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  1. 1. Making the most of Polarizing Brand
  2. 2. Brand Dispersion
  3. 3. Starting the story. Its something like this
  4. 4. Have you heard of Miracle Whip ? Miracle Whip is sweet cream manufactured by Kraft Foods and sold out entire US and Canada. Its like mayonnaise toppings.
  5. 5. In their research they found shoppers reaction towards the dressing, they found Deep emotions Many loved it , and some just hate it
  6. 6. Miracle Whip is a Polarizing Product
  7. 7. The company decided to go for an intensive Social Media Campaign
  8. 8. How many lovers did Miracle Whip get 42653 after the campaign numbers of haters3081
  9. 9. This strategy made a huge progress During the campaign Miracle Whip experienced a 631% surge in social media and 14%increase in sales
  10. 10. So if a company acts smartly by Using the power of polarization in a right way it will surely make profits
  11. 11. Brand Dispersion
  12. 12. Customers attitudes have Traditionally relied on mean or net scores.
  13. 13. A brand with 50% score Can highly be polarizing , with large numbers of lovers and haters.
  14. 14. Identifying these instances are very important Because social media give high broadcasting to Their brand distractors.
  15. 15. To survive this type of Environment, new steps needs to be employed Called BRAND DISPERSION Higher the % of brand lovers And brand haters, the greater The POLARIZATION
  16. 16. Having a customers who Hate the brand Is also GOOD Some companies have made progress and Increased sales by increasing the BRAND HATERS
  17. 17. Capitalizing on Polarization
  18. 18. If a brand shows high % of polarization These strategies are to be followed
  19. 19. Placate the haters
  20. 20. To solve this problem , one can try to change the haters mind Brand managers who successfully Execute it , tends to reduce haters and gain positive buyers of the product
  21. 21. They followed this method In late 2000s, General Mills took several steps to assuage the brands critics
  22. 22. To calm down the brands critics, General mills , it started a social network, To promote brands in its portfolio
  23. 23. This led to promotion of Betty Brand , first brand to come up with , Gluten-free baking mix By end of this campaign, Betty haters Came down to 2.8% from 4.5%
  24. 24. Poke the haters
  25. 25. Some companies succeed by Intentionally opposing the Brand detractors By this it can create a chaos, brand can strengthen Its connection with its brand lovers, Brand lover get offended and they compel The haters to support the brand .
  26. 26. Amplify a Polarizing Attribute
  27. 27. Instead of reducing the gap or changing the mind of the customer Some companies launch new products To extend or detailing the points of differentiation .
  28. 28. Story bring us to very successful example of MARMITE , a polarizing product since its Beginning because of its strong taste.
  29. 29. This is its tagline . !!!!
  30. 30. Company in order to amplify it Launched a stronger MARMITE product For its enthusiastic fans..
  31. 31. As When it comes to social media It brought the company a very good sales
  32. 32. Creating Polarization
  33. 33. There are few products Which are not inherently polarized But marketers want to introduce the polarized product to beat its competitors
  34. 34. Drive a wedge In the market
  35. 35. Some times being good can be dangerous Which brings us to the case of Magner's cider It converted its into a ICED-Hip Drink and It attracted youth at a large and sales Increased drastically
  36. 36. Strong bow , its competitor decided to make Its own play for the young professional crowd In 2009 it launched an ad campaign with the tagline Bowtime: Hard Earned,.
  37. 37. Their strategies worked well As the hipsters became the haters and ciders drinkers were intensified polarization increased In 2009, sales rose by 23%, beating overall cider market
  38. 38. Launch a provocative ad.
  39. 39. Flo, was hired for Progressive Insurance, a real person with a big personality
  40. 40. She was hated by many, and many loved her too as we can see it here
  41. 41. But the campaign and the negative reaction raised brand awareness and increased sales.
  42. 42. Social media can increase your no. of haters . Companies should take the right Opportunities from it
  43. 43. Created by : Anant Shankar Tripathi SCAC, Pune during an internship by Prof. Sameer Mathur IIM , Luchknow


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