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Parlour magazine featuring lady gaga


  • ISSUE 1 | VOLUME 2 | 2009

  • 10240 - 124 Street, Edmonton | | 780.482.0060



    08 FARM think kitchen not kitschy

    09 CULINARY HIGH Culina in the hood

    10 PROMENADE whos who, and whats what

    GO!GO! GAGALady Gaga goes off on our favourite topics: art, sex, and fashion


    16 TOKYO POLICE CLUB we test TPCs knowledge on Alberta

    17 LYKKE LI Swedishsongbirdfinishesoursentences



    30 SPRING BEAUTY have your cake, and wear it too

    33 AGED PERFECTION confessions of a vintage junkie


    34 MY DATE WITH SNOWBOARDING ROYALTY or so I imagined it


    37 SIN CITY SIDEKICKS wisdom from the backseat of a cab


    38 PARLOURS PRIZED POSSESSIONS favourites to add to your collection



    ON THE COVER LADY GAGAPHOTO Ashley Armstrong HAIR Lauren Hughes from Mousy BrownsMAKEUP Ruth Bancroft STYLIST Annaliza Toledo of venzillavintage.comCorset by Sweet Carousel graffitied by Kashvenoms www.sweetcarousel.comJacket is Lady Gagas own, gloves borrowed from Elise, nails are by Kiko Nails





    ISSUE 1 | VOLUME 2 | 2009



    MANAGING EDITORAndrea Dorrans


    PHOTOGRAPHERSAshley Armstrongashley@kineticstudios.caDarren Wolfdarren@wolfphoto.caEric Newby

    WRITERSLeah BaillyCaroline GaultSandy KarpetzGreg Crompton

    INTERNSGeorgia Venner

    MAKEUPNicola Gavinsfrom Cherry Blossom 780.908.6333Ruth Bancroft

    HAIRLauren Hughes from Mousy Browns

    All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in whole or in part without permission from publisher. The views expressed in Parlour Magazine are those of the respective contributors and are not necessarily shared by the publisher.

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    My pet is better than your pet because...

    01. ... she watched the Departed TWICE

    and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth

    and she eats pieces of shit like your

    cat for breakfast.

    PAWS Eric

    02. ...actually...theyre not.


    03. ...she looks like a Jim Henson creation.

    NEIKO Lauren

    04. ... he looks like George Clooney and

    will kick your cats ass

    BORIS Andrea

    05. ...he eats cats.

    LIONEL Pete

    06. ...shes mini, can dress up like a

    hot dog for Halloween, and howl

    Happy Birthday better than any

    jazzed up cat I know.

    NALA Caroline

    07. ...he is like a dog.

    FOOSH Ashley








  • sattva & ashtanga yoga

  • Yes, the magazine has gone though a transformation. I too have

    gone though a transformation. Last week I woke up at 4am and

    decided to cut all of my hair off, the outside just wasnt matching

    the inside. Over this year Ive grown and found my voice; it was

    time to shed my old look. The fact is I have no background in

    publishing and every issue of this magazine has been a progres-

    sion into What is Parlour. I see my role as giving Parlour a voice

    and keeping its integrity. Parlour mirrors my life and we are

    taking huge leaps and coming into our own.

    During this transformation I had the opportunity to fly

    to Vancouver and interview Lykke Li, one of my all time girl-

    crushes. She was as enchanting as I had imagined she would

    be, and instead of an interview we had a conversation two


    their voices. Lykke Li talked about how her voice has changed

    though the process of following her heart. And when you hear

    her sing its obvious her voice is full of soul and beauty.

    Another marvel took place one morning when I received

    a message inquiring if Parlour was interested in doing an

    interview and photo shoot with Lady Gaga, someone who I

    had heard once on MuchMusic. Within weeks of receiving the

    message, I began to see Lady Gaga everywhere, in passing I

    mentioned to a friend that Parlour was asked if we wanted to

    do an interview, and the response was a look of are you crazy

    to even be thinking about this. With this smack to the head I


    chance for the interview. In the upcoming months everyone was

    talking about this outrageous performer. We were able to spend

    four hours with the pop princess, and in our time together my

    admiration grew she has a dream and is doing it, she works

    hard and doesnt care what people think. But with all this, she

    is still a girl with real girl problems, she commented that shes

    good at a lot of things but sucks at love, all I could think of is -

    Im with you on that.

    But we stay on track and those highs we experience from

    following our dreams are like being on that mountain on a clear

    sunny day ready to take on the world with no doubt in sight.

    Shelly Solarz

    Publisher / Editor-In-Chief


  • TEXT Andrea DorransPHOTO Darren Wolf


    I wanted to call this article Everything is Illuminated (the title of the Safran-Foer novel I recently finished). The reason because every edible delight placed in front of me at Janice Beatons new tasting kitchen, FARM, is the star of the show. Every ripe, sweet, salty, piquant, delicate, bitter, fresh, savoury bite and sip stand alone center stage.

    Attached to the relatively obscure (the entrance is in the alley) 17th avenue location of Beatons famous Calgary cheese shop, FARM has taken the concept of gourmet dining and deconstructed it into its most basic elements. A crumble of Cabrima (a hard goat cheese from Holland), a sip of Syrah, and a bite of baguette dipped in balsamic reduction the flavours are simple, decadent, delicious.

    FARM is not a restaurant; it is not a bistro, a caf, or a tapas bar. FARM is a tasting kitchen and it is all about taking your time. Stephanie Chiasson, resident wine-geek, explains her philosophy, Smaller plates encourage sharing. Having lots of flavours, slowing down, and engaging in the food, I think its good for the soul to eat like that. I agree. Nevertheless, the concept is largely unfamiliar (at least to us dopey Albertans.)

    With several small menus on the tables and a full-wall chalkboard scribbled with various specials, diners are perplexed. But the well versed, laidback staff is quick to guide guests through their experience. Chiasson is thrilled that Calgarians are open to the idea, Theyre like, Just go do the pairings, choose whatever.

    When it comes to pairing, Chiasson is a rebel. I want to change the way people think about what theyre pairing with what theyre eating if you want to have sweet sherry, and then you want to have a glass of white, then you want beer, do it, theres no rules here .... Its going to take your palette one second to reset itself.

    Its refreshing to sit back and let the staff pair a B.C. Pinot Grigio with Janices signature mac n cheese, or a French Chablis with a seared lamb liver drizzled in mint oil (yeah, I did). The pairing possibilities at FARM are endless, the wine list is awesome about 50 bottles (ever changing), with over 30 available by the glass and the taste: I want people to try as many things as possible. And its not just about wine, Chiasson enlightens me, Beer and sherry are where its at.

    So unlearn everything you thought you knew about food and drink. Toss it out. Because as my experience at FARM taught me, everything is illuminated.

    Its about being present in the moment, getting back into your head in a good way, taking an hour to sit across from agirlfriend,havewine,havefood,haveafight;talkaboutwhateveryouwanttotalkabout,haveagoodtime.

    (think kitchen, not kitschy)


    Howdoeshedothat?Dowhat? Im distracted bywhatmight be themostdelicious appetizer Ive ever had: pulled-pork crepes drizzled with house-made blackberry barbeque-sauce and sour cream.

    Glide around the room like hes on wheels. Shelly Solarz, our Editor-In-Chief, is talking about Ido Van Der Laan, the dining room manager at Culina Highlands.

    Its true; Van Der Laan could be performing (the servers waltz?). Hes relaxed, elegant, and refined; much like, well, everything about Culina.

    The 332 square-foot room vibrates with laughter and clinking glasses. My Chablis is rich and smooth, my companion is glowing, and for the first time in a long time, I dont know what I should be doing. This is Culina Highlands, and if you didnt know it opened its doors this fall, you might wonder how Edmonton couldve existed without it.

    Located on a quiet street in Edmontons historic Highlands neighbourhood, the space that formerly housed BACON restaurant is all grown up.

    Many Edmontonians have lamented the loss of the eclectic and eccentric BACON restaurant, but the heart behind the venture is alive and strong in the reinvented space. The sophisticated elegance of Culina Highlands is the result of owner Cindy Lazarenkos lifetime of experience with the culinary arts, Ive been cooking since I was ten years old, she tells us, my parents would come home from work and Id be like Voila, I made dinner.