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  • Berek Compensator AHCTp3

    Attachable MechanicalStage AHFMP

    (for AHP, BHSP)Working range: 30mm x 30mm,

    with vernier scale reading to 0.1 mm. Adjustablespecimen holder, spring-loaded, for 28mm x

    47mm metallurgical slides and 26mm x76mm biological slides.

    Tint Plate AHTp5302 and1/4 Wavelength Retardation Plate AHTp1472

  • Objectives and EyepiecesTwo series of strain-free LB objectives for transmitted polarized light microscopy are available:

    PO D Ach with excellent resolution and PO D Plan with excellent resolution and image flatness.Eyepieces have been newly designed in perfect conformity with the objectives,

    and their visual fields are wider than ever before. Three 10X eyepieces for viewingare included in the standard outfits. The WHK 10X features a field number of 20,

    high eyepoint which permits spectacle wearersto look through the microscope without

    removing glasses, and built-in light guard.

    ~In addition to the standard features of the WHK

    10X, the Micro-WHK 10X has a cross line and amicrometer (1 Omm scale ruled to 0 1mm on horizontal line),

    while the Cross-WHK 10X has a plain cross line.re front lens assembly of both of these eyepieces is focusable.

    The NK 5X and Cross-NK 5X with a field number of 21are also standard for the AHP.

  • The standard CHA-P system incorporates the conventional PO 4X,10X and 40X strain-free achromatic objectives but it can alsoaccommodate PO 20X and 100X (oil) objectives. Eyepieces usedwith the Model CHA-P include the Micro WF 10X, which is desigoed witt

    a cross line and a micrometer and focusablefront lens like the Micro WHK 10X, andthe WF 10X. Both of these are designed foruse with the conventional objectives and .have a field number of 18.

  • AHP/BHSP Standard OutfitsAHP BHSP

    Module 751 753 651 653 751 753

    Microscope StandAHB-F-3 0 ~OBHSP-F 0 0 0 0AH-BI Trinocular, 30 inclined 0 \0 ,i

    Observation Tube BH2-B130 Binocular, 30 inclined 0 0BH2-TR30 Trinocular, 30 inclined 0 0

    Polarizing lnter- AH-PA-LB With Analyzer and Bertrand Lens lO 0mediate Attachment BH2-PA With Analyzer and Bertrand Lens 0 0 0 0

    Revolving AH-PRE Quadruple, Centerable 0 0Nosepiece BH-PRE Quadruple, Centerable 0 0 0 0

    Circular Rotatable AH-SRP Graduated, Centerable 10 \0Stage BH2-SRP Graduated, Centerable 0 0 0 0Attachable AH-FMP Graduated \0 0Mechanical StagePolarizing AH-POC NA 0.9-0.25 with Polarizer 10 0Condenser BH2-POC NA 0.9-0.25 with Polarizer 0 0 0 0

    AH-TP-530-2 Tint Plate 0 .0 0 0 0 0Compensator Plates AH-TP-147-2 1/4 Wavelength Retardation Plate :0 K) 0 0 0 0

    AH-CTP-3 Berek Compensator iO .0

    Lamp HouseAH-LSH-3 With Lamp Centering Device ,0 iOBHS-LSH Pre-centered 0 0 0 0

    BulbJC12V100W-HAL Halogen Lamp X2 ~Q 10:JC12V100W-HAL-L Halogen Lamp X2 0 0 0 0

    Power Cord UYCP .0 to 0 0 0 0Centering Frosted

    AH-SG 0 0GlassStrain-free PO D Ach 4X/0.l0, 10X/0.25, 20X/0.40, 40X/0.65, 0 0Objectives 100X/130

    PO D Plan 4X/0.10, 10X/0.25, 20X/0.40, 40X/0.65, 0 0 0100X/1.25

    NK 5X F.N.21 to 0Cross NK 5X F.N. 21 With Cross Line :jO 1'0,

    EyepiecesWHK 10X F.N.20 10 10i 0 0 0 0Cross WHK 10X F.N. 20 With Cross Line 10 0 0 0 0 0Micro WHK 10X F.N. 20 With Cross Line and Micrometer (() to 0 0 0 0

    Photo EyepieceNFK 3.3X K) [) 0 0NFK 5X b 0

    CHAP Standard Outfits


    051 651Microscope Stand*! CHAP-F 0 0

    Observation TubeCH-PMO Monocular, 45 inclined 0BH-PBI Binocular, 30 inclined 0

    Polarizing Intermediate Attachment AH-PA-2 With Analyzer and Bertrand Lens 0 0Polarizing Condenser BH-POC NA 0.9-0.25 with Polarizer 0 0

    Compensator Plates *2AH-TP-530-2 Tint Plate 0 0AH-TP-147-2 1/4 Wavelength Retardation Plate 0 0

    Lamp Socket CH-LSH-B 0 0Bulb 6V10W-HAL Halogen Lamp X2 0 0Strain-free Objectives PO Ach 4X/0.l0, 10X/0.25, 40X 10.65, 0 0

    EyepiecesAHWF 10X 0AH-Micro WF 10X With Cross Line and Micrometer 0 0

    *! The microscope stand,circular rotatable stageand revolving nosepieceare a single unit.

    *2 Berek compensatorAH-CTP-3 is availableas option.

  • An unwavering will to remainat the forefront of scientific discovery,and an uncompromising commitment

    to quality have made the nameof Olympus a synonym for bigh performance

    and reliability all over the world.From cameras and microcassette recorders,

    to microscopes for various applications,fiberscopes, and facsimiles, ~".....~..Olympus has kept abreast

    of the most advanced technologiesand discoveries, constantly striving

    to develop products which meet the newand more complex needs ...

    of our rapidly changing society.Precision engineering,

    a long experience,and R&D activities tuned to the requirements

    of man in his search for a better life,have earned Olympus its unparalleled position

    in the medical profession, in the photographic industry,in the laboratory and the classroom,

    and in the eyes of all those who benefitfrom the functionality, accuracy,

    versatility and economy of its products.

    As we are continually improving and developing our products, the equipment supplied may not agreein all details with the descriptions and/or illustrations shown in this catalog.

    Printed in Japan M70E-1285B


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