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Photography Intro. By Maggie. The history of the camera . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Photography Intro


Photography Intro

The history of the camera

The first camera camera obscura

First photo takenCamera from 1927

1927 photograph

Daguerreotype camera

Daguerreotype photo

Calotype camera and photoThe very first camera was made in 1814 by a Frenchman called Joseph Nicphore Nipce. The image was very poorly done, and faded eight hours after it was taken. The first camera was called the camera obscura. The camera was updated and changed and then in 1837 when the French artist Louis Jacques Mand Daguerre took the first fixed image on his Daguerreotype style camera. This image did not fade and took less than thirty minutes of exposure. 1841 William Henry Talbot created Calotype this camera involved negative processing.21900 the first mass marketed camera was producedthey called it.the browning. In 1913-1914 the first 35mm camera was made which changed the size of the lens. 1927 General Electric (an electric company) developed the modern flashbulb which enables the photo to be taken in darker areas or at night. In 1935 Eastman Kodak starts selling Kodachrome film on the market this film allows people to take photos in color.. 1948 Edwin Land markets his invention, the Polaroid camera. 1954, Eastman Kodak develops hi-speed tri-x film the film allows the photos to develop faster.. 1963 Polaroid releases instant color film. 1973 Polaroid develops one step instant color film, shoot and print with one click. These cameras develop after you take the photo instead of getting them devolved at a lab. 1980 Sony publicly gives a demonstration of their newest addition to the original camera, the camcorder. This camera allows for people to take video as well as photos.

More Cameras!

1913 camera and photoBad quality Photos

Signs of a bad quality photoBlurrinessMissing half of the subjectDarknessBad focus

Good quality photos

How to tell if a photo is good quality or notIt has good focusIts clear and easy to seeThe lighting is goodThe subject is easily visibleGood quality photos contd