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  • 1. 296Bismillaah hir Rahman nir RaheemPILGRIMAGE TO MECCA (HAJJ) AND ITS CO-RELATTIVESPRE-EMINENCE OF PILGRIMAGE TO MECCA (HAJJ) AND A LESSERPILGRIMAGE (UMRAH) He who performs Hajj for to submit to the will of Allah and indulges neither into anyobscenity nor resort to any disobedience to Allah shall return in a state in which he wasborn to his mother (i.e. absolved of all sins) (Sahih Bukhari kitab al manasik) For women, the best holy war (against infidels) i.e. Jihaad is an accepted pilgrimage(Hajj-E-Mabroor) (Sahih Bukhari Kitab al manasik)Note: A Hajj full of virtuousness is said to be a (Hajj-E-Mabroor) (Sahih Bukhari) An accepted Pilgrimage (Hajj-E-Mabroor), after faith (Imaan) and Holy war againstinfidels (Jihaad) stands out with an honorable rank. (Sahih Bukhari) There is no requital but paradise for accepted pilgrimage (Hajj-E-Mabroor) (SahihBukhari and Sahih Muslim) Allah doesnt set so many of his bondsmen free from hell on any other day save the dayof Arafaat. Allah gets closer (to them) and in the presence of Angels, takes pride in themand then declares as to what the objective of these people is? (Sahih Mulsim) Repeated execution of Hajj and Umrah banishes wants and sins as the furnace purifiesiron, gold and silver from other impurities (This means perform Umrah also along withHajj) (Tirmidhi, sanad Sahih) Those performing Hajj and Umrah are the delegates of Allah; the people who will havean audience with Allah, so to say the guests of Allah. (Ibn Khazimah, Sanad Sahih) The sins committed between two Umrahs are pardoned. (Sahih Bukhari and SahihMuslim) Performing Umrah in the month of Ramazan is equivalent to Hajj. (Sahih Bukhari andSahih Muslim)HAJJ-E-TAMATTAONote: Hajj-E-Tamattao is one of the three kinds of Hajj in which the pilgrim robe (Ahraam) istaken off after performing Umrah. This is the best kind of Hajj.LESSER PILGRIMAGE (UMRAH) Take provisions for a journey while leaving for Hajj. (Surah al-Baqarah: 197) Do not take along the animal for sacrifice while leaving with an intention to performHajj-E-Tamattao (Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim) Use fragrance free oil before leaving home. (Sahih Bukhari) Say Allah-u-Akbar three times after boarding the vehicle and recite the followingsupplication.

2. 297Subhaanal-lathee sakhkhara lanaa haathaa wa maa kunnaa lahu muqrineen. Wainnaa ilaa Rabbinaa lamunqaliboon. Allaahumma innaa nasaluka fee safarinaahaathal-birrawattaqwaa, waminal-amalimaa tardhaa, Allaahumma hawwin alaynaasafaranaa haathaa watwi annaa budahu, Allaahumma Antas-saahibu fis-safari,walkhaleefatu fil-ahli, Allaahumma innee aoothu bika min wathaais-safari, wakaaabatil-mandhari, wa sooil-munqalabi fil-maali wa alahli.Translation: Divine is the entity that which gave this vehicle under our control although wecould not have brought it under our control. Indeed we shall return to our supreme lord, thecherisher. O Allah! In this journey, we seek from you the virtues and piety that which you wouldchoose for us. O Allah! Make this journey easy and wrap its remoteness up. O Allah! You are(our) sole companion in journey and the sovereign custodian of our family. O Allah! I seek yourrefuge from the hardship and discomforts of travel, from ugly happenings and scenes and frombad times when amidst family and wealth. (Sahih Muslim)THE PILGRIM ROBE(AHRAAM)The garment that which is worn while performing Hajj or Umrah is called Ahraam. One who isattired in Ahraam is known as Mohrim. Ahraam is worn at specific or particular places or sites.Each of these places is known as Meeqat. Zulhalifa is the Meeqat for the people of Madina;Qarmul Manazil for those from Najad; Hujfah for people of Syria and Yalimlam for the peopleof Yemen. (Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim) 3. 298 For Iraqis it is Zaat-E-Arq (Sahih Muslim, Al-Baihaqisanad Sahih) For the Egyptians, Hujfah. ( (Sunan Nisaisanad Sahih) Those who live between these Meeqaat and Makka-E-Moazzama should put on Ahraamin their own locality (village, town, city). Those living in Makka-E-Moazzama should doso from Makka-E-Moazzama. Those living in places other than mentioned above shouldwear Ahraam from those Meeqat which happen to be on their way to the holy place.(Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim) After having reached Meeqat, wash head with Khatmi or Ishnaan etc and apply some oilon head (al-bazaar, sanad Hasan)Katmi: A plant with pink flowers growing in regions with muddy waters. And then take bath. (Al-Hakim, Sanad Sahih) In case, if wearing saffron mixed fragrance, wash the body three times then use the bestavailable fragrance on head and beard. (Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim) Then it is for man to take two sheets of cloth which have not been scented with anysaffron mixed perfume and then put on Ahraam with these two sheets; one to cover thehead and upper part of the body and the other, for the lower part (i.e., below the waist).(Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim) Shoes can be worn but not any clothes other than those two sheets. Neither wear anAmama nor a cap; not wear even socks. (Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim) Woman may wear ornaments and all kind of garments. (Abu Dawood, sanad Sahih) But neither hide her face nor wear gloves (Sahih Bukhari) Both, man and woman, should not wear any cloth dyed with saffron and vars (SahihBukhari and Sahih Muslim) There is nothing wrong if any shine or perfume is traced in the head or beard or afragrance emanates from the head or the beard. (Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim) Immediately, after having worn Ahraam, recite Alhamdulillaah, Subhan Allaah, Laailaaha, and Allaahu Akbar: (Sahih Bukhari)Then facing Qiblasay Labbaik :i.e., say these words. (Sahih Bukhari)LabbaikAllaahummaLabbaik bil UmratiTranslation: Present I am O Allah! I am present for UmrahOrSay these words twice (Sahih Muslim) 4. 299Labbaik UmratanTALBEEHKeep reciting aloud the following Talbeeh continuously: (Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, AbuDawudsanad Sahih, Tirmidhisanad Sahih)Labbayka Allaahumma Labbayka, Labbayaka Laasharee Ka laka Labbayak, Innalhamda wannemata laka wal mulka laa shareeka lakaTranslation: Present I am. O Allah! Present I am; present I am. There is none who is partner toyou. Present I am. Indeed praise of all kind and goodness is for you and the magnificence ofkingship too is to you alone; there is none who is partner to you.Then at times say this also: (Ibn Majah, sanad Sahih)Labbayka ilaaha al-haqqi, labbaykaTranslation: present I am. O Allah! The Inevitable Deity. I am present. Continue reciting Labbaik until reaching near Haram but once near Haram, stopreciting.(Sahih Bukhari) After having reached a place known as Zee Tawa, stay there and spend a night. Thentake bath after the Morning Prayer (i.e. Salaat-ul-Fajr). (Sahih Bukhari and SahihMuslim) Then on the same day (Sahih Muslim) In the morning: (Sahih Bukhari) From the direction of height that is by entering Bathaa, going via Sanital Alia and Kadaatake an entry into Makka-E-Moazzama. (Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim) 5. 300CIRCUMAMBULATION OF THE HOLY KAABA (TAWAF-E-KAABA) Perform ablution after reaching Makka-E-Moazzama. (sahih bukhari and sahih muslim) Then come near Hajre-Aswad: (Sahih Muslim, Abu Dawudsanad Sahih) and say (Masnad Imam Ahmad, sanad Sahih)Bismillaahi wa Allaahu akbaru Then kiss Hajre-Aswad. If not possible to kiss it then touch it with hand and kiss thehand. (Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim) If it is not possible to touch Hajre-Aswad even with the hand then touch it with a cane(Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim) and then kiss the cane. (Sahih Muslim) If it is not possible to touch Hajre-Aswad even with a cane then point any object towardsHajre-Aswad. (Sahih Bukhari) Then by taking out the cloth sheet from under the right armpit; put over the left shoulder(This process is called Iztebaa). Keep the left shoulder covered. (Tirmidhi, Sanad Sahih) Then circumambulate the Holy Kaaba by commencing it from the right side. While circumambulating, the Holy Kaaba should be on to the left side. Cover thedistance between Hajre-Aswad and Rukn-e-Yamaanee by running and walking in a rigidand stiff manner (This is called Ramall). Touch Rukn-e-Yamaanee after reaching it.(Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, and At-Tirmidhi, sanad Sahih) Then with normal gait, leave for Hajre-Aswad. (Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim) Recite this supplication between Rukn-e-Yamaanee and Hajre-Aswad. (Masnad Ahmad,Sanad Sahih)Rabbanna aatinaa fiddunya hasanatan wa fee al aakhirati hasnatan waqina adhaaban an-naar 6. 301Translation: O our Supreme Lord! Bless us with goodness in this world and the world here afterand protect us from the torment of hell.Then on reaching Hajre-Aswad, sayAllahu Akbarand kiss it or (Sahih Bukhari, Abu Dawudsanad Hasan)Touch with the hand and kiss the hand or touch with a cane and kiss the cane (Sahih Muslim)or make a sign or gesture towards it with some object. (Sahih Bukari) Similarly circumambulate twice that is to perform Ramall in first three rounds thencomplete four rounds with normal gait.(Sahih Bukari and Sahih Muslim) Execute all actions in each round in the same manner as in the rounds before.However, cover the right shoulder also in the last four rounds. Keeping the right shoulderexposed is specifically related only to Ramall.(Abu Dawud, Sanad Sahih) On reaching Muqaam-e-Ibraheem after having completed seven rounds, recite this:Wattakhidhoo mimmaqaami ibraaheema musallaaTranslation: And make the place of Ibraheem a place for offering prayers. (Sahih Muslim) Then stand in a manner to yield Muqaam-e-Ibraheem between yourself and the HolyKaaba. (Sahih Muslim) Then offer two Rakaat prayers (Salaat) (Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim) Recite Surah Qul Yaa Ayyu hal Kaafiroon and Surah Qul hu Allaahu Ahad in theseRakaats. After the conclusion of prayers (Salaat), kiss Hajre-Aswad (or touch with a hand or acane and kiss the hand or the cane or point an object towards it) (Sahih Muslim, SunanBaihaqiSanad Sahih) (Sahih Muslim, Sunan BaihaqiSanad Sahih Then go to the well