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2. WHAT IS FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY? FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY IS A GENRE OF PHOTOGRAPHY DEVOTED TO DISPLAYING CLOTHING OR OTHER FASHION ITEMS WIKIPEDIA IT IS NOT ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHING PEOPLE IT IS NOT ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHING PEOPLE IT IS NOT ABOUT PHOTOGRAPHING PEOPLE 3. CHOOSING A MODEL (OR NOT) Dont use a friend (unless your friend is a model) Dont choose someone because you fancy them Choose someone that meets the looks needed for the themebehind your shoot Remember - sometimes really gorgeous looking peoplephotograph really badly or look a bit chocolate box pretty to be fashionably edgy You dont always need to use a model - think about other ways ofdisplaying fashion items 4. CONSIDERATIONS FOR MAKING GOOD FASHION IMAGES Theme/Story Model Location Lighting Shapes Colours Movement/Dynamism Props and accessories Angles and crops Avoidance of the cheesy clich 5. SHOOTING WITH A THEME It is essential to have a theme as it will give your shoot asense of continuity. Your theme will inspire the choice of clothing, make-up,hair styling, lighting, location/sets and model choice. You can use a single word to build your theme - coffee,circus, red, vintage, tea party, desert, ocean - anything that evokes imagery you can work towards. The idea is that your pictures will collectively tell a story! 6. PHOTOGRAPHY BY ELAINE CONSTANTINE 7. PHOTOGRAPHY BY DAVID LACHAPPELLE 8. PHOTOGRAPHY BY ..???????? 9. CHOOSING A LOCATION Dont choose a location because its nearby or easy - yourback garden is nearly ALWAYS a bad choice - unless you happen to live somewhere pretty amazing or really grim. Dont choose a location that doesn't support (or directlycontradict) your theme Remember the images are about the fashion/the clothes - it isnot a piece of travel/architectural photography! Think about the time of day you will be shooting - what willthe light be like at your chosen location? 10. COLOUR - OR NOT.. Be aware of colour - not just of the clothes but withinyour location, props etc. Learn to really SEE what it is your looking at andbecome more aware of the colours we surround ourselves with. Black and white is good Richard Avedon says so. 11. MOVEMENT/DYNAMISM Showing movement in photographs is best achieved using motion blur -this is achieved by using a SLOWER shutter speed Slowing the shutter speed lets more light on to the camera sensor - tryusing the shutter priority mode (Tv Mode) which will automatically make adjustments to prevent over exposure Dont try and hand hold a camera if the shutter speed goes below 1/60sec - use a TRIPOD Try using a flash - this will create a crisp subject while everything elseblurs Need help with this? - ask me - Im a specialist in long exposure images! 12. PROPS & ACCESSORIES Props can make a good shoot great Keep props and accessories simple Props can be food, beverages, vehicles, bicycles, street furniture,animals, furniture, telephones, luggage, umbrellas, toys, flowers, mirrors (careful - photographing with mirrors opens up a whole host of new issues!), tools, other people, balloons, electrical appliances - just about anything - just keep it relevant (or irrelevant!) Avoid cigarettes, crack pipes and other drug paraphernalia! Firearms are also a bit taboo - although in the correct context evendrugs and guns can work.maybe 13. LIGHTING Lighting is your best friend Lighting is your worst enemy Keep it simple Avoid fluorescent lighting (if will give you an unpleasant colour cast) Keep it simple Avoid mixed lighting situations - be aware of colour temperature! Keep it simple 14. BAD PHOTOGRAPHS AND THE CORRECTION OF GOOD IMAGES You cant make a silk purse out of a sows ear (as myGrandma always told me!) - if its a crap picture no amount of manipulation is EVER going to make it a good picture Even the best images may need SUBTLE retouches If you can see the correction or retouch, its no good 15. ANGLES AND CROPS Sometimes cropping extraneous nonsense out of yourshots can make for a much more interesting image. Images shot at a quirky angle can be interesting too -however, BE BOLD. images that are just off being straight just look like rubbish shots - be deliberate! If you are shooting with a straight horizon, make sure it isstraighter than a really straight thing! AND remember water doesnt run up hill (except in Pirates of the Caribbean - On Stranger Tides) 16. AVOIDANCE OF THE CHEESY CLICH (AND OTHER HORRORS) Dropped hips Hands on hip Duck-faced pouts Bad lighting and poor focus Objects growing out of the top of heads Leaning on things and looking wistful - looks dreadful every time Remember - your model can't see the shapes their body is making - YOUneed to guide them by TELLING them what you want them to do - even if they are a professional model