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Jubilee Party Photos


  • A few photos from Father Toms Jubilee Party!

    For Christ therefore we are ambassadors.

    Above: Julie Hlebichuk Billings, George Skerrit Glendive,

    Right: M.C. Mo Henman ,Matt Grabofsky and baby seated,a happy

    Father Tom.

    Below: Chris & Sarah Kloeckner , Twila Craig,

    Bottom : Annette Behm and a small part of the crowd.

  • 270 pounds of Organic Pork, hundreds of burgers, hot dogs, and lots of wonderful food with a line that just kept coming!

    Above: the line keeps moving while

    Sister Marylou Mendel (Billings) gets

    a hug from Leeanne Story ( Laurel).

    Left: Father Denny Kean ( Red Lodge)

    visits with Jim Reynolds (Billings)

    while Sherry Bartholemew ( Billings)

    and Karen Madsen (Laurel) share a


  • Right Clockwise: Fr. David Reichling, and Fr John Houlihan. ( both Billings) R middle: Laurel parishioners: Leona and Andy Roller!

    Frank Hunter and Betty Saxbury ( Laurel). R bottom Amy Seymour ( Joliet) ; L bottom Robert Eaton hold Son Finbar ( Roberts) :

    Below left middle: Briana Baeten ( Laurel) with Oliva Laws (balloons Highwood) and Evangalena Eaton (Roberts) .

    Crowd scene : All that lovely food!

  • Left top: Leona Roller, Fr Tom, Robert and Thomas

    Ulrich with Andy Roller. (Laurel)

    Left below middle: Kids enjoying the afters! ( Liam

    and Olivia Laws ( Highwood Mt.)

    Above Fr Charlie Gorman handing out love and


    Left: Left to right: Frs. Chrlie Gorman, Dave

    Reighling, Tony Schuster, Tom Harney, Dick


    Below: Lots of love for Father Tom !

  • Lots of Folks notably: Lois Munson ( Laurel) Fr Greg Staudinger ( Columbus) seated , Talented Lady who ramrodded the decorating:

    Sue Greer ( Park City). standing, seated far right Bob Saxbury ( Laurel)

    Below: Father cutting the wonderful cakes with Lilian Kroll ( Bridger) in the foreground.

    Bottom: Bob Murphy ( Billings) Fr. Denny Keane ( Red Lodge) , Geralyn Hill ( Laurel).