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  • Perceptual and Cognitive Neuroscience (PCN)

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    Al Hadithy,A.F.;Wilffert,B.;Bruggeman,R.;Stewart,R.E.;Br ouwers,J.R.;Matroos,G.E.;Hoek,H.W.;van Harten,P.N.

    Lack of association between antipsychotic-induced Parkinsonismor its subsymptoms and rs4606 SNP of RGS2 gene in African- Caribbeans and the possible role of the medication: The Curacao Extrapyramidal Syndromes study X

    Human Psychopharmacology- clinical And Experimental

    2009 123 128

    al Hadithy,A.F.Y.;Ivanova,S.A.;Pechlivanoglou,P.;Semke, A.;Fedorenko,O.;Kornetova,E.;Ryadovaya,L.;Brouwers ,J.R.B.J.;Wilffert,B.;Bruggeman,R.;Loonen,A.J.M.

    Tardive dyskinesia and DRD3, HTR2A and HTR2C gene polymorphisms in Russian psychiatric inpatients from Siberia

    Progress In Neuro- psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry

    2009 475 481

    Aleman, A;Torres-Aleman, I Circulating insulin-like growth factor I and cognitive function: Neuromodulation throughout the lifespan

    Progress In Neurobiology 2009 256 265

    Baskent, D;Eiler, C;Edwards, B Effects of envelope discontinuities on perceptual restoration of amplitude-compressed speech

    Journal Of The Acoustical Society Of America

    2009 3995 4005

    Boucard, CC;Hernowo, AT;Maguire, RP;Jansonius, NM;Roerdink, JBTM;Hooymans, JMM;Cornelissen, FW

    Changes in cortical grey matter density associated with long- standing retinal visual field defects

    Brain 2009 1898 1906

    de Jong, PJ;Koster, EHW;van Wees, R;Martens, S Emotional facial expressions and the attentional blink: Attenuated blink for angry and happy faces irrespective of social anxiety

    Cognition & Emotion 2009 1640 1652

    Ferrarini, L;Veer, IM;Baerends, E;van Tol, MJ;Renken, RJ;van der Wee, NJA;Veltman, DJ;Aleman, A;Zitman, FG;Penninx, BWJH;van Buchem, MA;Reiber, JHC;Rombouts, SARB;Milles, J

    Hierarchical Functional Modularity in the Resting-State Human Brain

    Human Brain Mapping 2009 2220 2231

    Friesen, LM;Tremblay, KL;Rohila, N;Wright, RA;Shannon, RV;Baskent, D;Rubinstein, JT

    Evoked cortical activity and speech recognition as a function of the number of simulated cochlear implant channels

    Clinical Neurophysiology 2009 776 782

    Heeg, GP;Jansonius, NM The groningen longitudinal glaucoma study III. The predictive value of frequency-doubling perimetry and GDx nerve fibre analyser test results for the development of glaucomatous visual field loss

    Eye 2009 1647 1652

    Jansonius, NM;Heeg, GP The Groningen Longitudinal Glaucoma Study. II. A prospective Acta Ophthalmologica 2009 429 432

  • Perceptual and Cognitive Neuroscience (PCN)

    comparison of frequency doubling perimetry, the GDx nerve fibre analyser and standard automated perimetry in glaucoma suspect patients

    Jansonius, NM;Nevalainen, J;Selig, B;Zangwill, LM;Sample, PA;Budde, WM;Jonas, JB;Lagreze, WA;Airaksinen, PJ;Vonthein, R;Levin, LA;Paetzold, J;Schiefer, U

    A mathematical description of nerve fiber bundle trajectories and their variability in the human retina

    Vision Research 2009 2157 2163

    Lanting, CP;de Kleine, E;van Dijk, P Neural activity underlying tinnitus generation: Results from PET and fMRI

    Hearing Research 2009 1 13

    Martens, S;Johnson, A Working memory capacity, intelligence, and the magnitude of the attentional blink revisited

    Experimental Brain Research

    2009 43 52

    Martens, S;Johnson, A;Bolle, M;Borst, J A Quick Visual Mind Can be a Slow Auditory Mind Individual Differences in Attentional Selection Across Modalities

    Experimental Psychology 2009 33 40

    Martens, S;Valchev, N Individual Differences in the Attentional Blink The Important Role of Irrelevant Information

    Experimental Psychology 2009 18 26

    Meppelink, AM;de Jong, BM;Renken, R;Leenders, KL;Cornelissen, FW;van Laar, T

    Impaired visual processing preceding image recognition in Parkinson's disease patients with visual hallucinations

    Brain 2009 2980 2993


    Journal Of The American Academy Of Child And Adolescent Psychiatry

    2009 765 766

    Modinos, G;Ormel, J;Aleman, A Activation of Anterior Insula during Self-Reflection Plos One 2009

    Modinos, G;Vercammen, A;Mechelli, A;Knegtering, H;McGuire, PK;Aleman, A

    Structural covariance in the hallucinating brain: a voxel-based morphometry study

    Journal Of Psychiatry & Neuroscience

    2009 465 469

    Schoffelen, RLM;Segenhout, JM;van Dijk, P Tuning of the Tectorial Membrane in the Basilar Papilla of the Northern Leopard Frog

    Jaro-journal Of The Association For Research In Otolaryngology

    2009 309 320

    Schorr,S.G.;Slooff,C.J.;Bruggeman,R.;Taxis,K. The incidence of metabolic syndrome and its reversal in a cohort of schizophrenic patients followed for one year

    Journal Of Psychiatric Research

    2009 1106 1111

    Schorr,S.G.;Slooff,C.J.;Bruggeman,R.;Taxis,K. Prevalence of Metabolic Syndrome in Patients With Psychotic Journal Of Clinical 2009 399 402

  • Perceptual and Cognitive Neuroscience (PCN)

    Disorders in the Netherlands Psychopharmacology

    Smid, HGOM;Westenbroek, JM;Bruggeman, R;Knegtering, H;Van den Bosch, RJ

    Abnormal externally guided movement preparation in recent-onset schizophrenia is associated with impaired selective attention to external input

    Psychiatry Research 2009 75 81

    Swart, M;Kortekaas, R;Aleman, A Dealing with Feelings: Characterization of Trait Alexithymia on Emotion Regulation Strategies and Cognitive-Emotional Processing

    Plos One 2009

    Taatgen, NA;Juvina, I;Schipper, M;Borst, JP;Martens, S

    Too much control can hurt: A threaded cognition model of the attentional blink

    Cognitive Psychology 2009 1 29

    Toffanin, P;de Jong, R;Johnson, A;Martens, S Using frequency tagging to quantify attentional deployment in a visual divided attention task

    International Journal Of Psychophysiology

    2009 289 298

    van den Berg, R;Cornelissen, FW;Roerdink, JBTM A crowding model of visual clutter Journal Of Vision 2009

    van der Meer, L;van't Wout, M;Aleman, A Emotion regulation strategies in Patients with schizophrenia Psychiatry Research 2009 108 113

    van Gaalen, KW;Jansonius, NM;Koopmans, SA;Terwee, T;Kooijman, AC

    Relationship between contrast sensitivity and spherical aberration Comparison of 7 contrast sensitivity tests with natural and artificial pupils in healthy eyes

    Journal Of Cataract And Refractive Surgery

    2009 47 56

    Van Rijn, S;Aleman, A;De Sonneville, L;Swaab, H Cognitive mechanisms underlying disorganization of thought in a genetic syndrome (47,XXY)

    Schizophrenia Research 2009 91 98

    Vercammen, A;Knegtering, H;Bruggeman, R;Westenbroek, HM;Jenner, JA;Slooff, CJ;Wunderink, L;Aleman, A

    Effects of bilateral repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation on treatment resistant auditory-verbal hallucinations in schizophrenia: A randomized controlled trial

    Schizophrenia Research 2009 172 179

    Wesselink, C;Heeg, GP;Jansonius, NM Glaucoma Monitoring in a Clinical Setting Glaucoma Progression Analysis vs Nonparametric Progression Analysis in the Groningen Longitudinal Glaucoma Study

    Archives Of Ophthalmology 2009 270 274

    Wilffert,B.;al Hadithy,A.F.Y.;Sing,V.J.;Matroos,G.;Hoek,H.W.;van Os,J.;Bruggeman,R.;Brouwers,J.R.B.J.;van Harten,P.N.

    The role of dopamine D-3, 5-HT2(A) and 5-HT2(C) receptor variants as pharmacogenetic determinants in tardive dyskinesia in African- Caribbean patients under chronic antipsychotic treatment Curacao extrapyramidal syndromes study IX

    Journal Of Psychopharmacology

    2009 652 659

    Zhang, DX;Zhou, XL;Martens, S The impact of negative attentional set upon target processing in RSVP: An ERP study

    Neuropsychologia 2009 2604 2614

  • Perceptual and Cognitive Neuroscience (PCN)

    Baskent, D Phonemic restoration in sensorineural hearing loss does not

    depend on baseline speech perception scores Journal Of The Acoustical Society Of America


    Baskent, D;Chatterjeec, M Recognition of temporally interrupted and spectrally degraded sentences with additional unprocessed low-frequency speech

    Hearing Research 2010 127 133

    Baskent, D;Eiler, CL;Edwards, B Phonemic restoration by hearing-impaired listeners with mild to moderate sensorineural hearing loss

    Hearing Research 2010 54 62

    Chatterjee, M;Peredo, F;Nelson, D;Baskent, D Recognition of interrupted sentences under conditions of spectral degradation

    Journal Of The Acoustical Society Of America


    Czudowska, MA;Ramdas, WD;Wolfs, RCW;Hofman, A;De Jong, PTVM;Vingerling, JR;Jansonius, NM

    Incidence of Glaucomatous Visual Field Loss: A Ten-Year Follow-up from the Rotterdam Study

    Ophthalmology 2010 1705 1712

    de Jong, PJ;Koster, EHW;van Wees, R;Martens, S Angry Facial Expressions Hamper Subsequent Target Identification Emotion 2010 727 732

    Demenescu, LR;Kortekaas, R;den Boer, JA;Aleman, A Impaired Attribution of Emotion to Facial Expressions in Anxiety and Major Depression

    Plos One 2010

    Dlabac-de Lange, JJ;Knegtering, R;Aleman, A Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Negative


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