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  • 1. Personality Development

2. OVERVIEW lMeaning of Personality lDefinition of Personality lCharacteristics of Personality lBehavioural Pattern of Personality lMarkers of balanced development of Personality lClassification of Personality lDeterminants of Personality 3. Meaning of Personality Totality of everything about an individual Physical Mental Emotional Social and Spiritual make up Ethical 4. Definition Personality is that which permits a prediction of what a person will do in a given situation. R.B. Cattle 5. Definition 2 Personality is the dynamic organisation within the individual of all those psycho-physical systems that determine his unique adjustment to the environment. G.W. Allport 6. Characteristics of personality Personality is what one is. Personality of each individual is unique. Personality is dynamic and not static. Personality functions as a unified whole. Personality is the product of Heredity and environment. Personality is through and through social. Personality is continually adjustment itself to environment. In rare cases personality influences the environment,school environment. 7. Behavioural Patterns of Personality The attitude of an individual with which he does some work. The skill of an individual with which he does a job. The way he acts. The way he behaves. The way he dresses. The way he eats and drinks. The way he sits and stands. The way he speaks. The way he walks and so on. 8. Markers of Balanced Development of Personality 1.Good physical appearance 2.Emotional stability 3.High intellectual ability 4.High degree of social adjustment 5.High moral character 6.Cool temperament 7.Good directedness 8.Tremendous common sense,drive and pragmatic thinking. 9. Classification of Personality TYPE AUTHOR Active and inactive Heymans 1.Active and reflective Jordan 2.Extrovert and introvert C.G. Jung 3.Masculine and feminine Apfelback 4.Romantic and classical Ostwald 5.Stable and unstable Trotler 6.Subjective and objective Binet 7.Tender minded and Tough minded William James 10. DETERMINANTS OF PERSONALITY 1.PERSONAL FACTORS Physical structure Emotional reactions Aspirations Attitudes Aptitudes Interests Motivation Intellectual Level 11. 2.FAMILY FACTOR Discipline Number of children Value placed on the sex of child Step-parents Nuclear or joint family Accommodation in the house Parents ambitions and interest Economic,political,religious and social status of family 12. 3.ENVIRONMENT Neighbourhood Community Peer groups 13. 4.Cultural Environment 5.Political Environment 6.Religious Environment 7.Social Environment 8.Mass media Environment 9.School Environment 14. THANK YOU 15. MADE BY:- DHANANJAY KUMAR DIET DARYAGANJ