Popular Culture of the Gilded Age The Rise of Mass Culture

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  • Popular Culture of the Gilded AgeThe Rise of Mass Culture

  • TechnologyAs populations grew, cities expanded outward and upward

    Improvements in steel allowed the building of skyscrapers and bridges which linked cities

    Electric streetcars allowed for mass transits (subways, els, and street trolleys)

  • New InventionsThe Wright brothers experimented with airplanes, soon creating transcontinental mail by 1920s

    Photography is made available for the common citizen

    Movies begin their take-over of American culture

  • Growth of SchoolsWith the growth of technology, new skills were needed to succeed in the business world

    School is made mandatory for children between the ages of 8 and 14

    High Schools teach managerial, technical skills, as well as vocational

  • Education for Minorities?African Americans were kept out of high schools (less than 1 percent attended)

    Most immigrants were given free passage to the public schools system in order to Americanize them

    Catholics set up own schools to go against Protestant holidays, and give kids a Catholic education

  • White vs. Black AmericaSouthern States began to impose literacy tests, poll taxes, etc. to keep African Americans out

    Jim Crow laws separated both whites and blacks in public and private facilities

    Racial Customs, such as where to sit on a bus, were created to humiliate and subjugate

  • Plessy vs. FergusonHomer Plessy, 1/8th black, was arrested for not giving up his seat on a train

    Case went to the U.S. Supreme Court

    Supreme Court sided with the railroads, stating that segregation did not violate the 14th amendment; separate but equal

  • Race RelationsBlacks were the victims of violent crimes, such as lynching

    Out West Mexicans and Chinese were hired to build railroads because they would work for less

    All non-whites faced discrimination, due to their ability to work for less pay

  • Change in CultureWith the advent and improvements in technology, people had more free time

    Unions and laws had created a 8 10 hour work day

    People had time to spend going to parks, playing sports, etc.

  • Going Improvements in transportation allowed people to move and go out

    People enjoyed going to plays, watching sports, and anything to get them out of the house

    Barnum and Baileys circus became a huge hit with Gilded Age people

  • ShoppingDepartment stores and chains began form, offering specialized goods

    Stores and advertising for products began to cater to women tastes

    Mail-order catalogs became an easy way for people, not in the cities, to get products

  • BaseballA mix of the British games of Rounders and Cricket

    Sweeps the nation with professional leagues forming in 1871 (National) and 1906 (American)

    By the 1890s the game becomes standardized with rules, becomes national pastime


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