Pluronic polyols have more than 100 practical applications

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<ul><li><p>KEY CHEMICALS FROM WYANDOTTE </p><p>Pluronic polyols have more than 100 </p><p>practical applications Applications ranging all the way from agricultural products and cosmetics to petroleum products and pharmaceuticals. And new ones are continuing to come in. </p><p>Why? Because these versatile 100% active block poly-mers exhibit a wide variety of surface-active properties including wetting, emulsifying, dispersing and foam sup-pressing. In addition, all of the more than 30 chemically related members of the series have an extremely low order of toxicity, and are nonsensitizing and nonirritating. </p><p>How deeply do Pluronic polyols penetrate an industry? Take pharmaceuticals, for example. We already have a bibliography of over 45 articles written on Pluronic uses in this important industry. They cover such diverse applications as: fatty emulsions, solubilizing, defoaming, tablet coatings, wetting agents, to name a few. More than 20 patents have already been granted for the use of Pluronic polyols in this field, in such products as: </p><p>contraceptives, stool softeners, antibiotics, and ear drops. How about you? If you are planning a new product, or </p><p>want to improve a present product that calls for a surfactant, evaluate Pluronic polyols! Our Grid approach makes it easy. With it you eliminate trial and error testing. Instead of trying to formulate to a surfactant's properties, you can pick the Pluronic polyol or combination of polyols with the best balance of properties for the solution of your problem. </p><p>For your copy of the Grid and more information on this versatile series of block polymers available in mobile liquid, paste, powder and cast solid forms fill out and mail coupon below. </p><p>WYANDOTTE CHEMICALS </p><p>INDUSTRIAL CHEMICALS GROUP WYANDOTTE CHEMICALS CORPORATION DEPARTMENT 541 WYANDOTTE, MICHIGAN 48192 </p><p>NAME </p><p>FIRM </p><p>ADDRESS </p><p>I am interested in using a Pluronic for </p><p>Please send: Pluronic Gridfifth edition; Toxicity and irritation data; helpful use information. </p><p>Have representative call. Information is for immediate use; use within 6 months; reference only. </p><p>TITLE </p><p>PHONE </p><p>ZIP </p><p>C&amp;EN 29 </p><p>Pluronic polyolshave more than 100practical applications</p></li></ul>