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PRODUCTION AND SALE OF FURNITURE SOLID PINE WOOD Demar Mobili S.r.l. Tel. + 39 0434 621830 WWW.DEMARMOBILI.IT Email: MADE IN ITALY PINE WOOD FURNITURES The Cadore style is a storage walls and bookcases line. It is made in solid pine wood and it allows you to customize the compositions either in colors and dimensions. It is the right solution for any room that you wish to furnish using an ecological and functional piece of furniture. The classic design is essential but alive thanks to its different pine wood grains. Water-based finishes and non-toxic adhesives grants the respect of nature and of people who use the furniture. Its versatility makes it suitable to meet all your needs of space, through the production of custom made furniture. You can have large spaces to display your items or for storing your books and solid or glass doors and large drawers to use. The personality of this line expresses itself through attention to details, colors in contrast and moving spaces. Here tradition meets innovation giving a different interpretation of time and space of daily life. Everything turns into a dimension that fits the way you perceive and interpret the meaning and the spirit of your House. You can easily create bookcases, wall units, cabinets for every type of environment using the different available modular elements in pine wood. The thickness of solid pine wood, the strengths and its style make the collection Cadore suitable to fit out bars, shops, restaurants and also to "cover" the intimacy of your home. For more information contact us or visit our website:


<ul><li> 1. collectionCadoreMODULAR FURNITURE IN PINEWOOD</li></ul> <p> 2. CADORE100% Legno = 100% NaturaDemar Furniture Company, manufacturer of pinewood furniturein Italy. Leader in the country style furniture industry, it offerspractical, sturdy, eco-friendly, custom-made modular furniture.With Cadore modular furniture, it presents its bookcases, wallunits, storage units all wholly made in solid pinewood.Furnish your house, as well as pizza salons, bars, hotels and agri-culturaltourism accommodations.collezione Cadore collezione Cadore collezione Cadore collezione Cadore collezione CadoreDEMAR MOBILI S.r.l.Produzione e fornitura mobili in legno massiccioVia Eugenio Rigo 1733080 PRATA DI PORDENONE (PN) - info@demarmobili.itTEL. +39 0434 621830 - FAX + 39 0434 610140 3. collection CadoreArrangements with wide openshelves for books and decora-tiveitems, a cabinet with di-splayshelves, solid wood doorsand large storage drawers. Allthese features make these pie-cesof furniture practical andpleasant-looking, even thanksto their two-colour contrast.4 5 4. collection CadoreThe unique use of glass doors is evi-denceof how these arrangementsare especially employed for display-ing.Cadore line is easily set evenoutside the household: in professio-nalstudios or offices.6 7 5. The setting has been conceived in an original and innovative way a set-tingwhere you will spend moments in good company. Bottles and glas-sesare stored in the most practical way in this arrangement and plates,tablecloths and anything else you require also have lots of room. Cadoremodel is versatile, it is suitable for large settings such as restaurants, barsand cantinas as well as for homes which welcome friends for parties andget-togethers.8 9 6. collection CadoreThis bridge unit shows its ele-gancein its nut brown attireand can be easily adapted intoany household setting. Thesofa bed has warm, colourfulfabric which livens up theroom, adding comfort to yourmoments of relaxation.10 11 7. collection CadoreA slim, linear solution witha compartment for your TVset. It solves problems forwho needs room for storingeveryday objects. It creates awarm, bright environmentcombined with Sara modelsofa.12 13 8. collection CadoreExamples of arrangements intraditional honey colour. HereCadore line clearly shows howeasy it is to move the roomabout according to everyonesneeds and tastes.15 9. collection CadoreThe low arrangement can be ashelf or a TV stand. Ideal forsmall areas, this piece of furni-turecan be positioned under awindow.16 17 10. collection CadoreTwo wall units for all needs, arectangular table and straw chai-rs,make the dining room plea-santand gracious.18 19 11. collection CadoreThe embossed frame on thedoor mirror, the simple lineof the drawers and shelves areemphasized.20 21 12. collection CadoreIn dining rooms, at doorwaysor in bedrooms: this piece offurniture with four drawers isideal for meeting the most va-riousneeds.collection CadoreSofa bed with an additionalextractible bed . Simple andbalanced lines convenientand practical for daily use andindispensable for guests.22 23 </p>