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  • 1. Oracle Fusion CRM: Effective, Efficient, EasyRoberto ManzoliSales Consulting Manager CRMroberto.manzoli@oracle.comOracle Italia

2. Why Did We Build Fusion? 3. A New Inflection PointApplications Platform User Experience Technology AdoptionStandards Web 2.0 Cloud/SaaS EmbeddedSOAModularityIntelligence 4. The Principles of Fusion Applications Started with a Modern Platform Embedded Best Practices Based On Hundreds of Years of Learning Designed for Modularity and Co-Existence with Other Applications Reinvented the User Experience Made It Ready for the Cloud 5. FUSION APPLICATIONS SUITE SCOPEFinancialHuman Capital Supply Chain Fusion CRM Management Management ManagementProject PortfolioGovernance, RiskProcurement Management & ComplianceCommon Fusion Applications Data Model and Services 6. The Making of Fusion CRMBest Practice Business Processes Based UponHundreds of Years of Learning Peoplesoft, E-Business Suite, Siebel, and JD Edwards, CRM On DemandInfused with Web 2.0 Role-Based User Experience, Collaboration, Interactive Business IntelligenceBuilt on Oracle Fusion Middleware Industry Leading, Open Standards-Based Platform 7. Fusion ApplicationsBuilt on Industry Standard Middleware 8. Extremely Flexible Deployments Options 9. Adoption Flexibility Without Lock-in Oracle: Same code basis and open standards enable portability between deployment models and clouds Cloud DeploymentSilos Lock-in Niche: Proprietary and separate code creates cloud silos and lock-in Niche CloudProviders 10. The New Standard for WorkCustomer-Driven User Experience User Experience ProgramField Studies Usability Testing1,000 Customers700 Users 4,000 Hours 180 roles 18 usability labs 6 countries Up to 60% 8 locations worldwide E-Business Suite, Siebel,Productivity Gain* Recording of eye-hand- PeopleSoft, JD Edwards screen behavior* Estimate based on models 11. Eyeball Tracking StudiesOracle Initiative: Eye-Tracking Studies for All Enterprise Applications 12. Next Generation Applications PageFusion Applications Page(Web Application w/Sensors) 13. Fusion CRM v1An Enterprise SuiteSales Planning Sales Prospecting Sales ProductivitySales ExtensibilityTerritory CampaignOpportunityChannel ManagementManagement ManagementManagement Quota LeadCustomer Data Management ManagementCustomer Center Management Incentive CompensationSales Predictor Desktop IntegrationContractsForecasting Sales Campaigns Mobile Sales Activity Streams 14. Fusion CRM Higher win ratesMore quality opportunities Faster time to value Know your customers Align sales & marketingEasy to use Gain actionable insightImprove sales prospectingEasy to configureCollaborate & coachOptimize sales performanceEasy to deploy 15. Fusion CRM: Effective throughCustomer CenterCustomer Snapshot summarizesCustomer Center providesCustomer Center recommends key customer data in a single comprehensive customer detail, the next-best-product-to-sell toplaceincluding data from external sources each customerand 3rd party providers 16. Fusion CRM: Effective throughSocial Networking and ForumsActivity Streams provide real time Discussion forums enable usersFacebook and LinkedIn integrationupdates that notify users of any to post topics and collaborate on to provide users with easy accessactivity impacting their customers andcritical sales and customer essential social networking sites dealsissues 17. Fusion CRM: Effective through Embedded Sales IntelligenceOpportunity Landscape providesOpportunity Management tracksOpportunity Managementsales reps with more and higher competitors and how to best position identifies the ideal customer quality sales opportunitiesagainst them to win dealsreferences for each salesopportunity 18. Fusion CRM: Efficient by CompletingSales Tasks Faster Easily update activities, Quick Edit and Mass Update Quickly capture and update datacontacts, notes, etc. while enables users to rapidly make from your most commonly usedon the go common updates to salesdesktop applicationsopportunities 19. Fusion CRM: Efficient by Generating Better Sales PlansTerritory Management maximizes Quota Management optimizes Incentive Compensation alignsaccount and market coverage quota allocation and tracks incentives to sales goals and track performance to plan payments 20. Fusion CRM: Efficient throughLead Generation and ConversionCampaign Management buildsLead Management enables leadOpportunity Landscape identifiestargeted campaigns and measures nurturing and lead scoring based on the best sales prospects within each sales follow-through and pre-defined criteria sales reps territory effectiveness 21. Fusion CRM: Easy to UseEasy access to all of your on your favorite mobile..available within customer information devices Microsoft Outlook 22. Application Extensibility: Fusion Composers Browser Based. Design Time at Run Time. Application ComposerPage ComposerBI Reports ComposerProcess ComposerEnables non-IT users to extendEnables non-IT users toEnables non-IT users to Enables non-IT users tothe application with new objects customize the look and feel of easily create & modify easily modify business and attributes the user interfacereports processes 23. Fusion CRM RoadmapRelease 11G R1.0 Release 11G R1.1Release 11G R1.2 Sales Mobile for iPad Quotes and Marketing Oracle Social Proposals Network Integration Customer Service PRM Sales and Marketing Contact Center Customer Hub Enhancements Knowledge Contracts UI Enhancements Management Incentive Comp Customer Hub Service Contracts Mobile/Desktop Enhancements Social Media Extensibility Added Extensibility Manager Siebel Migration CRM OD Migration 24. MYTH: Fusion means the end of PeopleSoft, E-Business Suite, JD Edwards, Siebel, CRM OnDemand, EPM(the Apps Unlimited) 25. MYTH: You have to move to Fusion. And you have to do it all at once. 26. You are Safe.26 27. ADOPTION OF SOLUTIONSFACT: Oracle is enhancing current product lines AND developing the next generation of enterprise applications. Customers demand this and we have the scale to do it. 28. What is the best option ?28 29. Complete ChoiceChoose Your Next StepsContinue on Your Current Path Apps Unlimited Upgrade to the latest releaseof your existing Oracle Applications portfolioAdopt a Co-Existence Strategy Add new Fusion Applications modules or pillarsto your existing Oracle Applications portfolio