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  • 2. This was my Twitteraccount when I firststarted it. I began withfollowing 0 people,had 0 tweets, and0 followers. It wasinteresting to lookaround and findpeople that would behelpful andresourceful tofollow.
  • 3. This is myTwitter accounta few weeksafter creating it.I have followed122 people, andhave gained 49followers. I havebeen tweeting &retweeting a lot.I use this Twitteraccount forsharingresources andlooking foreducationalresources withother people.
  • 4. I wanted to share this account because I have found it to be the mostvaluable of all the accounts I have followed. Most of my retweets havebeen from this account. It is such a general education account, that hassuch a large variety of information from homework, to technology, tostudent engagement in the classroom. I have found so many resources fromthis account and hope to continue to learn from it in the future.
  • 5. This is Discovery Education. Many teachers have heard of or been to aDiscovery Ed demonstration. They are mainly about Science. They have allsorts of experiments and information that will help engage students inlearning. I have found many of their tweets useful and hope to use them withmy future classroom and students.
  • 6. Edublogs is another really great technological resource that I found. They haveshown ways to integrate online blogs and technology into student learning. Ihave found several articles and resources to help put this into play in myteachings.
  • 7. I couldnt allow myself to leave out this one. Edutopia is a fantastic resource!This is another group that I continuously retweet. It is all about education andwhat works with students in the classroom. I cant wait to apply some of whatI learned from them with my own classroom. I have learned so much and I willcontinue to keep up with this one to make sure I keep testing the outstandingresources they continue to share!
  • 8. I have found that inmaking this PLN, Ihave really learneda lot about educationand technology. I lovethat this is such an easyway to share resourceswith others and toobtain information fromother teachers andprofessional learningnetworks! There is somuch out there to learnand I want to keep upon my Twitter andcontinue learning allthat I possibly can! @beccapalinka To share educational resources about teaching, classroom skills, engagement, & student learning!