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  • 1. PaPerChromatograPhyPaPerChromatograPhyPresented By :-Akshay PareekM.Sc. Biotech. II Sem.Deptt. Of BiotechNIMS University , Jaipur

2. Chromatography is atechnique for separatingmixtures into theircomponents in order toanalyze, identify, purify,and/or quantify the mixtureor components. 3. Differential showing a difference, distinctive Affinity natural attraction or force between things Mobile Medium gas or liquid that carries thecomponents (mobile phase) Stationary Medium the part of the apparatus that doesnot move with the sample (stationary phase) 4. .Types of Chromatography 5. Capillary Action the movement of liquid within the spaces ofa porous material due to the forces of adhesion, cohesion, andsurface tension. The liquid is able to move up the filter paperbecause its attraction to itself is stronger than the force of gravity. Solubility the degree to which a material (solute) dissolves intoa solvent. Solutes dissolve into solvents that have similarproperties. (Like dissolves like) This allows different solutes to beseparated by different combinations of solvents.Separation of components depends on both their solubility in themobile phase and their differential affinity to the mobile phase andthe stationary phase. 6. Chromatographic jars covers or lids Acetone Petroleum ether Capillaries Distilled H2O Graduated cylinder strips of filter paper Pencil Ruler Scissors 7. Cut strips of filter paper Draw a line 1 cm abovethe bottom edge of thestrip with the pencil 8. Fresh leaves of a well nourishedplantCrush well in acetoneFilterMake spot onchromatographic paper 9. Strip dipped into mobile phasesolvent i.e.petroleum ether : acetone(9:1)Leave it for 30 minutesTake the strip out and note the results 10. Pharmaceutical Company determine amount ofeach chemical found in new product Hospital detect blood or alcohol levels in apatients blood stream Law Enforcement to compare a sample found ata crime scene to samples from suspects Environmental Agency determine the level ofpollutants in the water supply Manufacturing Plant to purify a chemicalneeded to make a product