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1. We have chosen the college grounds to film out teaser trailer, due to its easy access and our lack of time, although there are other locations, we would not be able to travel far due to it being under timed conditions. These images are of around the college grounds, and are potential spots for where we will film our teaser trailers. 2. The majority of our chase scenes for our montage teaser trailer will be filmed here, due to the tree coverage and atmosphere, it is also out of the way from the college therefore we won't be disturbed by the public/students. 3. We will also be using inside the castle field house, but were unable to take photos of that, therefore here is a map location of castle field house. We are using castle field house to shoot most of the indoor scenes due to the availability of lighting equipment and the practicalities involved in mobilising them. The film studio is also the easiest to access during our filming time, and also the studio can be transformed into a home environment due to the equipment and props already inside. We also believe that the tension we are trying to create would be best done indoors to provoke the feeling of claustrophobia and tension for the audience.