the insertswithbeeswax and turn them in with a socketwrench and short hex-headed bolt.Put 1-1/4" X 1/4" machine screwsthrough the outermost holes in the 5"plates, through the holes drilled in the endside stiles, and into the threaded inserts inthe head and footboard stiles. I followedthe same procedure with the 2" platesbelow, mounting the inserts in the bottomrails of the head and footboard. Figure 6shows the approximate insert locations.Assemble everything-put machinescrews through the holes in the pairedmending plates joining the partitions to theside stiles and secure them with nuts.Screw through the plates on the end par-titions and stiles, and into the inserts in thehead and footboards . Now, as shown inFigure 6, add corner braces in pairs onopposite sides above and below tostrengthen the joints between partitions.Bolt them together through the centerpartition Install threaded inserts in theMay 1990 73Figure 5. Bed Side View~2" X 1/ " mending platevV- 22" X 1/ 2"mendingPlates\'1'--1J/_ J 3" \-Figure 6. Inside End Viewflat headwood screw@//~ ""-: / tee-nut/ / ~@~Iat head wood screwflat head wood screws/ / / /,///, / ~// /here. machinescrewsbolt / Jmachine screws herethroughstileinto~hreaded /'/ bolt into inserts ininserts mounted Inhead & /' muntin (above) andfootboard stile (above) ' / rail (below)and rail (below) /' > ~IIIIIIIIIII! @IdiD OIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIr -----IIIIIr ' Ii @ I .L ---- -- r - -- - - --------- ---------- - --- ---- -- -- ---- - -- - - - ----- ---- -- - ----------~------r - - -- --r--- lI I: : i machine screw & fender washer Q) ! iI74 Popular Woodwork ingany stress put on the curved pieces by the mattress.Drill a hole in the centers of the suppo rt strip s (J) and on thefaces of the two top side rails for the T-nuts which secure theplatform panels (see Figure 7). Place the platform pan els (R) inpos ition and mark the location of the holes from the underside.Turn the panels ove r and drill the holes. Replace the pane ls,insert the J-nuts and use 3/4" X 1/4" machine screws and fenderwashers (washers with overs ized outs ide diameters) to attachthe panels.DrawersBegin by cutt ing a 1/4" wide, 1/4" deep groove 5/16" from thebottom edge of the drawer sides (M) and ends (N) to accept theT-nutmachine screw& fender washeronly those plates &bracke ts installedalong top edges ofpartiti ons and sidestiles are illustratedplatform (R) re-moved this sidethreaded insert installed in stile (F)\corner bracket~I----- 28" - - - - - - - - -+ .-.,/ 15" X 5/a" mending plate@- - - - -t- - - - - - - - - - - 313/4" - - - - -j-..-VloFigure 5. Bed Top ViewMay 1990 75r-----------------, or----~~~,..,,-~~~-~~:;"'"'":;};"'o15s:a.Figure 8. Drawer AssemblyThe drawer handles were inlaid with the chipcarving tools shown here. An inlay plane orsmall router would work well, too. The drawerfront was stained before scribing and carvingfor clarity .with the bottoms, checking for squarenessand that no glue stops the bottom panelsfrom floating in their grooves. Clamp untilthe glue is dry; then seal and sand thedrawer bodies. Install the drawer slidehardware according to their instructions. Iused 22" Blum slides (see the Source Liston page 71).Trim the false fronts (K) to exact size(about 26-3/8" X 5-7/8"), allowing 1/16"clearance on each side. I used recessedbrass campaign handles with a bail pull(see the Source List), but the followinginstallation procedure should cover anyrecessed handle with blind attachments .First make a router template out of 1/4"hardboard or plywood and test it on scrapwood. Center the template on the drawerfront and rout the mortise. To mark theattachment holes, try this method: cut theheads off two machine screws andsharpen the ends. Screw them into thethreaded holes in the back of the handleround over both edges\-_/?"4~___round over the insidetop edge onlyDrawer edges were rounded on a router table.Marks on the fence show where the ends ofeach board should be at the start and finish ofeach cut toallow for a one inch unroundedarea.drawer bottoms (0). Cut these pieces tolengths that are appropriate for whateverjoining method you use to make up theboxes. I routed dovetails ; if you were torabbet the corners , your finished lengthswould need to be different. Each drawershould be custom fit, so measure theopenings carefully and adjust the sizes asneeded.Rout to within 1" of the ends on the topedges of the drawer sides and ends with a1/4" rounding over bit (photo above) . Routon both sides-except for twelve of thedrawer ends which will join to the falsefronts (K); these should be routed on theinside edge only as shown in Figure 8 andin the far right photo above . Drill andcountersink a hole in each corner on theinside of these front ends 1-1/2" in from theedges for the 1" flat head wood screwsthat will attach the false fronts .Dry-fit; then apply glue to the drawersides and ends. Assemble them togetherThis detail shows the fully rounded drawersides, half-round front, and unrounded portionat the end of each edge. Also illustrated are thetwo different ways of attaching the false drawerfront described in the text.and insert the handle into the mortise. Atap with a soft mallet when the handle is inposition will mark the hole locations. Drillpilot holes in the mortise and temporarilyfasten the handle to the drawer front withscrews. Check the handle's position andscribe around it carefully with a sharpknife. Remove the handle and chiselingaway the wood to the thickness of thehandle, as shown in the center photoabove. Remove the waste by chiselingfrom the mortise toward the scribed line.When you're finished, put the handlesaside for installat ion after the next step.To mount the drawer front on thedrawer body, slide the body into position inthe bed, place the front against it, andshim the front into position. Now use thehandle pilot holes as guides to drill throughthe drawer body. Enlarge the holes to1/4"-or whatever size machine screwsyour handles require. Remount the frontby attaching the handle with 1" machinescrews (those supplied with the handlesprobably won 't be long enoug h) andfender washers . Adjust the position of thefalse front by tapping; then secure itwith 1"flat head wood screws in the fourcountersunk holes you drilled ear-lier in the front end ofthe drawer body. If thefront needs adjustinglater, the flat head screwscan be replaced by fenderwashers and round head woodscrews (see the photo above).Remove the handles, sand and finishthe drawer fronts , and remoun t thehandles. If you like, decorate the panels or~ central head and footboard stiles with~ carvings or other decorative work. My wife.;. stenciled the stiles to match the room'si border. Add a mattress , sheets and pil-~ lows, and you've got a brand new bed-L...-- ..J, and a fine piece of quality furn iture.~76 Popular WoodworkingFocus on CarvingCarving Two-Point PerspectiveMake a clay model to get a feel for creating the illusion of depth.- .William H. McMaster is Chief of the Education Division of theCalifornia Carvers ' Guild. His "Focus on Carving" is a regular featurein pw.by William H. McMasterIn the last two issues we developed the mechan ical basis forthe carving of a Californ ia fishing boat in perspective relief. Asuccessful carving depends on more than just drafting a pattern .We'll make a clay model to create the illusion of depth directly.You'll gain insights that would not be possible if you just startedcarving . If the illusion does n't look right after one try, you canchange it until it does-something that would be impossible if youstarted carv ing right away . Relief carving is different thanin-the-round carving in that you don't try to duplicate reality , butrather create the illusion of reality.There are many ways to createthis illusion and we will combine the principles of inverse depthperspective with direct depth perspect ive and the techn iques offoreshorten ing that we discussed in the previous articles.For the clay model I chose grey-green Roma Plastilina ofmedium cons istency (Number 2). This will be a relatively smallcarv ing, and you won 't need to put fine details into the clay ;so thischoice is adequate for study ing the illusion of depth. For a baseto support the clay while modeling , I used a sink cutout whichusually can be obta ined for free from a cabinet shop that doeskitchen counters. The clay adheres nicely to the plastic laminatesurface which won 't leech the oil out of the clay as untreatedwood will do. You don 't need an armature in this model except forthe mast and the outboard rigging. Two pieces of plastic coatedcopper wire can be used for this purpose . The plast ic coatingprevents the sulphur in the clay from corrod ing the wire .You'll need only a few tools: a flat wire tool for large cuts, a thinwire tool for deta iling the boat, and a serrated wire tool forsmoothing the ocean surface (which does not have to be doneperfectly). The smoothing is accomplished by repeatedly crosshatching with the serrated tool and smoothing with your fingersuntil you have the relatively smooth surface needed to study thecontours for the proper optical effect.Model the boat first , and when you have it to your satisfaction,add the ocean background. Put in some waves near the bow togive an illusion of motion . I've added a land-fall on the horizon ofthe scene to emphas ize it and add interest. We'll use it to carvea view of the Battery Point lighthouse at Cresent City , California.The photograph shows the clay model and you should note howcrude it is. The purpose is only to understand the carving. Figure1 (on the next page) shows in cross section the contours devel-oped in the clay model with reference to the pattern lines of Figure2. Use these contours to provide guidance for the carving .Notice how much of the carving is done near the top surfaceof the wood , no matter how far away it would be in real life. Theillusion of depth is created by the many concave and convexsurfaces going deep into the wood and form ing defining shad-ows. The deepest part of the carving is near the bow of the boat ," and you'll carve the water surface with a combination of direct......._ ... ~ and inverse depth perspective to effectively use the full depth of~ the wood.~ In starting the carv ing I first mount the pattern directly on the~ board with a spray fixative . This will be cut off when V-tooling theL- ___=~___===___=---=_ ___= __' Q. outline and shaping the surface , so be sure to have a clear plasticMay 1990 77EDcBAFigure 1. Cross Sectional Countourscopy of your pattern to use as you proceedfurther. After carving awhile , it's best towear a cotton cosmetic glove (available atdrugstores) on your left hand to keep theskin oils off the wood , especially if you'reusing basswood as I did.Carve a relief of this type with yourwood positioned at a minimum of forty fivedegrees. When carving horizontally , youtend to lose your sense of perspective.This is particularly true for larger reliefcarvings. As you carve , frequently standback about eight to ten feet and view yourcarving in a strong side or top light so youcan see the effect of the shadows . Re-member, interpretation by the eye is thekey to a successful perspective carving.Start the carving by roughly shapingthe water surface. The first cut is madewith a V-tool to establish the horizon. Thenestablish the low of the water surface nearthe boat using a deep gouge along theregions of cuts two and three as shown inFigure 3 on page 80. These cuts slopedown from the outer edges of the carvinguntil they reach full depth at the bow andstern. Notice that they go to a depth ofabout 17 mm at the bow into the 19 mmthick wood. Be careful and don 't over cutor you'll go through the board ; in fact, go alittle shy of the full depth now so that you'llhave space for the final shaping and fin-ishing. Cut this groove first to establ ish thedepth, and then shape the concave curva-ture of the water , phas ing in to this depth .Do not finish the water surface at this time .The photo below shows the initial rough-outcuts. In the photo below right , notice that thelighthouse and boat details neve beenstarted. The shadows mark the contours ofthe water,'-':--~---:---~-"'----'-=:--""'----'o r----------------,s:- -- '5'"'">-D'"oos:c.The water and the boat must be coordi-nated to get the desired optical effect , andyou'll want to see how the boat looks on it.The next step is to shape the hull andthen the water according to the profiles ofFigure 1. To get the proper depths use adepth gauge made by laying a ruler acrossthe uncut wood and a nail or wire to find thedepth as shown in Figure 4 on page 80.This is especially important for the verydeep cuts. In Figure 1 note how manypoints on the boat are carved near theoriginal surface of the wood. Also note thatthe horizon meets the sky perpendicu-larly. This will make it appear darker incontrast to the sky, thus increasing theillusion of depth.Once the hull has been shaped ,rough-in the cabin so you can place the78 PopUlar WoodworkingAhorizonB c D Es the carving. These are the larger ones;~ carve them deep enough to cast shadows.~ The smaller ripples are put in later and~ give a texture to the surface .~ I have found that texturing is best done! on a smooth surface. Therefore, sand allparts smooth and check their contourshadows. On the larger expanses of thewater surface, I used an orbital sander tospeed the process along. Then , to makethe boat more realistic, the mast and rig-ging were completely cut through at thedeep regions. This helps achieve continu-ity when texturing the water.The final step is to texture the smallripples and wavelets. Keep in mind thatthe farther away they are in the scene, thesmaller, closer together , and less welldefined these details are. The texturing isdone with a ball-nose shaped U- tool. Forthe foreground I used a 4 mm blade and Icompleted the background with a 2 mmblade. The ripples are carved close to-gether in a generally horizontal fashionwith short strokes, and the edges aresmoothed using a fine pad of Scotch-brite.If that's not available, fine steel woolwill work. Be sure that youdo not create anyI(Figure 2. Pattern with Section Linesmast and rigging. These outermost formsare done before the final shaping of thecabin. The amount of wood required forthem determines the depth at which youcan carve the cabin. The cabin is the mostdifficult part of this project ; its sides mustbe parallel to the hull and the spacing mustlook realistic. Be sure to get this correct inthe clay model and follow it carefully whenyou carve the wood. Once the mast andrigging have been carved, finish shapingthe cabin and work on the finer details ofthe boat. You will need small gouges forthis purpose and I prefer to use those thatcan be held in the hand like a pencil. Theygive the best control for detail work.Once you've rough- shaped every-thing, check contours by moving a ruleracross the surface under a spotlight andMay 1990watching the shadow. This will reveal anhard-te-see irregularities in the contour.Stand back frequently and observe howthe shape looks.When the shape of the water has beendetermined, carve in the bow waves andthe turbulence behind the stern. The bowwaves are started using a deep gouge tocarve out the troughs as shown in regionA of Figure 3. The bow waves are thenrounded over into these hollows. Theregion behind the stern below line B isfairly flat and sloping in from the corner. Asmooth curve along B phases the twocontours of the water into each other inthis region.An ocean is not smooth, so carve insome cross waves in the foreground ,especially in the lower right hand corner oftIn this oblique angle photo,the shadows clearly reveal theconcave-convex surfaces and the actualdifferences in depth.79After smoothing, the waves are textured asshown to the left above. The finished carvingbefore framing appears at left.All surfaces are shaped and smoothed beforedetail carving.geometrical patterns while texturing.If you're using basswood, a stain is ap-propriate . First cover the carving withMcCloskey pre-stain. After it dries, youcan make corrections in the carving andresand any area needing it. Use theScotch-brite to remove any little fuzzies.The prestain makes the wood somewhatgummy, so be sure your tools are sharp ifyou are going to carve after the surfacehas been coated. Recoat the surface ifyou rework it, or the stain won't go onproperly. I then applied McCloskey pecanstain.Our carving of a fishing boat in theCresent City harbor with the Battery PointLighthouse in the distance is complete.We have used the principles of depthperspective and foreshorten ing deve l-oped in the previous two articles of thisseries. I hope you now have a feel forthese techniques which produce the illu-sion of depth in a shallow piece of wood,and are ready to apply them to carvings ofyour own design.~cut twoIIII,,II,IItrulercarvingcut 1cut three....B--- --------------------------~~~-----------------,Figure 3. 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II you missed some things , review it .. , in yourown home .JOIN THE THOUSANDS WHO HAVE ALREADY LEARNEDABOUT THE VIDEOS:BUILDIIlG THE CABINET - (r'* lOl) Old rou l_ 111II "" 1KII*" contnlls ""'Sf~ dl_slons? Well. Roger demonstrates techniques torlace-plate joinery , cabinetassembly , installation 01 base moUlding. andtop. Approx. one hour- PI1c,529.15BASIC DRAWER CONSTRUCTION - (r'* lOl) Hnt rou '"' ""m..d ""., ID sllKltkWtIr gol9s?Orhow to turn wood scraps intodrawer stock? This tapeprovides intor-malionondrawernts , typesatmaterials. andsome generalguidelinestorhardwareseiee-tionandinstallation. Let experiencebeyour guidt . Approx. one hour - PI1cI 529.15ADVANCED DRAWER CONSTRUCTION - (r'* IOJj.W"'" do rou ellt. Ioellngd,.""rjIInI", "" ,."" ",,7 Here. you'lI see how to develOp a drawing tor complex drawerjoinery. useFrench dovetails,tongue/dadojoints, andlockingdrawer cornerjoints. Stepby step. Assuring your success . Approx, one hour- S29.1SBAStC OOOR CONSTRUCTION - (r'* llU) WMI,,, "" '_' ",.,as 1fH IIlIJng .., /lI,n 'Plnlng? Come to understand the differences between flush. lip and overlaydoors. Tolerances. allowances , anddimensions. glass stop, or decorativemoulding, It'sall here. Learn trama master! Approx. onehour - S29.1SADVANCED DOOR CONSTRUCTION - (r'* 105)C.n rou dlSmN ",,,,d"""",,,,.,, """*",./ud1M"" us/llg"" ,."" 'lid rId,./."" ""? Orcan you layout andcut mortiseandtenonjointstor usewrth raisedpanel doors? Learn layout secrets tor posnionlngmortise. Tips to bea realpro' Approx. one-and'one'half hours - S34.115Gelstarted today. Call tor yourset. Haveyourcredn T, ""' IIlII ...* CloblMl-card number handy. (.,S1IrC,rr1 GrId YIu "",.) _kif', YldIO Serin . c.IISaw even more when you order all live videos tor 1-800-383-90675139.95. VIDEOS MAKEA GREAT GIFT!83FREEwith Purchase of DC1 Duct Hose 4" To 3 " Rigid Adap tor 4 " To 2 " Flex Adap tor Plans For 2 Stage Setup Piping & Fittings SourcesFree $15 ValueFUN-PROF IT ABLE- EASY TO MAKE PROJECTSOODCRAFTCUSTOM BUILDERSARE IMPRESSED~BEAUTIFUL, STRONO, S IMPLEComtemporary glass top tables built entirelyfrom 1x4 and 2x4 lumber of your choic e.Plans are CompleteSPECIFY:A) Dinette Table 48L 38W 30H $6.50B) Coffoe Table 55L 28W 15H $6.00C) End Table 27L 27W 20H $5.50John Reed P. O. Box 3527 ' Uttieton, CO 80161We unconditionally guarantee yoursatisfaction with our fine machines.All of our machines carry a Thirtyday Money Back Guarantee and Oneyear Warranty for Parts and Labor .PENN STATE IND USTRIES-P2850 Comly Road 0 Phila, Pa 19154Ord er Toll Free 18002887297 (Ext 90)For information 1-215-676-7609 (Ext 15)Visa, Mas ter. & Discover Card acceptedPennsylvania residents add 6% Sales TaxAdd UPS Shipping Charges as notedContinental U.S. only (Call for shippingchargestoother locations)Planer & Accessories Price Lists~~~1.2.5..~I a.~~~..~ .c.o.~.p.I.~t.~..a.n~..~.s~~~~I~d349.95 ($15 UPS)Extra Set of 2 Knives - High speedsteel, 12-12"#PKN $ 25.00/set (. )Dust chute - for vacuum takeoffof woodchips#PDS reg. $24.00, On Sale $15.00 ($3 UPS)Planer stand - Heavy duly, 27-1/2" high#PST..reg. $44.00, On Sale $ 39.00 ($6 UPS)Ball Bearing Rollers (Minimumpurchase 2 rollers )Build roller stand. infeed/outfeed tableetc. w/these 13"x2" HeavyDutyrollers. Includes FREE plans forbuildingroller stand shownabove. #BBR $ 6.50/ea ( $3 UPS/per order)( ) Nofreightchg if ordered w/Planer, otherwise add $3 UPSOur TOOL CATALOG featuresover 2500 useful woodworkingtools, books and supplies.WOOD NEWS is our populartwice-yearly 48-page magazinechock full of helpful articles ongetting the most out of yourwoodworking tools.Add $20UPSFreightThis mach ine will pay for itself timeand again by planing your own lumber.At 65 Ibs, you can carry this Planer to a jobsi te o r mount it pe rm a nently in yo urworks hop like any sta tio nary mach ine.You'll spend hundreds of dollars lessfor this 12-1/2" power feed Planer than fora traditi onal stationary model of a similarcapacity - with comparable results.SPECIFICATIONS: Knives.. .. 2ea, 12-1/2" w ide , HSSo Motor - 16 Amp, 11 5V, 8000 RPM Auto Feed rate 26 .2 FPM Cutting speed 16000 Cu ts/min Thickness of stock .. ... 3/16" to 6"o Size ... 15 -1 /2"H X 22"W X 2 1" Be d Max Depth of cut .. ... .. .... .. .. .. 1/8" Machine Weight 65 Lb sAdd $1 5UPSFreightDC-1 Dust CollectorOn Sale 0 $189.95Super 125 PlanerPortable with "Power Feed" 0 Shippedassembled 0 Retail value over $600 .00On Sale 000 $349.95Keep your shop clean and safe fromsa w d u s t wi t h ou r large ca pa cit y ,commercial style system. This collec torhas up to 10 times more air flow than aShop Vac and runs much quieter.SPECIFICATIONS:'lhp, 110/220V (pre wired 110V) 610 CFM air flow 6990 FPM air speed 2 Bags 1S"dia X 22" 20 gallon bag 4" inlet Casters on base Weight 7S Ibs Size ..26"x1S"xS7"H84 Popular WoodworkingPW Showcase order form on page 87Cla vtonEnterprisesOsc illati ngSpindle Sa nde rsFor large or smallshops. Ideal for con-tour sanding. Quickchange drums. 2/3"- 4" . Sati sfactionguaranteed. 1 yearwarranty. 5 modelsto choose from.FreePlease circle#10 1-- --~- HSS Ta~e redDrill , et=.~_.. Seven eac h.-'- tapered HSS. 'r~ countersinks/bor es. sto p- --~~- co lla rs . Withhex wrenc h.~~- wood ca se .Sc rew sizes:=Jk=-.. - 5.6 .7.8.9. 10._ .----. and 12.Doll ar T rading$29.99 plus$4.00 S/HCorporationPlease CIrcle #102Learn Ca binet-making fromyo u r T VCabinetmaking vid-eos make it easy tolearn in your ownhome. Shorten yourlearni ng curve withthese 5 videos. All 5videos $139 .95 plusS&H. Visa/MC. Vid-eos make a greatgift. Catalog $1.00.$1.00Vid woodPlease circle # 103GrizzlvImports( ;rizzlvImportsCatalogYou'll be amazed atthe number of newitems we've broughton line for 1990. Ma-chinery. acce sso -ries and specialtyitems abound. Thiscatalog is a definitecollectible that you'llsave for years. Calltoll free to get yours:1-800-541-5537.FreePlease circle #104Singley SpecialtyCo., Inc.SleevelessDrum SanderUses regular sand -paper , no premadesleeve to buy. Twistof key locks paper .Rubber backing in-sures long sandpa -per wear. Use ondri ll press , motor,lathe, radial saw,drills. Lifetime guar-antee.Brochure $.50Please Ci rcle # 120 Fine To ols ShopWoodworkersTh e Fin e Tool sShop catalog offersproducts for profes-siona l woodwork -er s and se rioushobbyis ts . Sp e-cially selected offer-ing s rang e f rommeasuring . mark-ing and draf tingneeds to the finestchisels and carvingtoo ls.$1.00Please circle # 122Minwa xCompany, Inc.The Wi nfie ldCo llec tionMay 1990How to FinishWoodColor brochure fea-tur es comprehen -sive . step- by- stepdirections for woodfinishing with WatcoDanish Oil Finishes.Highlights includecolor chart. finishingtips and troubl eshooting sugges -tions.FreePlease circle #1 23WoodcraftPatternsMake to pse llingcountry woodcrafts.yard anima ls. San-tas , rein deer. doorharps . whirligigs ,toys , ga mes andmuch more from ourunique collection ofover 600 full size ,easy to use patterns.Satisfaction guaran -teed . 313-629-7712$1.00Please circle #162Forrest Mfg.Co. Inc.Media Kit forAdvertisersPopularWoodworkingWoo dworker IISaw Blad eThis is the oneblade that leaves asmooth-as-sandedsurface. Lasts up to10 to 20 sharpen-ings. 10" x 40T. Call1-800-733-7111.$94.00Please circle #140Adve rtise inPopularWo odworkingAn ad in PW is yourto o l fo r inc rease dsales-c i rcu la t ion11 0 ,000 (3 30 ,000readers) and grow-ing ! Send for yourfree Media Kit now.Or, for faster service,call Deborah Nowakat (415) 671-9852.FreePlease circle#1 63Wood-M izerProductsMLCS, Ltd.Po rtableSa w millsWoo d - M i z e r ' lPW Showcase , order form on page 87ML CS, Ltd.Merle Adjust-able Corn erClamp1-piece clamp withalmost limitless ca-pacit y (adj us tablefrom 2-5/8" x 2-5/8"to 69" x 69"). Quick-est way to clamp.Al uminum & stee lconstruction. Forcesyou r p roj ect intosqua re . Industr ialquality . Qu ick ac-tion . 1-800 -53 3 -9298. Special Price$22 .95Please circle # 165Woodline Tool& SupplyJapanese ToolsThe JAPAN WOOD-WOR KER 's 80PAGE CATALOG isloaded with a hugese lection of Ja pa-nese saws, water-s t o nes , c hise ls,pl a n e s , c ar v i n gknives, cutlery andgarden tools. Send$1.00 for 1990 cata-log and all supple-ments for two years.$1.00Please circle # 181Proj ectPopular Woodworking BookletsProject Booklet Never be fo re~J published , ourstorage plante r,;71 wr it ing desk &potato & onion bin~.~ booklets inc lude~* every thi ng yo u.-.need to build yourown. Printed onheavy stock.Popular Spec ial offer-Woodworking all three: $8.00Project Booklets Please circle#182Econ-AbrusivesCa r bide TippedRouter BitsWe sea rched wi thquality on our mindsand came up with al ine of in dus tria lrouter bits you will besatisfied with, both inqu alit y and price.We will fit tQJ,il pro-duct ion needs.FreePlease circle# 183Penn StateIndustriesTools &Accessor iesEver y it em dis-counted I LatestFREE brochure fea-tur es Scr o llsa ws ,Planers, Dust Col-lector s, WoodLathes, Work Sup-ports and numerousacces sories . Valu-able discount cou-po ns. 1-800 -288 -7297.FreePlease circle#184Rodman & Co .Tru-GrlpCla mpCla mp 'N ToolGuide is a barcla mp ins ide astraight edge. 24"grip.$22.95Please circle#200PopularWoodworkingwants your ideas!Like to makesa wd us t'!You don't have to bea professiona l writerto see your projectideas publ ished .Write fo r Popula rW o o d w o r k i n gmagazine . Send forour Writer's Guide-lines today. Enjoyyour hobby and getpaid for it, too!$0.25Please circle#210_,......-. . '''0- _ .,...,..-.... ,_ 1 ~23~11I ... .Cascade Tools,Inc.Shaper C utt ers& Router BitsCa r bi de- t i p pe drouter bits and shapercu lle rs are recog -nized worldwide forqu ali ty & perform-ance at an affordableprice. We use the lat-est in diamond grind-ing techniques & CNCequipment to give youexacting profiles. Callfor a catalog: 1-800-235-0272FreePlease circle #221Trul yPersnippityColor ChipsWe now have 5 newcolors beside ma-hogany & wa lnut.Th ey are : az ure ,grape, strawber ry ,periw inkle, mead-owlark. They arenon-toxic and odor- free.FreePlease circle #222Incra (; ~lUgeIncra (;augeA precision markinggauge, free -stand-ing de pth -of -c utgauge, fence align-men t gauge, an dcenter fin de r, thisUniversal PrecisionMeasu ring Ga ugeincreases accuracywhi le reducing timeand effort required.Free broch ure.FreePlease circle #225HighlandHardwareWoodworkingSuppliesOv er 2500 usefu lwoodworking too ls,books and supplies.Also included: WOODNEW S, our popula rtwice-yearly 48-pagemagazine chock full ofhelpful articles on get-ti ng th e mo st fromyo ur woodworkingtools.$2.00Please circle #226Tole WorldFromthepublisher ofPopular WoodworkingTole Wo rl dS t ep - b y - s t eppaint ing articleswi th patterns, in-structions and fullcolor, by leadingdecorative artists.Includes feature s,ex pe rt advi ce ,brush stroke work-book, events calen-dar, profiles, news& more.1 year/$15.00Please circle #22886 Popular WoodworkingPW ShowcaseWriti ng Desk$4.50Please ci rcle #330Popula r Woodwnrk inuProject BookletDe s i g nedfor home of-fice use, thissturdy deskis easy andinexpensiveto construct.With its twodrawers and two shelves, it's perfect for asmall woodworking business or any otheroffice use. Students will love it. too!Please circle #280FreeSaw PerfectAnglesNew Eze-Angl e-guidecR"l lets you saw160 different angleswithout changingyour saw. Cut 22-1/2"oc ta go n s ,45 "squares, etc., in-stantly. Works ontable saws, too. FreeBrochure.SteussvC reat ions$80.00Please circle #270Hack Issue sMore projects! Allavailable back is-sues of PW (atleast 30). Each is-sue has 4- 6 proj-ects with plans,plus all the regulardepartments thatmake PW a valu-ableadditionto thewoodworker's li-brary.PopularWood\\"orkinl-(Back IssuesI------------------~ - - - - - -----------~-IPW Showcase Order Form PW #54 May 1990Savetime. postage and stationeryby using this coupon toorderall the additional materials you'd like to receivefrom ouradvertisers.How to order:1. Just circle thenumberson the coupon thatappear nextto theShowcase items that interest you.2. Complete theanswers to the questions on theorder form.3. Print your name and address on theorder form. We must haveyourZIP CODE.4. Total the costs for the priced items, plus $2.00to helpcoverpostage and handling charges.5. Cutouttheorder form and put it in an envelopewith total payment (check, money order, orchargecard info) and send to:Popular WoodworkingBox 2506Boulder. CO80329-2506$2.00Circle the catalogs and productinformation you want to receive:101 . FREE 163. FREE 222. FREE102. $33.99 164. $69.95 225. FREE103. $1.00 165. $22.95 226. $2.00104. FREE 181 . $1 .00 228. $15.00120. $0.50 182.$8.00 270. $80.00122.$1.00 183. FREE 280. FREE123. FREE 184. FREE 330. $4.50140. $94.00 200. $22.95 340. $17.00161 . FREE 210. $0.25 350. $30.00162. $1.00 221 . FREEAddress _Signature (required) _Card # Exp.. _o Check Enclosedo Visa 0 MasterCardName _This isn't mycopy of Popular Woodworking, but I wishit was. Start mysubscription atonce for :o 1year (six issues) $1 7.00(circle 340above)0 2 years (twelve isssues) $30.00 (circle 350 above)Total Amount forCash Items Circled : _Handling:Total PaymentEnclosed: _Tell Us How You Liked This IssueI. My favorite project in this issue is the:a. Child's Toy Box/Chair e. Handy StepLadderb. 3- D Tic Tac Toe f. Computer SecurityCabinetc. Fretwork Shelf &Mirror g. Windsor Stoolsd. Cutlery Box h. Captain's BedII. My second favorite project in this issue is the:a. Child's Toy Box/Chair e. Handy Step Ladderb. 3- D Tic Tac Toe f. Computer Security Cabinetc. Fretwork Shelf & Mirror g. WindsorStoolsd. Cutlery Box h. Captain's BedIII. My least favorite project in this issue is the:a.Child's Toy Box/Chair e. Handy Step Ladderb.3- DTic Tac Toe f. Computer Security Cabinetc. Fretwork Shelf& Mirror g. Windsor Stoolsd. Cutlery Box h. Captain's BedIV. Ofthe regular features, the one I liked the most was :a.The BusinessEnd e, Focus onCarvingb. Book Reviews f.Out of theWoodworkc. Videoscene g, Project fortheShopd. Triedand True h.The Turner's PageV, What is your age?a. Under 24 b. 25-35 c. 36-45 d. 46-60 e, Over 60VI. About how much doyou spend onwoodworking permonth?a, Under $100 b. $100-$200 c. $200-$500 d. Over $500I VII. About how many projects doyoubuild each year?L _ -.!.~der ~ ~ ~O_"": ~1-=- ~.~.~~. Over 2~ _ City, Sta~z~ ~u~x~~5~6-.JMay 1990 87SALE: MOVEABLE LOUVRE SHUTIER manu-facturing equipment. Standard slats, Reasonable.1-71 4-849-3808WOODTURNING LATHES; bowl, spindle, largeswing, long bed, slowspeed. DeRose & Co" Box150. Mechanicsville, VA 23111. (804)746-1705..,..-"., ..........Create pop ular and profitableplywood "c ritt ers". Incl udes LIFE SIZE patternsI and painting instructio ns for a sheep, lamb, pig let,I rooster , hen with ch icks. duck with ducklings. geese, owlI and more ! Onl y 57.00 .I ACCENTS Oept. ER40. Box 73 87, Gonic, NH 03867C~~Ql?S.R!-~S~T!-~qq:.~2~0.9i':.'~_"i'!l'.?!,d!2 -:JBOAT PLANS. Over two dozen good wood/ply-wood designs 11 '- 66' sizes. Powerboats, sail-boats. dinghies, motorsailers. Pleasure/commer-cial. General data, descriptive list $5.00. NilsLucander. P. O. Box 7752, Tacoma. WA 98407.Tel. 206-752-6528PLANS AND KITSCLASSIFIEDWOODEN GEARED, WEIGHT-DRIVEN,pendulum-regulated clock plans. Average skilllevel. $10.00. BOB MEYER, Box 275. Elgin, MN55932WOOD PARTS, CRAFT SUPPLIES CATALOG$2.00. Little Shepherds, Dept PW, 9658-E W.Chatfield Ave.. Littleton. CO 801 23MODULAR BOOKCASE- portable,sturdy. Easyto build. Plan 1a, $2.00. WS Designs. 1833 Gow.Wichita, KS 67203-1414TOOLS"WELD" YOUR OWN BAND SAW BLADES,Plans $3.00 + SASE to J K. Woodcraft. 3398Aquinas, Rochester, MI 48309IIBOOKS & CATALOGSWOODWORKING VIDEOS. Beginning to ad-vanced. Catalog $1 .00. DRTV Dept. P, Box 3539,Napa, CA94558VIDEOS, BOOKS ON ELECTRICAL wiring,plumbing,carpentry,welding,upholsteryand100'sof other titles. AAVIM, 120 Engineering Center,Athens, GA 30602. 1-800-228-4689ROUTER BITSAND SHAPER CUTIERS custommadetoorder.For freebrochureorinformation callorwrite: True Cut Tool Corporation. 1074Hwy 93South, Victor, MT 59875. Tel. 1(800)262-2487WOOD WHIRLIGIGS. Full- size patterns. instruc-tions. Wind-d riven 13"- 22" bee. chipmunk. dog.coyote. roadrunner. cat. songbird. duck. $3.25each: any four. $12 .00: all eight. $23.00. P. Skov.3380 Fourth Ave.. #26, Yuma. AZ 85365FREE BROCHURE- Woodentoy parts. patterns.books. Catalog-$1.00 . Woodentoy. Box40344-PW, Grand Junction. CO 81 504TRELLIS PLANS-Architecturally appealing.Change unsightly areas . nosey neighbors. intowallsofflowersandfoliage.4'-8'-12'wideto8' tall.Only $6.95 from L. Stewart Enterprises. P. O. Box10297. Ft. Wayne. IN46851MAKE ACTION MECHANICAL WHIRLIGIGS,toys, decorations, displays. Wooden AnimatorPlanBooks Catalog $1.00. Solipaz, Box 366, Lodi,CA 95241FULL SIZE PATIERNS for 3 interlocking. free-standing, wooden dinosaur puzzles: Mix/match.Fun for everyone. $3.95 to VORTREKKER, P. O.Box 651000, Dept. MM, Salt LakeCity, UT84165PLANS FOR DUST COLLECTION system blastgate. Simple/inexpensive to make. Send $4.00 +SASEto: J K. Woodcraft. 3398 Aquinas, Roches-ter, MI483093 DELIGHTFUL DINOSAUR PUZZLES $2.00Easyfull-size patterns.Steve'sWoodworking.546CatalinaSt.. Laguna Beach, CA 92651GUITAR, BANJO, MANDOLIN, VIOLINanddulci-merkits .Finishing supplies.Free96-pagecatalog.Stewart-MacDonald . Box 900P. Athens. OH45701 . Tel. 800-848-2273CAROUSEL LOVERS-build your own table-topcarousel, size 17" X 19". Patterns and plans,$1 2.75. D. L's Woodshop, R. R. 2, Box 38,IAm~e~~, I nc lu~~~~~~I~~r~~~~~:~nti~ :I inst ructions for g irl with watering can, Dut Ch . :I bo y and g ir~ leprechaun/elf. Amish man and Wife. II comic bending lady and farmer ... more! Only $7.00 II ACCENTS Dept LR40. Box 7387. Gon ic . NH 03 867 IC~QQQ.~R..Aft Q~T.!'bqq:.~2,;,0Ei':.'~_,,!i!!,_o!,d22 -:J100 FULL-SIZE WOODCRAFT PATTERNS:Windmills, Birdhouses, Toys, Etc. $4.50. Catalogalone $.50 Hayes Patterns. 6E Willow Street,Woburn, MA 01801CRAFTSMEN-TURN ANY OBJECT INTO aconversationpiece. Learn howto apply the crack-ledfin ishand the worn antique finish. Learn paintstomping, rag roll ing, and paint graining. For de-tailed, easy-to-follow instructions send $14.95(check or money order) to: Creative Touch, P. O.Box 28362, Columbus, OH 43228MODULAR STORAGE SYSTEM forshop,garageor asfurniture. Designfor three sizes. $5.00 post-paid. Z. V. Enterprises. Box 4977, Arcata, CA95521ROUGHED OUT BLANKS, 42 differen t 80%roughed out basswood blanks of birds, animals.and characters. Also supplies. Free brochure withSASE to West Falls Woodcarving P. 7458 Ell icottRoad. West Falls, NY 14170. (716) 662-3648BUILD YOUR OWN WATERBED AND SAVE.Mattresses. Heaters. Massage Systems, Hard-ware. Packages, MOREll Send $2.00 for Catalogwith FREE planset. Woodins' Waterbed Connec-tion; 45Industrial Park Rd.. Dept PW, Albany, NY12206TOYSOF WOOD, free plans info,Tarjany Designs,Box8846, Dept H. Calabasas, CA 91302BESTSELLING BANDSAW TOYS! Unique newdesigns: 1957Corvette.1957Chevy.1935Auburn,Jeep. Pickup-Full sizepatterns: $2.00 each- Allfive: $8.00. Woodcrafts byJohn Daly, Rt. 10-Box708. Lake City. FL 32055SUPER WOODCRAFT PATIERNS windmills,wells. vanes,whirligigs, bird houses, jigsawing forfun orprofit.Catalog $1 .CRAFTER'S, 11840NorthU.S. 27, Dewitt, MI 48820MAKE WOODEN TOYS. wh irligigs. door harps.dollhouses, clocks, music boxes, weather instru-ments. crafts . furniture with our plans. parts. kits.supplies. Catalog $1.00. (614) 484-4363. CherryTree Toys. Belmont. OH4371 8-0369132 Helen Aven ueMarkh am, Onta rioCana da L3 R Ij5Electro ph ysics(416) 470-9 522Repair bandsawbladesin less Chan CWo minutes with theELECTRO ~BAND SAW BRAZER#101BDo inSi.de contour sawing ea~jer andlaster. MakeyourownbandsawsIromcoil stock. Brazercompletewith klt.$75.50 Mfrd. by . _NELSON & JACOBSON, INC.3546 NO. CLARKST. , CHICAGO, IL 606571990 LEATHERCRAFT CATALOG. 100 pages.Largest selection available of genuine leathers.tools. kits. books, supplies. Fine tooling. utility.garment leathers, suedes, exotics. Belt. wallet.moccasin kitsand more! Low prices, quantitydis-counts. Send $2.00 pstg/hdlg to: Tandy LeatherCompany, Dept. PW490C, P. O. Box 2934, Ft.Worth, TX 76113Wood Moisture MeterEND WOOD WARPING NIGHTMARES FOREVERI,0EAf. FDICHOME 0'" INOUmlAl. CJl(YJNG OF AU K,NDS OF WOODHigh prKlslon Instrument measures wood moisture In range ]X to 5~P!rfeci for hobby or profession. Why pay morel Gel tht BEST for LESS'Spedal Introduc tory offer 1188 Clnadlan (SI 5S U.S.) $10 shippI ng .Wood probe. cable, batt eries 1nI CLASSIFIEDWOODSEARN $1 00-$500 PER DAY in furn iture strippingand restoration in your home. Training, turn keyshop setup. Investment required. Bob's Classics,406 No. Superior, Emmetsburg, IA 50536. Tel.(712) 852-304689VACUUM CLEANERS "Discount Prices" NewRainbow $599.95. Kirby. Filter Queen. Tri-Star.Panasonic. Details: ABC Vacuum Warehouse.6720 Burnet-PW.Austin.TX78757(512)459-7643EPOXY! EPOXY! EPOXY! Laminating. De-coupage. Repair and Assembling epoxies. 160z!$1 0.00. 320zl$17.00. HCH COMPOUNDS. 11 455NewkirkJ1420. Dallas. TX 75229. (214) 243-8494VILLAMARIAWOODWORKSHOPS,Aug.12-18.1990: carving classes in caricature. birds. water-fowl.relief. marquetry.P.O.Box37051.Minneapo-lis. MN 55431LET THE GOVERNMENT FINANCE your wood-working business. Grants/loans to $500,000yearly. 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(206)497-2071lOut of the WoodworkThe Other SideThey say that when your children grow up and leave home,you soon find yourself missing the peanut butter and jelly on thedoor knobs, the dirty clothes and homework papers stuffed underthe bed, and not being able to use the telephone whenever youplease. They 're right.This fact makes me wonder what I would miss if my husbandwere not a woodworker. What first comes to mind are the stacksof woodworking magazines and project plans which have to bemoved and put back each time I vacuum the carpet in his den.That's exercise Icould possibly go to flab without. And what aboutthe problem of storag e space? It's pitifully lacking in the base-ment of our little ranch house for anything not directly connectedto the working or storing of wood and tools. Ii he didn't enjoy hishobby, then I suppo se we wouldn 't have to rent the mini-warehouse for stor ing our Christmas decorations, garden tools,lawnmower, and for those various boxes of junk we've accum u-lated over the years.Around 11 pm I wou ld miss the shrill sound of his router as heexecutes yet another mag ic maneuver,while remaining perfectlyoblivious of the hour . And the odors.... I can 't forget that life wouldbe dull without the fragrance of turpentine permeating thehouse... the aroma of the many paints and stains, some of themsecret home-brews concocted from vinegar, ammonia, and thelike... and the pungent scen t of fresh-sawn lumber still smokingon the table saw-were it not for the tell-tale buzzing of the blade,you'd swear the house was afire .Elaine Laney is an architectural draftsman. free-lance writer and thewife of a wood addict in Hendersonville. North Carolina."I wish he'd get anothe r set of plans...I'm tired of these FHA models."90by Elaine E. LaneyAhhh, the sawdust throughout the carpet and his clothes nowcomes to mind. Once in the washer, sawdust becomes anintegral part of each laund ered load . doing it's scourin gside- by- side with the detergent. And there are the wood chipsand those little spiral shavings from his block plane, alwayslurking on the cellar stairs . awaiting a sneakered foot to transportthem into our living areas . They never wait in vain. or for long. Ourcats play with the springy shavings the way other housecats playwith balls of yarn.I would miss the thrill of finding a check written to a specia ltylumberyard for an unpronounceable wood species costing $40 aboard foot. I would be deprived of the challenge of trying everysolvent known to woman in an effort to remove a hardened globof waterpro of glue from the pocket front of a good shirt. My carwould no longer be permitted the luxury of parking in the fresh airat curbside. but would have to lodge in the carport where now arestored his homema de wooden boat together with stacks ofdowned tree parts, await ing his saw and the requisite number ofyears of drying in the mountain air.Most of all, I would feel let down at not being an indispensablepart of his hobby . Gone forever would be those romantic mo-ments when he calls me away from cooking dinner to provide anextra pair of hands to hold, measure, clamp . push, pull, spreadglue, or give approval. support or consolation.Of course, I suppose I wou ld miss running into things-thehomemade spring pole lathe in the middle of the darkenedbasement (positioned there so I wou ld notic e it?)... thesi xteen -foot 2 X 12 in the lum be r rack designed forfourteen- footers (those extra two feet can decapitate you if youpass by at a speed above "mosey"). And that cabinet placedstrategically in a sunny basement window that somehow nearlybroke my shin- oh, how foolish I was-I could have hurt thatcabinet! Icould miss that kind of excitement, too (Iwish I'd missedthe darn cabinet).Now that I've laid them out before me, maybe I wouldn't missthese things in my life, but...I'd surely not enjoy doing without the linen cabinet he built...the living room chair, the bedside table, my home drafting board,the dining room hutch, the lady 's writing desk, the scores of smallstands, stools, bookcases, racks, shelves, closet organizers,storage cabinets and boxes.Where would we be without his dexter ity and handiness, orwithout the dozens of space-eonsuming but truly ingenious,lovely-to-Iook- at, one-of-a-kind hand tools he's crafted him-self? We would be rickety-rackety falling apart-that's wherewe'd be! So keep on woodworking, dear , and as soon as , hearthe belt sander turn off , I'll go down in the basement and tell youso, I'll check the progress of your latest project , and if I'm lucky I'llget a sawdust hug. Because of that dust , I have lots of tan in mywardrobe , I may look better in bright colors , but I'd rather have thehugs !~Popular Woodwork ingNext TimeComing upin the July Issue ofPopular Woodworking: .........~..............._~~---L.-'-~_-=--= .....Old-FashionedSchool DeskSpecial PlanesBee Hive Jewel ChestOn sale in early June..EXPERTEXPERTGIPowerful plunge routershave always been beyond thEgrasp of budget-consciouswoodworkers.That is,until Skil handedthem the new Model1835.This versatile tool com-bines smooth plungingactiorwith apowerful 1%HoPmotor.Ithas an adjustabledepthstop for fine tuning. Big,easy-to-grip handles.Convenientwrench storage slot Acom-partment that holds 3bits.All that with aprice tagthats under $100.You can also rout out aseparate niche with our112 H.r version,the Model1823 plunge router.So take the plunge andcall your Skil representativetoday Because these tworouters are carved out forsuccess. S~/lIi su: 'IiMO.flSC" ., . oJ, I orporation,Subsidiary of Emerson Electric Co"4300 W Peterson Avenue,Chicago, IL 60646, 1989Skil Corp.Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_001Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_002Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_003Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_004Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_005Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_006Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_007Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_008Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_009Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_010Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_011Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_012Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_013Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_014Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_015Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_016Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_017Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_018Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_019Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_020Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_021Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_022Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_023Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_024Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_025Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_026Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_027Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_028Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_029Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_030Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_031Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_032Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_033Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_034Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_035Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_036Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_037Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_038Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_039Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_040Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_041Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_042Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_043Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_044Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_045Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_046Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_047Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_048Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_049Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_050Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_051Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_052Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_053Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_054Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_055Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_056Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_057Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_058Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_059Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_060Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_061Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_062Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_063Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_064Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_065Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_066Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_067Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_068Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_069Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_070Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_071Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_072Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_073Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_074Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_075Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_076Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_077Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_078Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_079Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_080Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_081Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_082Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_083Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_084Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_085Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_086Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_087Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_088Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_089Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_090Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_091Popular Woodworking - 1990 - 054 - April-May_092