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1. PNP Polytex PVTLTD Welcomes You 2. About Us PNP was incorporated in the year 2001 with the intention tobring revolution in the Indian Luggage Industry. Today PNP brand Coated Fabric is used by famous brandluggage companies with pride. 3. INTRODUCEDPNP synonymous name in Coated Cloth mainly used for Luggage, School Bags, Shoulder Bagsand Bag Packs etc. Coated cloth which PNP selling is combination of Polyester Filament Yarnand PVC Resin. PNP also handles Filament Yarn mainly Polyester Filament Yarn & NylonFilament Yarn as well as Plastics Raw materials mainly PVC Resin in good volume.PNP markets not only Taiwans best but also worlds best Filament Yarns. PNP is Brand leaderin Coated Cloth and 1st company on this planet to Brand PVC Coated Cloth.PNP brand is No.1 brand in Taiwan, China and India for Coated Cloth. All big corporate specifywhile ordering their order for any soft bag, hand bag to use PNP Coated Fabrics only.Word PNP has been embossed on the Pvc side of Coated Fabrics. PNP knows value for moneyand hence always develop new products.PNP believe in innovation and always creating something new. PNP beautifying Indiaswarehouses and bringing new products from Taiwan which are very strong and special indesign."PNP believe in every day improvement and hence working hard with sincerity to innovate everyday. Show must go on..... 4. The Eco Friendly Ventilator Fan 5. HAO ventilators are based on ball bearing system and not pivot (bush) system making it more smooth, speedy, noise free and long lasting. 6. HAO ventilators top fan portion is made of stainless steel material which ismore hard material compared to aluminum making it stronger and strady 7. HAO Ventilators are though, made of Stainless Steel material which has higherdensity compared to Aluminium yet HAO Ventilators are light because of lessnumber of Vanes and special design. 8. HAO Ventilators Top Fan Vanes are multi-fold which makes it strong andstrady and there are only 24 vanes compared to traditional AluminiumVentilator 36 to 48 vanes. In fact less number of Vanes allows more air to goout making natural ventilation faster. 9. Special multi fold design of HAO Ventilators vanes prevents water to enter inside the shed. 10. ABOUT HAO HAO Roof top Ventilator is a product designed for thepurpose of ventilations of hot/polluted air and to makethe premises free from any type of suffocation orhumidity by increasing air flow and decreasingtemperature of the premises without the use ofelectricity or any kind of fuel and this is the reason wealso call It Natural Exhaust System 11. Alu. Ventilator SS Ventilator (HAO) Pivot (Bush) System Ball Bearing System Multi folded Vanes Normal Vanes 24 to 30 vanes 36 to 48 Vanes Also available withNylon Top & Vanes Double ExhaustSystem 12. VARIOS APPLICATIONS OF HAO VENTILATORS 13. Very well ElectroplatedLifetime Rust freeVarieties:Available in different Sizes, HeadStyles, Head Recess, Threads &Points for varied application suchas for Roofing sheets, Airventilators, Wood and Synwood. 14. Synwood Eco Flooring tile is asynthetic wood which is an fusion ofPVC and foaming sheetIt is made from 100% recyclableplastic.Only Synwood Flooring tiles canprovide you with a non-formaldehyde,non-rotten, insect-damagepreventable, environmental friendly,comfortable and healthy living space. 15. A Substitute for wood For Flooring For Doors For Wall Panels 16. Thank YouPolytex PVT LTD Sachin Pandey


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