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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Marketing Analysis:Pine Rest Mother-Baby PHPMKTG 6130 Customer Driven Marketing Management</p> <p>Heather Treib, Bota Kroondyk, John Straub, Olivia Lanctot, Yi-Shan (Sandy) ChenInstructor: Dr. Keith Ferguson</p> <p>Pine Rest Christian Mental Health ServicesGrand Rapids, Michigan </p> <p>2</p> <p>OutlineIntroductionExecutive Summary &amp; Strategic PlanningInternal and External AnalysisSWOTAlternative StrategiesTactical Marketing Mix ImplementationMarketing BudgetQuestions</p> <p>Pine Rest TodayLargest free-standing provider of behavioral health services in MichiganOne of five largest free-standing behavioral health providers in the United States1,900+ employeesServed 44,013 individuals in FY2013</p> <p>Healing Moments Lives Touched</p> <p>Pine Rest DivisionsOutpatientCommunity and Residential ServicesBehavioral Health SolutionsHospital Based Services</p> <p>Success Factors (1 of 2)Facilities- 280 acre campus, room to grow- Multiple facilities for flexible programming</p> <p>Continuum of Care- Referrals from 18 clinic outpatient network, 250-bed residential program- Aftercare provided by the same, reducing readmissions- 24/7 admission center</p> <p>Success Factors (2 of 2)Pine Rest Relationships- Contracts/relationships with 36 Community Mental Health agencies- Behavioral health contracts with 40 other managed care payers- Referrals from all acute care systems and most medical groups- Faith community trust</p> <p>Success FactorDepth of Professional StaffSpecialized Behavioral Health Staff- 50 employed psychiatrists- 50 psychologists, 180 social workers- Activity/occupational therapists- Pastoral care staff- Billing, coding, medical records specialists</p> <p>145(Census)140135130125120115110105100</p> <p>Number of Inpatient Psychiatric Units and Hospitals USPine Rest Inpatient Census</p> <p>11</p> <p>Hospital Based ServicesInpatient Care &amp; Partial Hospitalization Programs</p> <p>Who We ServeFY2014Hospital Based Services7368 Admissions63,923 Patient DaysAverage LOS: 9 Days</p> <p>Inpatient Care210 Beds Within the Joint Operating AgreementSt Marys LicensedGeneral Adult 66 BedsCo-occurring Unit- 22 BedsPsychiatric Medical Unit 28 Beds (downtown at general hospital)</p> <p>Pine Rest LicensedOlder adult 26 bedsChild and Adolescent36 bedsPsychiatric residency22 bedsMother and Baby PHPChild and Adolescent PHPFlex Beds 10 beds</p> <p>DemographicsFinal Adult Service Area Definition</p> <p>Why a Mother and Baby Program? 15-20% of women are affectedSuicide is the 2nd leading cause of death postpartumMost common complication of childbirthWomen get better more quickly when treated with babyFew treatment optionsUntreated PMD=negative impacts for family</p> <p>Video;</p> <p>Marketing Demand</p> <p>Mothers who are suffering from some form of depressionArea hospitalization programs or inpatient adult programs that do not lend themselves well so they turned to Pine RestMeets a stated communitys needs</p> <p>Current Market ShareBirthSaint Mary'sSpectrumMetroMercyTotalFY 20132,0247,4431,9362,05911,403FY 20141,9677,4611,9291,97711,357Variance-5718-7-82-46Change FY13-FY14-2.8%0.2%-0.4%-4.0%-0.4%</p> <p>BirthsAdmissionsRateFY 201311,4031891.66%FY 201411,3572842.50%</p> <p>Marketing StrengthsPine Rest is the first healthcare center to run PHP program in MichiganLocation of the centerProviding good quality service by specialists Offering this service to West Michigan</p> <p>Competitors, Funding and AwarenessNo direct competitors in MISimilarly operated national programs with clinical groups in MIPrograms are privately funded and supportedGrowing national and international awareness of a multitude of perinatal mood disorders</p> <p>Mechanism of PHP's workThe program employs clinical management, service science research and application componentsThe program explores paths of identifying and implementing approaches for the proper management, clinical and marketing control.</p> <p>Mechanism of PHP's workThe program investigates and compares the availability, strategic developments and risk factors of other similarly operated treatment programs such as the Postpartum Support Internationals Program of Prevention and Treatment of Childbearing CausesThe program prioritizes the proper allocation of monetary and human resources involved in its strategic activities</p> <p>Outside Activities/Trends:The Postpartum Support International and the Spectrum Health Postpartum Emotional Support Program continue to explore extensive market and industry ranking shares</p> <p>The treatment of Childbearing Causes operates in more than 36 countries</p> <p>Outside Activities/Trends:The programs offer a number of comprehensive preventative diagnoses, education programs and treatments for women without children, women planning on having children, pregnant women and new mothersThe programs focus on eliminating the risk factors and social stigma of women in need of such services</p> <p>Marketing StrategiesExceptional Care Experience-keeps moms and babies together and removes barriers to treatmentSuperior Clinical Outcomes-measure clinical outcomes to assess if women in their care are exceeding established benchmarks and customer expectationsGreat Place to Work-patients who could be helped more successfully with new services</p> <p>Alternative Marketing StrategiesExpand the healthcare areaReferral DevelopmentPayer CommunicationsMedia relationsMarketing Communications and collateralPromotions and Special EventsInternal Communications</p> <p>Services2 product lines- one is the typical program, the second is a condensed versionUnique features compared to other ProgramsNurseryEnvironmentLocation</p> <p>Services (cont.)Service DevelopmentFocus GroupsIdentified by care providersWomen that have participated in the program, women who have shown interest in the program but did not participate, and women that may potentially ebenfit from this program</p> <p>Services (cont.)Branding- Do not emphasize Pine RestAwareness- Bolster reputation through educating care providers as they will be the ones referring patients to the programBenefits- Choices for program typeFamily involvement</p> <p>Promotional ObjectivesFull knowledge of program value, ideal patient match and referral procedures known by target referral sources.General public awareness of new program by target patient and their families, who may aid in referring.Current care alternatives to PHP are abandoned/lessened in use.</p> <p>Key TargetsInsight capable, pregnant or postpartum women with moderate to severe nonpsychotic depression, PHP insurance reimbursement and adequate transportation.Referral sources, including obstetricians, family practitioners, pediatricians, psychiatrists, outpatient therapists, birthing/OB hospital staff, emergency departments, community mental health and PMD support groups.</p> <p>Reasons Contributing to Underperformance 50% of referrals do not follow through and initiate the callInadequate transportationPine Rest brand mental health stigmaLack of constant connection with referral sourcesNot top of mind with all HCPs</p> <p>Current Marketing MixTV CommercialTV-Maranda InterviewDirect MailOutdoor-Billboards + BusesRadioInternetSponsorships Awareness groupsPhone CallsE-MailsSite VisitsHOPEline 1-844-MOM-HOPE </p> <p>RecommendationsHire one full time Educational Sales ConsultantFace-to-face calls on high potential referral accounts; targeting 20% of providers likely to account for 80% of PMD referrals.Greater Grand Rapids territory$50,000 base + commission based on # of qualified referrals from targeted accounts.Problem Addressed: Lack of constant connection to referral sources and program top-of-mindedness</p> <p>Recommendations2. Increase prominence of distinctive Mother-Baby brand extension and decrease Pine Rest parent brand all future marketing communicationsResearch highlighted mothers dissatisfaction with past programs that failed to cater to unique PMD needs and concerns and PR mental health stigmaProblem Addressed: Pine Rest mental health stigma perception and lack of PMD focus</p> <p>Recommendations3. Diversify the women featured on the Pine Rest online site and future marketing pieces to better reflect the variety of faces impacted by PMDDisproportionate a number of Medicaid mothers are diagnosed with PMD, yet most current faces marketed appear upscale, middle-classProblem or Objective Addressed: Awareness of program by target patient and families</p> <p>RecommendationsCreate 1-844-MOM-HOPE referral cards for program graduates to distribute.</p> <p>Problem or Objective Addressed: Awareness among ideal target patients.</p> <p>Solicit volunteer drivers through church bulletins and ministry sites and dedicate one existing Pine Rest shuttle to pickup/drop clients from bus stop.</p> <p>Problem or Objective Addressed: Inadequate transportation</p> <p>RecommendationsFinally, MB PHP, must fully implement the Pine Rest Release of Information initiative in all key referral accounts to address the significant 50% of all referrals do not place the call barrier.</p> <p>Questions</p> <p> PINE REST OUTPATIENT SERVICESOutpatient Toll-Free Number: 866/852.4001</p> <p>ZEELANDZEELAND CLINICPhone: 616/741.3790</p> <p>Clinic</p> <p>KALAMAZOO CLINICPhone: 269/343.6700</p> <p>KALAMAZOOClinic</p> <p>CALEDONIAClinic CALEDONIA CLINIC</p> <p>Phone: 616/891.8770</p> <p>NORTHWEST CLINIC - Grand RapidsPhone: 616/222.3720Clinic</p> <p>SOUTHWEST CLINIC - GrandvillePhone: 616/222.3700</p> <p>Clinic</p> <p>HOLLAND CLINICPhone: 616/820.3780</p> <p>HOLLANDClinic</p> <p>GRAND RAPIDS</p> <p>GRAND HAVEN/MUSKEGONNORTH SHORE CLINICPhone: 616/847.5145</p> <p>Clinic</p> <p>NORTHEAST CLINIC - Grand RapidsPhone: 616/364.1500</p> <p>Clinic</p> <p>HASTINGSOffice HASTINGS OFFICE</p> <p>Phone: 616/891.8770</p> <p>IOWA CLINICSDES MOINES CLINICPhone: 515/331.0303PELLA CLINICPhone: 641/628.9599</p> <p>Clinic</p> <p>Clinic</p> <p>MainCampus</p> <p>ADD INSTITUTE, Phone: 616/281.6311 CAMPUS CLINIC, Phone: 616/258.7429ECT CLINIC, Phone: 616/281.6341PSYCHOLOGICAL CONSULTATION CENTER, Phone: 616/281.6311RETREAT CENTER CLINIC, Phone: 616/258.7467</p> <p>TRAVERSE CITY CLINICPhone: 231/947.2255</p> <p>TRAVERSE CITYClinic</p> <p>LAKE ODESSA</p> <p>Office LAKE ODESSA OFFICEPhone: 616/891.8770</p> <p>1Volumes and RevenuesYear 1Year 2Year 3</p> <p>Admissions189284378Patient Days75611341512Gross Revenue with lab$451,081$671,294$895,059Deductions$131,716$196,018$261,357Revenue (program)$319,365$475,276$633,702Revenue (psychiatry, gen med)$16,025$24,038$32,050Total Revenue$335,390$499,314$665,752ExpensesProgram Staff and Benefits $225,032$236,581$303,291 (Program, UM, Contact Center, Chaplain Non-physician)Program Supplies, Marketing, Etc.$56,736$57,936$49,136Total Program Expense$281,768$294,517$352,427Physician Expense$66,514$99,771$133,027Total Expense$348,282$394,288$485,454</p> <p>Net Income-$12,892$105,026$180,298</p>