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  • Calendar of Events October 16 to April 17

    Osho LeelaCelebrating 20 years of love


    TOTAL LIFE CHANGE INTENSIVE - This is a one week intensive of innertransformation. If you really want to make a new start in your life and letgo of old negative beliefs and conditioning, create healthy relationshipsand find your passion again, then this course is for you.

    DESIRE AND INTIMACY - The Conscious Sexuality Festival has been oneof our most successful events. This autumn we will give it a new twist. Itis a festival only for people under 40!

    SUPER SPECIAL WEEKEND - SSW is back. Purna and I have decided torevive this ever so popular weekend from the past and we have put it onthe programme for January. Originally we created this weekend to bringpeople to Leela to help us with all the work that was needed and at thesame time give participants a taste of community living. It turned out tobe a fabulous formula!

    See you around!

    Love, from Vishwa and the Leela Family xBOOK EARLY !

    If you book and pay at least

    one week in advance you get

    10 off (more in some cases)

  • Osho Leela Community Experience Programme (CEP)

    The CEP is the way for you to experi-ence actually living in our communitywith the focus being your own innerprocess.

    Its a 3 month programme which you canparticipate in by the week or by themonth. As well as it being a stand aloneprogramme it is also a first step towardsactually living here at Leela.

    CEP's work mornings and afternoons doing housecare, cooking, buildingmaintenance or gardening.

    There are 3 compulsory meditations a day during the week plus achance to join in with workshops at weekends. You get one day off perweek and Wednesdays are Community Days where the community doa mini AUM Meditation together followed by a delicious cooked break-fast and then group sharings. Wednesday afternoons are spent togetheras a community either going on a trip or sharing goodies such as mas-sage, sauna or perhaps doing creative projects.

    During the week in the evenings there are optional sessions or simplytime to watch films, hang out with friends or have quiet time to your-self. Its an amazing opportunity to live with friends, meditate and worktogether.

    If you are interested in the CEP, check out the Community Experiencepage on our website and fill out the application form.

  • Puravidawith Dhiraj, Dev & Anuprem29 September to 2 October

    Come for another long weekend of heart-centred hedonism. Newbie Anuprem will beleading Brazilian Bioenergetics and will injectmucho energy into the DJ line-up. Puravidanow enters its 11th year and we're proud thatwe create a safe space for you to truly let yourhair down in. See our website for details.

    Dormitory Accommodation 159


    Biodanza Schoolwith Niraj7 to 9 October

    The penultimate school weekend. 3+ years oftraining draws to a close and by this time thestudents are getting their wings! Come as asupporter and have lots of time to yourself atlovely Osho Leela and join us for the studentled dances.

    School members 210Supporters 150

    Who am I?Self-enquiry and Mindfulness with Kamala6 to 9 October

    An Awareness Intensive RetreatIn this intensive retreat we open to ouressence, our true self, to who we are beyondour habitual ways of experiencing and seeingourselves, beyond our stories and beliefs, ourpatterns of behaviour and relating. The self-enquiry communication technique guides ourfocus to the question (koan) Who am I? orWho is in? which penetrates us deeply in ouropening towards a direct experience ofourselves. Self-enquiry communicationsessions and active meditations are embeddedin silence and mindful presence to reveal ourtrue nature.

    Dormitory Accommodation 230

    Transforming Shadowswith Jamie Catto3 to 5 October

    On this 2 day workshop you will learn how todissolve and heal blocked emotions and thepain of old habits which weigh you down andre-frame negative beliefs which hold pain-loopsin place. Jamie came for our Summer LoveFestival and was such a hit we've invited himback for this midweek slot.

    Dormitory Accommodation 200

    Yoga from the HeartWith Shambavi14 to 16 October

    Feeling stressed or just want to take sometime for YOU? Stretch your body, slowdown..... BREATHE deeply our fresh air andcome back to yourself. Two yoga classes a day(Sivananda/Vinyassa Flow) including partnerand restorative yoga in the afternoons. Earlymorning meditations are optional. Emphasison the celebration of life and who you are rightnow. Mature, experienced teacher. Plenty oftime to chill. Yoga brings about a tremendousfeeling of well being. Leaves us feelinguplifted, refreshed, relaxed and with a freshenthusiasm for your life. www.oshoyoga.com

    Dormitory Accommodation 155

  • Gardening Weekendwith Premen14 to 16 October

    Come and help us have an autumn clean up.Its fun working as a team and making newfriends. Always plenty to do and your help willbe greatly appreciated.

    Dormitory Accommodation 20


    Desire: A Tantric Path ToAwakeningwith Vincent Hewett14 to 16 October

    Desire is at the core of being human. Thisweekend we develop our relationship with thegolden threads of desire. Learn to play andcreate with mindfulness, practise meditationsand mindful intimacy - including cuddling,dance and massage.

    Dormitory Accommodation 195

    Empowered Woman FemaleSpiritual Masterywith Sarita and Takih21 to 23 October

    In Module 4, a womans spiritual path isexplored in all its magnificence. The femalepath is unveiled through love, devotion andcompassion, fuelled by sexual ecstasy andemotional flow and based on trusting andheeding the messages given by our intuition.It is time that we women take this step,together, as empowered keepers of a new ageof peace, where balanced love and ecstatic,sensuous spirituality are as natural asbreathing.

    Dormitory Accommodation 250

    Tantra Man - AuthenticMasculinitywith Suta and Vincent21 to 23 October

    Learn tantra, menswork and meditation toattain the liberation and clarity of a superiorman, returning to our essential nature insex-heart-mind. This weekend we join thewomens tantra group, connecting with divinefeminine, through tantric ritual and meditation.

    Dormitory Accommodation 250

    DESIRE & INTIMACYA Conscious Sexuality Festivalfor under 40swith Tarisha & Team26 to 30 October

    We are excited to present this event for under40s. Its the first time we offer the festival toa designated age group, and we expect it tobe a very juicy affair. Aimed at a youngergeneration, hungry for authentic teachings inDesire & Intimacy and looking for a safespace to express true sexuality, this 5 dayevent has a full and varied programme with agreat line up of teachers all passionate in theirfield: James Stevenson, Catherine Hale,Eugene Hedlund, Gayatri Beegan and DougFulgoni, Sy and Ash Balderson, Lucy Iredale.Full schedule online.

    Dormitory Accommodation 259Student price 169 (with student card)

    Bookearly andsave 10

  • NovemberTotal Life Change Intensive(7days)with Devaraj Svabhavo Sanjula & Purna1 to 8 November

    This intensive is for you if you really want tolet go of a stuck negative home, work orrelationship situation and recreate your life.You will let go of negative conditioning andself beliefs, learning honest communication ina safe supported environment and find yourauthenticity. This programme is personalisedto your needs, supporting you in healing yourpast and discovering self love and trust in life.

    Dormitory Accommodation 499

    Bioenergetics Fear of Lifewith Raks4 to 6 November

    When we live from fear, we limit ourselves inour lives and what is possible. Not only do webecome afraid of all the negative things in ourlives but also the positive. The opposite side offear is excitement where we live in a place ofpositive expectations of what will happen. Inthis workshop. We will work with transformingthe emotion of fear into excitement

    Dormitory Accommodation 240

    Biodanza Schoolwith Niraj4 to 6 November

    Our final weekend will be a celebration! Satur-day night will be party night to mark theconclusion of this cycle of the school, and therewill be lots of fun and laughter all round.

    The new cycle of the Dorset School of Biodanzawill start on 19 to 21 May 2017. Emailbiodanzaniraj@gmail.com for more details.

    School members 210Supporters 150

    In Rapportwith Maneesha & Sudheer9 to 13 November

    In this 4-day workshop, along with basic relat-ing skills to respond to the others changingemotions, we look at the appropriateness oftouch, what body language can reveal; beingcomfortable with silence and the feeling ofnot-knowing, developing a meditative pres-ence and knowing how to hold the space.www.oshosammasati.org

    Dormitory Accomodation 525Early Bird 475

    Seeing and Not SeeingThrough the windows to the soulwith Suta11 to 13 November

    Through exploring different kinds of vision youmay experience a deeper connection to yourown centre and to the soul of others. We willalternate between times of 'darkness' ('notseeing' with the eyes) and being in light -removing veils of separation throughbecoming more receptive. Rest back into yourtrue nature - with expanded and deeplyrelaxing states of consciousness that bringinsight and centring.

    Dormitory Accommodation 240Bookearly andsave 10

  • NovemberOsho Meditation Retreatwith Tarisha, Premen and Smaran14 to 18 October

    For full description of this retreat see Marchpage.

    Midweek Retreat - 4 days 1703 days 150 / 2 days 120

    Man UP! - A Mens Workshopwith Devaraj & Svabhavo18 to 20 November

    Can you stand up and be seen? Can you takea position for yoursel