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<p>Benefits of e-Assessments and How to Encourage Adoption within a School</p> <p>Paving the way for e-Assessments</p> <p>Ravi Chandran &amp; Jeffery TayNational University of Singapore</p> <p>1</p> <p>Digital revolutionLaptops got smaller and lighterMobile computing</p> <p></p> <p>Digital revolutionConnectivity28.8K 2G 3G 4GWireless B A G N C</p> <p></p> <p>The always connected student</p> <p>The always connected studentWhat they do not do quite so muchWriteThink in black and whiteWho are theyNEEDS their personal device and connectivityWiling to try new technologyAcclimate to technology easilyAlmost everything they do has an electronic footprintTypingLearningSocializingPlanning/Scheduling</p> <p>Digital natives, no penmenship, type faster than they write</p> <p>They dont think in b/w yet exam papers are always in black/white5</p> <p>Adoption of CBT in schools</p> <p>Freie Universitt BerlinNumber of studentsNational University of SingaporeNumber of assessments</p> <p>Adoption in NUS Total use by type (10 years)Reduction in human errorsRemove answer ambiguityRemove human to system issuesReduce logistical issues</p> <p>Immediate release of marks</p> <p>Track students progress during semester and remediate where necessary</p> <p>Simplicity, stability and user support are critical success factors for adoption</p> <p>As of 5 Nov 2015</p> <p>Adoption in NUS Total use by type (2015)Tiered adoption implemented in NUS to ensure adoption moves at the right pace per facultyAs of 5 Nov 2015</p> <p>projectionFacultyLearningPartial AdoptionFull AdoptionArtsBusinessDentistryDesign and EnvironmentEngineeringLawMedicineNursingPublic HealthScience</p> <p>Physical environmentMove from PC Cluster to BYOD Unlimited scaling</p> <p>Facility redesignDedicated electrical point per studentMore locations in each faculty to conduct e-assessments</p> <p>PeopleClearly define the goals, be realistic!</p> <p>Start small (non high-stakes!) and slowly scale up</p> <p>WIIFT (Whats in it for them?)</p> <p>Motivation and delegate control</p> <p>Treat them as your friend, not as a test subject</p> <p>Change ManagementIntroduce technology</p> <p>Mobile computing tablets and touch screen</p> <p>Training and support</p> <p>FIRST impression must be good.</p> <p>Variety of vendors</p> <p>Benefits of CBTStore questions securely so that they can be reused in futureQuestion Bank</p> <p>SecureEnsures device is secure for high stakes exams</p> <p>Item AnalysisAccurately measure validity and difficulty of question and answer choices</p> <p>Student ReportingHelp students understand their strength &amp; weakness</p> <p>Learning Outcome ReportingUseful for accreditation, curriculum reform, and to decrease fall out rates.</p> <p>Grading ExamsAutomatically grade exams and provide feedback to students on their performance in real-time</p> <p>Blueprint ExamsEnsures faculty are testing students on appropriate or proper concepts</p> <p>Longitudinal DataTrack learning objectives and student progression over of the course of a semester, year, or any timeframe</p> <p>Rubrics</p> <p>Ease of marking and greater transparency during markingCloudCentralized platform for ease of access</p> <p>Where do you go from here?Technology doesnt rest, whats next?</p> <p>Multiple form factors</p> <p>Machine learning / Predictive</p> <p>Remote proctoring</p> <p>Achieving critical mass and where do you go from there14</p>