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  • Oxbridge


  • Consult

    Whether thinking of applying to Oxford or Cambridge, please seek out RMG or NDC to discuss your best choice of college

    We will run a coach to Oxford, but the main Cambridge Open Day clashes with the Biology Field Trip

    Please see RMG, who will explain how you can book to visit a Cambridge College

  • Open Days


    4th Wednesday in June by coach

    You can usually only book to visit ONE

    COLLEGE, but unofficially, you should

    have chance to take a look at several

    YOU BOOK direct with that college via the


  • www.ox.ac.uk Go to: ox.ac.uk

    Find individual College web site

    E.G: http://www.st-annes.ox.ac.uk

    Open days

    Individual booking form

    Usually 4th Wednesday in June

    Submit to the College and follow their


    Book your place on the coach via KESpay

  • Why Just ONE College?

    In order to ensure that you get to meet the

    right people [and your name registered]

    To allow you to speak to the admissions

    tutor who may at some stage accept or

    reject your application

    To give you a good, in depth feel for the

    place you may spend three, four or six years

  • What is a college?

    It is where you sleep, eat and socialise

    The College forms the centre of your University life

    Dining Hall JCR College Room

    Computing facilities

  • Selecting

    a College

  • Factors To Consider

    An Academic tutor in your discipline?

    Numbers admitted in your subject?


    Personal or Family connection?

    Central to town?

    Near to Academic department?

    View from your window?

    Modern sanitation?

    Whats the schools record with that college??

  • This is the sort of thing that you are looking for.

  • Why Oxbridge?


    The teaching: personal tutorial/supervisions

    The collegiate system

    Range of students some seriously bright


    The kudos/networking

  • Is it right for you?

    Academic ability really matters: as a very

    general guide, 3A grades with top UMS

    [>93% in closest A level subject and 90% +

    in others]

    7A* grades at GCSE or thereabouts

    Need to be seen as a serious student of your


    Other interests count but they must be well


    Not the place for all courses.

  • Oxford or Cambridge?

    What course do you want to do?

    There are some differences between Oxford

    and Cambridge. Both very well regarded.

    You MUST read the main prospectus, the

    departmental prospectus and the college


  • How do I find out more?

    Prospectus now published

    Look at the web sites

    UCAS http://www.ucas.ac.uk/

    Oxford http://www.ox.ac.uk/

    Cambridge http://www.cam.ac.uk/

  • A time to do After AS levels you will need to move fast

    If you are a potential choral/organ scholar,

    then applications in August! [speak to RMG

    and HF]

    Otherwise, final decisions a.s.a.p in new

    term [September]

    Applications by end of September

    NB: You should have already shot-gunned

    your college with NDC

  • What now?

    Begin the process of research NOW

    But be realistic - Dreaming Spires are one thing - getting in is another !

    Remember that PQA is always an option, but the two bites approach is not usually successful apply at your peak

  • You can make this decision once you know your UMS position

    Deferred entry is possibly the hardest

    route of all because of the Pool system

    &Mortgaging of places

    Best candidates arent speculative they

    apply when everything is in place

    When To Apply?

  • Who succeeds?

    Difficult to predict but no successes below 7A* at GCSE in some years of entry. That said, HAT/ELAT/BMAT etc are extra tests that allow you to prove your potential.

    Remember theyre looking for EXCEPTIONAL students not just well-educated ones & they want independent thinkers

    Be realistic are you exceptional in your year group?

    Dont give up on dreams theres always next year if the AS marks arent up to it

  • How to prepare

    You must be on top of your normal work.

    Read widely around your subject and see

    your HoD regularly. It is YOUR


    Gain necessary work experience.

    Get your UCAS form sorted out by July.

    Be prepared to work over the summer.

  • The U6th Autumn Term

    It will be very hard work to make the top 2% - dont over commit yourself put your academic work first.

    A post A level application may make more sense.

    It is a lottery even the best dont always make it

    The next slide shows some of the statistical information that is available.

    Look carefully at the tables at the back of the prospectus ratios and places

  • Resum of Which College?

    Please speak to RMG or NDC on an individual basis about this - we hold information concerning the schools track record with various colleges over many years

    Not all colleges offer all subjects

    It is not a good idea to have two students from the same school applying for the same course at the same college therefore the school will need to have an over-view

  • Finally

    Your AS results will be the litmus test

    So, go forth and work your socks off