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1. Opening Research: Spiderman By Tobias Orchard 2. In this shot this is not much happening expect for the title getting stuck to the spider web. They have also included a black background to build up a dark and mysterious feeling. This also shows that there is going to be one dominated character and one subordinate character that his trapped by the dominated one. 3. In this shot they have introduced more colour to the shot. They have used the colour red to represent blood. By doing this they have made the audience think with the help of the letters that are white, which could represent White blood cells trying to attack the infection which is the bite from the spider, which in turn makes him Spiderman. 4. In this shot it is the first time the audience have seen a different colour that is not red. This draws the audience to it. Also green is often used to show that a character is evil. This is also help with the erie non-diagetic that builds the tension up as this face is show to the audience. Even though this mans face is seen as the bad guy he is still trapped by Spidermans web. 5. The shot that comes after the green faced man is this shot of what is to believed to be Spiderman arm indicated by the use of colour. They have used this shot of Spiderman breaking through the web to show that the web cant hold him down but it can hold the green faced man. Also the used of a muscly arm show that he is a dominate character.