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<ol><li> 1. Photographer, Commercial Director: Peter Langone<br />Photography is the best way to portray human expressions. The word photography has emerged on the screen in early years of 20th century. There has been lots of tussle as who was the first person to coin this term photography. This word came in to existence with the invention of camera which gave the ultimate power in mans hand to share his vision with others. Sharing visualization is not a recent endeavor it has always been present in human history since the time of cave man. Cave men were the first people who started expressing there thoughts through painting. And with the passage of time the art of painting evolved that was adopted by hundreds but not every once made it big in the area of painting. Paintings were the best mode of depicting human thoughts and capturing real time seen on canvas with paint and brush but with the invention of camera the words of expressing a visualization changed three sixty degrees. <br />At there earlier days cameras where like a piece of jewel that few luck were able to own. But like revolution in painting the led to evolution of new techniques the world of camera also went through both revolutionary and evolutionary changes. The first generation of cameras where only able to capture and portray in back and white color but with the evolution of motion pictures still picture technology also underwent number of changes and black and white life got colored. <br /></li><li> 2. As stated above million of people have tried there hands in the art of painting but not every one is able to succeed in it, same saying goose with photography. One of the toughest job in this area is to capture beautiful cherish able movements exactly in the way they are or we can simply say expressing human values through camera with exaction is the toughest job in this world photography. Some are born with this are and for some it may take whole like but still they are not able to understand the mystery or secrete that separate a normal person (amateur) from professional. <br />Peter Langone is one name in the world of photography who is born to be a photographer. But this veteran who has been working in the field of photography for 30 years has not limited himself in boundaries; he has successfully direction number of music videos and has done couple of add commercials including the famous one for Coca Cola. People when reach on the top of there career they are generally carried away in emotions and getdestabilized but this person has always hold down to his nerves and has never ever shown miss conduction in his behavior or through his actsbut still people try to defame him and have charged him with couple of fake charges. But There is a popular saying that lie dont have long life, same is the case with Peter Langone, he dont make any steps in factious rage of anger rather he believes in judicial process and will wait for final judgment when he will come out victorious with flying colors. <br /></li></ol>